"After getting married and giving birth to a baby, I know that my wife has AIDS!"Is it useful for a marriage check?What did you check

Self -marriage inspections have changed from "compulsory" to "voluntary". More and more people slowly ignore the marriage inspection, and it can even be said that there is no concept in this regard.

What many people do not know is that if they do not check, they are likely to cause some harm to both partners in terms of health.

Xiao Wei saw such a case some time ago:

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According to the case, the wife had learned that she had AIDS before she got married. The marriage inspection agency did not not find out, but to confidential the physical condition of the inspection object according to relevant regulations.It was concealed until the child was born, and after the husband looked at his wife’s medical records, he knew the truth …

This made the family that had a happy family suddenly fell into the wind and rain, and it also triggered a series of follow -ups such as the man in charge of the marriage inspection.

This couple still had a marriage inspection, so did they not experience it?Just thinking about Xiaowei’s shuddering.

Therefore, marriage inspection is actually necessary, and we need to attract our attention!

When it comes to marriage, some people feel that since they have loved each other to enter the stage of marriage, they should be trusted by each other.

But sometimes, we are not the person who knows our body the most. We need to pass a series of inspections. Professional doctors’ suggestions will understand more comprehensive. The marriage check is actually avoiding some risks:

01 Avoid infectious diseases and infectious infection the next generation

For example, hepatitis B virus can be spread through maternal and infants.Some people feel that they are good, and there is no need to do a marriage check. It is not until they are pregnant and have children. It is too late.

02 Avoid the increase in the number of defects

The "National Disability Prevention Action Plan (2016-2020)" issued by the General Office of the State Council clearly proposes that it is necessary to actively promote pre -marital medical examinations, implement pre -pregnancy health examinations, and do a good job of prenatal screening and diagnosis.It can be said that marriage checks are the first level to avoid defects.

Defacious children usually refer to babies with birth defects: structural malformations: such as cleft lip and palate, congenital heart disease, etc.Chromosomal abnormalities: such as Tang’s syndrome, etc.Genetic metabolic diseases and function abnormalities: such as phenolite urine, congenital thyroid dysfunction, etc.

03 Avoid concealment of sexually transmitting diseases to a certain extent

Some people know that they have contagious diseases before marriage, but they choose to conceal and avoid marriage inspections, which is not uncommon for the post -marriage to be transmitted to the other party. Therefore, the marriage check can also avoid concealment of partners to a certain extent.(But if it is the same as the case, knowing the illness, you also choose to conceal it after the marriage inspection, then this is bad)

There are also couples engaged in high -risk occupations, such as people who often contact chemicals such as chemicals, and should also conduct a marriage check to avoid passing hidden dangers to the next generation.

In general, the marriage check -up to a certain extent, avoiding the risk of some children with defective children after marriage.

Many people think that pre -pregnancy examination is important. In fact, marriage and pregnancy examination parallel is dual insurance.

Besides, the marriage check can also bring health guarantee to the partner. What are the problems? Couples can still face it together ~

The marriage examination is different from ordinary medical examinations. The marriage examination focuses on checking genetic diseases, sexually transmitting diseases, and organic diseases (such as tumors, etc.).mainly include:

1. Physical examination

Generally, the physical condition (height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate) and nervous system examination, and genital -related examinations, mainly to check whether there is a fertility or a suspension of fertility.

2. Conventional auxiliary inspection

Including blood routine, urine routine, chest perspective, blood transiticidase and hepatitis B surface antigen detection, mold examination, syphilis screening, female vaginal secretion trichomoniasis, etc.

3. History of medical history

Understand the blood relationship between the partners, the history of the family, and the past medical history.(Including mental illness, infectious diseases, genetic diseases that affect marriage and childbirth, and the history of breeding of remarried couples, etc.)

Note: If many people in one family have malformations, cancer, premature death, psychiatry, etc., it is recommended to do a chromosome nuclear analysis and examination to check genetic genetic diseases.

4. Other special inspections

Including hepatitis B serum science detection, gonorrhea, AIDS, mycoplasma and chlamydia, ultrasonic image, breast examination, chromosome examination, routine semen examination, etc.(Determined according to needs or voluntary principles)

When both partners feel that they can enter the marriage hall, take the household registration to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive a certificate. At this time, the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau will ask whether they will ask for a marriage inspection (can also take the initiative to propose it).The corresponding materials, and inform the medical institution designated by the designated marriage inspection, and the partner can check it.

Knowing where the marriage check is done. Before the marriage check, we also need to pay attention to the following points: the marriage check should be as long as possible to open the time distance from the wedding period. Once the problem is detected, we can win time treatment.The validity period of the marriage inspection is three months.Women avoid menstruation during marriage, and check for three days after menstruation.Rest earlier the day before the marriage check to ensure that sleep, not drinking, and diet as light as possible.Do not eat that morning, and check on an empty stomach.

Under the strict inspection and accurate notification, the marriage inspection can avoid many problems, but sometimes, the reality will be more complicated, and the partner may choose to conceal.

Taking the case mentioned at the beginning of the article as an example, after the marriage inspection, the wife knew that AIDS had to conceal her husband after marriage.

According to my country’s "AIDS Prevention Regulations", no unit or individual may disclose relevant information about AIDS virus infections and AIDS patients without my consent.

(Screenshot of the "Regulations on AIDS Prevention and Treatment")

And according to existing laws and regulations, medical institutions and medical staff shall not disclose the privacy of patients or disclose medical records without the consent of the patient.

Therefore, the medical institution will keep the inspection object’s physical condition, and can only inform me and make suggestions to let the patient himself choose to inform your partner.

But the wife violated the law.According to the "Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China", the wife concealed her partner without taking protection measures, causing the other party to infection, which was illegal.You can accept the punishment through legal means.

In fact, everything still needs to rely on the mutual trust and frankness of both partners. Now that you have chosen to work together for the rest of your life, why should you choose to conceal and take the health of your partner and the next generation of healthy play?

Besides, medical technology is becoming more and more developed, and many problems can be solved through medical methods, so don’t be too anxious.

However, if she really encountered the case in the case, Xiaowei suggested that she would immediately check to determine whether she was infected.As for the follow -up whether to use the law to protect your rights and interests, or to choose for forgiveness, that is, your own choice.

After reading the article,

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