"Are you in the same room during confinement?" 42 days after the gynecological gynecology was told that I was pregnant and pregnant again

After the child is just born, women are often weak.Regardless of whether they are physical or psychologically, they need to take a period of confinement for a while, rest and recover to return to normal state.

The confinement time is also known as the puerperium.However, the puzzle is often longer than confinement, and it usually lasts 6-8 weeks.At the end of the puzzle period, Baoma also needed to participate in the 42 -land postnatal medical examination to see the recovery of the body.

Xiaoyan is a young mother. After giving birth, Xiaoyan recovered very quickly, and soon she could walk around the ward like a person.Xiaoyan’s physique also made those women who were exhausted after giving birth, and the maternal who could not come to God for a long time was envious.

At 42 days after giving birth, Xiaoyan came to the local maternal and child health hospital to do postpartum inspections with her husband’s accompanying her husband.

When Xiaoyan performed a B -ultrasound, the doctor responsible for the examination kept frowning and sighed from time to time.

The doctor’s expression made Xiaoyan puzzled, and asked quickly: "Do you, am I not lining? Is there something wrong with my body?"

The doctor shook his head and asked Xiaoyan a quite embarrassing question: "Did you have the same room during confinement?"

After hearing the doctor’s question, Xiaoyan blushed when she was ashamed.She has a good relationship with her husband’s husband and wife, because Xiaoyan is pregnant, her husband has done a "monk" for nearly a year.

When Xiaoyan gave birth to the child, when the dew was almost lined up, her husband couldn’t hold back the request of the same room.Seeing the poor eyes of her husband, Xiaoyan reluctantly agreed.

Is my uterus damaged because of the same room this time?Xiaoyan’s heart was uneasy, for fear of something.

I saw the doctor sighed and said, "You are pregnant again." What?The doctor’s words were like a thunderbolt, which made Xiaoyan relieved for a long time.She thought that she couldn’t help but have a relationship with her husband during confinement. Could this "win" this time?

Xiaoyan suddenly remembered that she heard others say that during confinement and lactation, they were not easy to get pregnant, because the body’s hormones had not returned to normal level.

Xiaoyan just started the results of the B -ultrasound check. When the result of the blood drawing came out, Xiaoyan really dumbfounded.

The HCG value that has already passed 10,000 has made Xiaoyan have to accept the fact that she is pregnant, but she was pregnant just after confinement. Can this fetus still ask?

There are many puzzles and fear in Xiaoyan’s heart. She regretted that she had already knew that there would be this result today. At first, she would not be softened and agreed to her husband’s room for the same room.

But now Mu has become a boat, and Xiaoyan is too late to regret it.She needs to pay the price for a moment of softness, and she needs to make a decision cruelly that this decision may hurt a innocent little life.

Some mothers, like Xiaoyan, are young, and may not be full of vitality, glowing, and clean dew is clean and clean.

At this time, if their husbands make a suggestion in the same room, they may try it with luck.

Although some mothers have good physical fitness and fast recovery speed, their bodies have not fully recovered before they really get out of puerperium.At this time, if the same room, it is harmful to women. Maternals should never rely on their own physical fitness, so they will be unscrupulous.

The same room during confinement is very harmful to women.

※ There is a risk of infection

After childbirth, the mother’s uterus will not return to the state before pregnancy. It takes a while.During this time, the maternal uterine mouth was not completely closed.

Under the state of not fully closed the palace mouth, if the mother rashs in the same room, the woman may be infected with gynecological inflammation, and severe may cause uterine adhesion.

In addition, the intensity of the same room may make the mother feel the pain of the abdomen, or cause bleeding from the lower abdomen.

※ The risk of pregnancy again

Many mothers think that there is no risk of pregnancy during confinement, so they will not take any contraceptive measures during the same room.

The hormone in the postpartum female body has not returned to the normal level, and most people have not returned to normal ovulation, and the chance of pregnancy is indeed not great.However, this does not mean that all mothers will not ovulate during confinement.As long as women can ovulate, even if the hormones have not recovered, they may be pregnant.

In addition, the menstruation is not directly related to whether the ovulation ovulation is ovulation. There are also many mothers, like Xiaoyan, who are pregnant again when the menstruation has not recovered.

In fact, as long as women can ovulate, they may be pregnant.Therefore, the maternal must not take it lightly. During the confinement, they have the same room without any contraceptive measures.

※ Is not conducive to postpartum recovery

If the maternal is still in the same room with her husband, it is a behavior that is extremely irresponsible to her body.

During the process of pregnancy, the wares of women were crowded in the abdomen.After the maternal delivery, these organs need to have a certain time to return.

In addition, during pregnancy, women’s uterus gradually increased, just like an air balloon.After the maternal giving birth, the uterine atmosphere was suddenly stunned.

The process of confinement rest is also the process of recovery of the maternal uterus.Not only that, the maternal rectus and the bottom muscle of the basin of the basin of the maternal childbirth need to be repaired for a certain time.

Parenting message

Pregnant mothers who became pregnant again before they were confinement, many times they had to choose a abortion surgery.After a childbirth, it has not been restored, and women have to go through a flow surgery if they have another abortion surgery.

This will make them suffer more, and it will cause huge damage to their bodies.The majority of female friends, do not take this seriously, repeat the mistakes of Xiaoyan.

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