"Ascending October" is too miserable!Except for these 5 categories of pregnant mothers, no one else has to die

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Hello Lao Miao, I am a expectant mother who is 4 months pregnant. Before pregnancy, my husband and I have been very harmonious, but since we know that we have been pregnant, we have not sex for several months.I didn’t mention it, I didn’t have much interest myself, but because of this problem these days, we always quarreled. He thought about sex, and I was afraid that it would hurt the baby in the stomach.Although I didn’t say anything in the end, I thought about it, and now I was only 4 months pregnant, and there was almost 6 months in the back. Do you have to abstain from abstinence?So I want to consult with old seedlings. Can I live sex during pregnancy?

In fact, I believe that many small couples will have this problem, but in terms of nature, our country is still more conservative, so many pregnant mothers are embarrassed to consult with related matters, causing the contradiction between the young couple to become deeper and deeper.But in fact, in addition to pregnant mothers in special circumstances, normal sexual life can be performed during pregnancy, but it must be adopted in a moderate and safe way.Well, today Lao Miao came to think about the two or three things about sexual life during pregnancy.

1. Inadequate cervical function, there are premature birth risk, etc.

Second, the fetal membrane breaks up early, that is, the fetal membrane of the wrapped fetus and amniotic fluid breaks up early

Third, the front placenta, that is, the placenta part or completely cover the cervix

Fourth, multi -pregnancy pregnancy or a history of premature birth

Fifth, vaginal bleeding with unknown reasons

First, it can help pregnant mothers to relieve stress.Many pregnant mothers will suffer a lot of pressure during pregnancy. Not only can they not live their previous life as they want, but they also have to worry about the development of the baby in the belly. The pressure is not great.At this time, the appropriate sex life between husband and wife can help pregnant mothers relieve stress and relax.

Second, increase the relationship between husband and wife.After pregnancy, not only the pregnant mother will face pressure, it is actually a "tough battle" for prospective dad, because during this period, the prospective dad not only takes care of the emotions of the pregnant mother, but also takes more housework.It is undoubtedly a test.And sexual life during pregnancy can soothe the emotions of the prospective father, and can pull the relationship between husband and wife closer.

first timing.Generally speaking, in the early stages of pregnancy, because the placenta development has not yet been formed, the embryo’s bed in the uterus is not very stable. During this period, sexual life can easily cause uterine contraction, which may cause abortion of pregnant mothers.So 3 months before pregnancy, it is not suitable for sexual life.

Second, hygiene.During pregnancy, you must pay attention to cleaning, avoid uterine infection, affect the development of fetal treasures, and must be restrained, the action range should not be too large, and you must pay attention to the posture as much as possible. You cannot choose the posture of the pregnant mother’s belly.

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