"Aunt Aunt" torture people, but it will also bring benefits. Women must understand, don’t complain about menstruation anymore

Menstruation is a physiological symbol unique to female friends. In real life, many female friends also maintain a mixed attitude towards menstruation.

If menstruation cannot come, many female friends will feel very worried, thinking that they are pregnant or other gynecological inflammation to come to the door.a feeling of.

There are even some female friends’ dysmenorrhea very serious. Every time menstruation, menstruation seemed to have experienced a torture, which also caused them to resist.

The reason why the body feels uncomfortable during menstruation is mainly affected by estrogen, because when female friends come to menstruation, the unstable secretion of estrogen in the body will cause endocrine disorders, which will accompany poor emotion and physical condition.Essence

Although it may be very tortured during menstruation, there are some benefits to women’s menstruation. For example, if you are not busy these days, let’s take a look.Early pregnancy signal

As mentioned earlier, if menstruation does not come on time, it may indicate pregnancy, but it is not a bad thing for this.

Maybe those female friends who do not have a baby plan to be pregnant will feel very distressed, but those young couples who are in pregnancy will feel very happy if women are pregnant.

But if female friends do not have menstruation, they may not be able to notice early after pregnancy. At this time, women are still willful in daily life. Doing things that are not suitable for pregnancy will not only affect the normal development of the baby.The health of pregnant mothers.

Discover diseases in advance

In real life, many female friends will regard menstruation as a bark of health, and judge whether the body is healthy by observing the state of menstruation.

If the menstrual state or other factors are abnormal, then female friends will guess the gynecological inflammation, and will also go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time based on these abnormal phenomena.

In this case, you can find physical diseases in advance, which greatly reduces the patient’s pain. The normal menstrual state is as follows:

The average menstrual cycle of women is about 28 days, and it is normal for 7 days to float for 7 days.

The duration of menstruation is 2 to 7 days, and it is normal to stay within this range during menstruation.

The amount of menstruation takes about 10 ~ 30 aunt towels at one time, which is normal.

The menstrual color is bright red. After falling on the aunt’s towel, it will show dark red by oxidation, which meets this standard and is normal.

You can make comparison judgments based on the standards of the above menstruation.

Hematopoietic function

We often call menstruation as "menstrual blood", mainly because the process of menstruation is also a process of body loss.

Although the menstrual blood is not very connected with the blood in the blood circulation, it has to admit that the blood in the body will decrease with the loss of menstrual blood.

If the standard of the blood circulation system in our body continues to change, it can easily affect the hematopoietic function.

The process of menstruation leads to part of the blood loss, then it will promote new blood cells to help maintain the function of maintaining the hematopoietic system.

It can be seen that women’s menstruation can bring these three benefits above, so I hope that female friends can take it correctly, and never resist it too much.

Of course, when menstruation, you should also pay more attention to some details in daily life. For example, the following points are best not to do it without doing it.

Swimming or bath:

With the steady improvement of living standards in recent years, many people may be very keen on the behavior of swimming or bathing, and feel that it will feel very relaxed in the water in water.

But when female friends come to menstruation, it is best not to blindly swim or take a bath, because at this time the light can be in a open state for swimming and bath, it is likely to cause some bacteria and harmful substances in the water to enter women’s women’s enters the women’s entering women’s.In the uterine cavity, it will not only affect the state of menstruation, but even increase the risk of gynecological inflammation.

Smoking and drinking:

In recent years, with the progress of people’s thoughts, after the New Year, it is no longer a patent for men, because some female friends have unknowingly seen the habit of smoking and drinking.

Perhaps to female friends, smoking and drinking are a very normal phenomenon, and it is not a big deal, but the physical structure of female friends is special. If you often smoke and drink, it is likely to cause the uterus and ovaries to cause youThe state of menstruation is closely paid closely.

Eat cold drinks frequently:

If you can eat a popsicle or drink a cold drink in the hot summer, it seems to be a very pleasant thing, which can not only satisfy appetite, but also help the heat and thirst.

Many female friends feel that the weather is hot when menstruation in the summer, and there is nothing to eat for cold drinks, so they will be willful.

Even if the climate is hot, after these cold drinks enter the human body, it may cause the cold in the body to be overweight, which is not conducive to the health of the uterus. In severe cases, it will increase the burden on the body.

1. Seafood

Maybe many people know more about seafood. This kind of food is more delicious, and the nutrients that receive damage are also very rich.

Eating some seafood in moderation can supplement the nutrients required for the body, but most of the seafood is cold food. The cold substances contained in it are relatively rich. Female friends can easily cause dysmenorrhea if they often eat seafood during menstruation.Phenomenon.

2. Watermelon

Some people think that since summer can not eat cold drinks, then there should be no problem eating watermelon, and the watermelon seems to be very matched with summer.

Do you know that watermelon also has another title called "cold melon", which means that there are relatively many cold substances in it. If female friends often eat watermelon during menstruation, it is easy to cause cold air to accumulate in the body in the bodyAmong them, it will increase the burden on the body and even affect the state of menstruation.

3. Sydney

The moisture in Sydney is relatively abundant. After proper intake of the body, it can achieve the effect of clearing the lungs, moistening, clearing the throat.

Therefore, in daily life, many people have lung and throat problems. They also consider eating Sydney, but Sydney is a cold fruit, and the cold substances are relatively rich, so when female friends come to menstruation, they are also for this kind of food.Should avoid it.

You also know which foods are not recommended to use female friends during menstruation. Welcome to leave a comment below.

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