"Can’t pull out" affects the hearts of the family, how can we pass the "constipation during pregnancy" smoothly?

Recently, many good friends are happy to be mothers, but at the same time they have encountered the same problem: they can’t pull out!Although there are not many crowds involved in pregnancy during pregnancy, as long as there is, it always affects the mood of the whole family.

Will constipation affect the baby’s health?Is it harmful to taking medicine?Can I still eat if the constipation belly is swollen?Let’s talk about this today.

Some girls originally had constipation, which was more serious after pregnancy; some did not.But after pregnancy, constipation occurs: it can’t be pulled out for a few days, or you can’t pull it out.Why is this?Is there any problem in the intestines?Generally speaking, these are normal phenomena, because:

1. Slowly running: less gastric acid secretion, relaxation of muscles in the gastrointestinal tract, reduced peristalsis;

2. Less exercise: less movement, plus drinking less water, so that the constipation is aggravated;

3, chaotic: I only like to eat a few things, eat too fine, and less crude fiber.EssenceEssenceEssence

4, more compression: After the belly is getting bigger and bigger, the intestine will be compressed and the intestines will move slower.

Therefore, if you are pregnant, constipation is sometimes very normal. Don’t think about it. If you think too much, constipation may be more serious!IntersectionIntersection

How to solve this problem?It can also be seen from the cause of constipation that changing living habits is the most important.

1. Drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables every day: Some experts suggest that drink 1200 ml of water per day, 400g of fruits, and 500g of vegetables.Personally, as long as the diet is balanced, it is possible.

2. The staple food should be matched thickly. You can consider miscellaneous grain porridge/rice: If the staple food is mainly fine, it will increase constipation.Therefore, it is recommended to add coarse grains such as oats, buckwheat, millet, corn, red beans to food.In order to make it better to taste, you can soak it into mixed grain porridge in advance, and you can also make mixed noodles or noodles.

3. Avoid sitting for a long time and not nervous: Seating for a long time is also a reason for cause constipation, so in the office white -collar workers, the incidence of constipation is higher.At the same time, don’t think about constipation and think that you have cancer.You are nervous, the intestines will be nervous, and where can you come out smoothly?

Therefore, lifestyle habits are the most important magic weapon to solve constipation during pregnancy!

If the above methods have been tried, or they can’t solve constipation, what should I do?Can’t you take medicine?

In fact, it is possible, but you must pay attention to what can be eaten and which can not be eaten: (Please see the main component of the drug)

1. The medicine that can be eaten:

1) Dwolved laxatives: such as the front of the European car, the polycapo non -calcium, and wheat bran.These drugs are safe, but you must drink plenty of water when taking these medicines, otherwise it will be useless.

2) Infiltration laxative: such as lactose, polyethylene glycol, etc.These medicines can also be used, occasionally uncomfortable stomach pain, and the amount of dosage needs to be adjusted.

3) Probiotics: You can supplement some probiotics in an appropriate amount. In addition to having a little help to constipation, it is also beneficial to children’s health.

4) Kaiseru: Occasionally, especially for the situation where the bowel movement is not available, the effect is good.

2. Medicine that cannot be taken:

1) The medicine that stimulates the intestinal tract: such as bibicidine, which may cause intestinal spasm and cause abortion.

2) Ligaline laxatives: rhubarb, slot waters, Fanxia leaves, Shouwu, Cassia seed, aloe vera and other single -flavored Chinese medicine contain this ingredient, mainly because of the effect of diarrhea, which can cause severe stomach pain in the intestinal tract.Including some health tea or something, this is also the name of "detoxification and beauty", so you must look at the ingredients.Seriously cause miscarriage.

Therefore, the medication must be cautious, but it is not impossible.Be careful about some health tea, which may contain some Chinese medicine components mentioned above, which is extremely harmful.

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