"Eat chives in spring, eat meat", try to stir -fry like this, get it in 8 minutes, yang qi is full of body sticks

“”, Two detoxification, three sleep help, eat this dish in spring, nourish the liver and eyes, so that you are good for you all day.

At the beginning of March, every year after March, the temperature has risen, and the temperature is about to be double -digit. Spring is blooming and everything is recovered.Fire and spring difficulties.The weather in spring is very comfortable. Sometimes there are light rain in Lili. The air is wet. The air is very fresh. It is easy to make people fall asleep and it is easy to sleep. Many experts say it is "spring sleepy".After a whole winter, our gastrointestinal pressure is particularly large, there are many toxins accumulated in the intestine, and the body burden is very heavy. In addition, my husband often has to entertain.Very ugly.

Our family of five, my mother -in -law and father -in -law are in the old home. The children live in Wuhan with our children. They come to Wuhan several times a month. They will bring a lot of things each time.Fresh vegetables can’t be eaten every time, but you can feel a strong affection.Every time my parents come to the city, I always ask me to give my children to eat well. Meats and eggs cannot be missing. Do n’t worry about money.

Our children are now in junior high school. They only have lunch at school a day. Breakfast is basically eating hot noodles and egg wine. Dinner is basically eating at home. Every day after work is preparing for meals.Three dishes and one soup are mushroom meat slices soup, leek fried eggs, garlic broccoli, and often yellow chicken at home. In fact, these dishes are special dishes. Today, I share my best dish -leek fried eggs, costs, costs, costs, costs.In less than two dollars, the eggs were taken by the parents. The two ingredients were eaten together. The eggs were tender and delicious, and the aroma was filled with the entire kitchen.Many people often eat leek fried eggs, but there is always no delicious food made by restaurants. Today, the correct cooking method is shared below. Remember to collect it."Eat chives in spring, eat meat", try to stir -fry like this, and get it in 8 minutes.

Ingredients details: Buy 150 grams of tender leek (leek is one of the seasonal dishes of spring, the leaves are very fragrant, and you can stir -fry with meat and eggs).The color is golden, and the price is more expensive. In fact, the nutritional value is similar), a few vegetable oils, a small spoon of raw soy sauce, a spoonful of oyster sauce, a little white vinegar, half a spoonful of pepper, the right amount of salt, and other condiments.

Correct cooking order:

1: Buy good fresh leek and earth eggs. The roots of the leeks are very dirty. You must clean it with your hands. The yellow leaves should be cut off, and the roots must be cut off. Repeat them with water and cut it into sections with the same length.

2: Several eggs in the container, plus a little water or water starch, can make the eggs tender and slippery, add half a spoon of white vinegar, season with salt, and stir quickly.

3: Add oil to the pan, fry the pot under the egg liquid until it is fixed, stir fry into several small pieces, and prosper.

4: Add an appropriate amount of edible oil at the bottom of the pot, pour the leeks and fry until it becomes soft, add the eggs that are cooked in advance, add a little raw soy sauce and oyster sauce, and finally add chicken essence and pepper., Out of the pan.

Leek fried eggs are dishes that every family loves to eat. The cost is very low, the method is simple, the eggs are tender and delicious, the calories of the dishes are very low.Intestinal scratching oil can also nourish the liver and liver, maintain the health of the body, don’t forget to eat it in spring.

Have you ever eaten this leek fried egg?(All pictures are from the Internet)

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