"Go to the restaurant for dinner, try not to scan the code to order"

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The dining experience post of netizen "P **** OK" caused heated discussion

On July 6, "Go to the restaurant for dinner and try not to scan the code to order".Under the hot search, netizens launched a heated discussion on a dining experience post.

According to the description of the dining experience post, the netizen "P **** OK" was evaluated by the restaurant’s "a certain dish" because he gave the restaurant a "certain dish". The clerk first asked to delete the review by private messages, and then asked to change to the four -star evaluation.I felt excessive "P **** OK" rejected the request of the other party.So the clerk kept calling.In the end, the unbearable "P **** OK" and the object called back to the clerk, "I delete the comment now, how do you know how do you know my phone number?" In this regard, the clerk replied, because the code scan the code for a meal and leaveThe phone number.

"Hehe, take it, you can scan the code without scanning the code in the future." "P **** OK" finally said.

Surging News tried to contact netizens "P **** OK", but never received an effective response.

After the dining experience post was disclosed, netizens under the comment area talked about the leakage of personal information they encountered.Surging news combed and found that netizens’ vomiting is mainly for two aspects. First of all, after scanning the code, the restaurant can contact the consumer by the mobile phone number authorized by ordering; secondly, after the evaluation of the restaurant, the merchant can still find consumers.Request to delete or change evaluation.

"But many of them are scanning the code now, and sometimes the merchants can’t get the code for ordering the code." "Now the restaurant basically covers the code scanning and ordering meal. Each time you scan the codeNow the information leakage is very serious, and it is impossible to order order "… Some netizens even said that because the code was scanned and ordered, the restaurant was chased to pay for it.

In this regard, some netizens who claimed to be catering explained that "I am doing catering, our store is scanning the code and ordering, and the authorized mobile phone number will be seen on the system."The step is to allow you to authorize the phone number. If you don’t want to expose, you can refuse, let the clerk get the paper menu "" I used to find a guest who had left several tables when I was a waiter, "" I have worked part -time for catering,Scanning the code and ordering can indeed see the phone. Some guests need to call to contact the checkout. We will also send drinks to the guests for the five -star praise, but it is really very good for others to change the evaluation ….". "

In this regard, professionals told Peng Mei News that consumers advise consumers to adhere to the principle of "non -necessary non -providing", refuse to provide information that has nothing to do with ordering services, and not easily publish important information such as their real names and contact information.

When encountering customized promotion and commercial marketing text messages in merchants.If consumers do not want to continue to receive such information, they should exercise the right to "withdraw consent" in time, and use the function of withdrawing consent to personalized recommendation and commercial marketing SMS in the APP to clearly express their willingness to accept such information.

Regarding "After the restaurant evaluation, the merchant can still find consumers to ask for deletion or change of evaluation." Many netizens said: "The seafood meals I bought for the group purchase coupons are not fresh, and I gave bad reviews.Later, the store found me to ask for deletion. I was unwilling, and I gave me all the refunds. It was also uncomfortable. I all evaluated anonymous and I could call me. "" I used to go to a secret room with my friends., My friend gave a bad review, and was privately messaged by the store in the app again, and+WeChat, sent text messages, and called, good words and bad words, and even reported the police to ask her to delete the evaluation … ID number number number number card number numberI can’t wait for everyone to know "…

In response to the relevant chaos of personal information protection, in response to the concerns of netizens, on June 16, the Shanghai Cyber Information Office and the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau jointly launched the "Light Sword Pujiang · Consumption Field Special Law Enforcement Action".For half a year, special operations will focus on eight key consumption fields such as restaurants, parking scanning, and children’s learning and training to carry out centralized rectification of illegal acts such as "overdoing, compulsory essence, induction, and illegal use" in the field of personal information.

Special operations will open the report entrance to the official website of the Internet illegal and bad information reporting center (http://www.shjbzx.cn) in Shanghai.) Provide clues according to the real.

As the exclusive media support unit of this special operation, the surging news complaint platform (https://tousu.thepaper.cn) will open the entrance to extensively collect various clues to infringe the rights of personal information in key consumption scenarios.

Editor Zou Shan in this issue

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