"Guidance for Pregnancy" for a week of pregnancy

Point tip of the first week of pregnancy

People often use "October Wanderer" to describe the pregnancy time of expectant mothers to experience. In fact, according to the actual solar calendar month, the fetus lives in the mother’s uterus as long as 10 months long.Almost all expectant mothers know that they are pregnant after 37 days of menopause, and even doctors cannot determine the accurate time for the birth of the embryo, which brings trouble to the time calculation of pregnancy.In order to facilitate calculations, the first day of the mothers’ last menstrual period is generally as the starting time during pregnancy.One week of pregnancy, that is, you are still in menstruation.

1 week of pregnancy, fetal development and mother change

1 week of pregnancy fetus (picture)

One week of pregnancy fetus development:

At this time, your "child" can only exist in the state of sperm and eggs, and there is a partner with you and you.The quality of sperm and eggs is closely related to the physical condition of the parents.

One week of pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms:

In fact, this week’s expectant mothers have not been pregnant. This week is the time when the expectant mothers are in progress. It shows that the eggs excreted from the ovary last month were not fertilized and declined by themselves, causing the endometrium to fall off and bleed.As the endometrium falls off, under the action of hormones, your ovaries are starting to release another egg.Relax, face the most peaceful mentality. You know, the arrival of each baby is his incomparable fate with his parents, and it is an irreplaceable human angel.

An important thing for one week of pregnancy

Do you want children? Prepare the first level before pregnancy

Are you preparing for thoughts? You need to think deeply with your husband, whether you really need children, and whether economic conditions are permitted.You can ask the following key questions:

Do you all want children?

Are you willing to sacrifice yourself and time for your children?

Can you bear the responsibility of taking care of your children?

Pre-pregnancy check

When you want a baby, your body exists in certain diseases. Although it is only some ordinary diseases, it may increase your original condition and affect your health during pregnancy and the normal growth and development of the fetus, evenCauses fetal deformity.Therefore, these diseases are best controlled or cured before pregnancy, so that you can spend your pregnancy safely and conceive a healthy baby.And pre -pregnancy examination is to help you and your husband exclude these hidden health hazards.

Is the body tuned?

In order to give birth to a healthy baby, you and the prospective dad are healthy.In addition to changing the bad habits of life, you must also remove various diseases, including gynecological diseases.Raise your body to the best state and give birth to the healthiest babies.

Nutritional attention for one week of pregnancy

Scientific research has found that the survival of sperm requires high -quality protein, calcium, zinc and other minerals and trace elements, arginine and a variety of vitamins. If you have partial eaten and lack these nutrients in your diet, the production of sperm will be affected, and some may cause some some will cause some some."Low -quality" sperm.

Within half a year before conception, the couple can prepare for the internal environment of their own diet, and eat more foods containing folic acid, zinc, and calcium.Eat more lean meat, eggs, fish and shrimp, animal liver, soybean and soy products, seafood, fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits.Men eat more catfish, loach, pigeons, pigeons, tension, sparrows, leeks.Eat less ham, sausage, bacon, pickled fish, pickles, do not eat smoked grilled foods such as lamb skewers.Eat less canned food and drink less.Washing vegetables pay attention to removing residual pesticides by immersion method.

Recommended nutrition recipes in the first week of pregnancy: shiitake sea bass

To prevent sliding tires, it is important to nourish the kidneys when pregnancy.For this, the effect of sea bass has spleen, nourishing qi, nourishing kidney, and tires. It is a good ingredient in the early pregnancy.

Material: 1 live bass (about 600 grams), 100 grams of water filament in water, 100 grams of shredded pork

Seasoning: cooking wine, sugar, salt, green onions, ginger, coriander each moderate amount


1. Wash the bass scales to remove the gills, remove the internal organs, and then wash it. Cut the flower knife on both sides of the fish body and put them in the plate;

2. Put the sea bass into the pot and steam for 8-10 minutes, then remove it, place the onion segments and coriander on the fish.

3. Hot oil in the pot, add ginger, shredded mushrooms, shredded meat, cooking wine, salt and sugar to stir -fry, collect the thick soup on the high heat, and then pour the hot soup on the sea bass.


For the bass to taste more delicious, you can evenly apply cooking wine and a little salt on the fish.

During the steaming process, you must pay attention to the heat and time. It should not be steamed for too long. If the time is too long, the fish is not so delicious.

One week pregnant dad must read

To give birth to a healthy and smart child, the number and quality of men’s sperm are also crucial.Therefore, prospective dad should also be actively prepared.To quit smoking and alcohol, drink less coffee, balance nutrition, and lay the foundation for eugenics.Also avoid contact with harmful substances, pay attention to health, and do not get sick.

Special concern for 1 week of pregnancy: supplement folic acid

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin. It was once called vitamin M and vitamin BC. Since it was originally separated from spinach leaves, it is now used to calling it folic acid.With the gradual deepening of modern medicine’s research on folic acid, it has been confirmed that it has a close relationship with the fetal tube deformity of the fetus.In my country, folic acid recommended intake is generally 400 micrograms/day. As a expectant mother, you should be 600 micrograms to 800 micrograms/day.Obviously, whether you are before or after pregnancy, the intake of folic acid is not enough. In this way, the folic acid reserved in your body is relatively insufficient.It takes a while from ingestion to reserve in the body. It is obviously too late if you find that you are pregnant and then supplement folic acid.Therefore, if you plan to take a baby, you should start to supplement folic acid from 3 months before pregnancy.

Story of prenatal education at 1 week of pregnancy:

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