"hot"!Can you find out the fetus?How to make your husband don’t know

Now there are many girls who have tasted the forbidden fruit at a young age. It ’s okay to have good luck. At most, it has broken a layer of membrane. Unlucky accidental pregnancy … but with the development of dog blood, it usually allows youThe scumbag who was pregnant unexpectedly was not your good man.

After walking around for several years, I finally met that good person. You thought it was the beginning of happiness, but when the first level was, it was strike. When you talked about marriage, you started to be scared. It’s not the first time.? NO ….. Now male prostitution is not so superficial, who is not suitable for sleeping.

What you are afraid is not for the first time … but before marriage …

Seeing a lot of girls ask questions: Can I check the flow of drugs and abortion before?

Below, Xiaobian slowly answered the hottest topic now: Regarding the fetal, can you find out before marriage? How to make your husband do not know?

First of all, we need to know which items to check before marriage?

Must -check project:

1. Legal infectious diseases.Including AIDS, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, etc., these diseases can be detected by blood drawing or coating.

2. Heavier mental illness.Such as severe mania, schizophrenia, etc., these diseases may endanger the safety and physical health of others, and the psychological problems of patients can cause many serious consequences.Such diseases require a psychiatrist diagnosis.

3. Reproductive system malformations.Such diseases directly affect fertility, and some of the diseases and gynecologists can be diagnosed through the naked eye, and some need to be checked with B -ultrasound.

4. Congenital genetic disease.Such as albinism, primary epilepsy, chondrocytosis, malnutrition of adepticular muscle, and hereditary retinal pigmentation.Investigation of hereditary diseases requires detecting chromosomes.

5. Blood routine and common urine regulations

Self -selected project:

1. Lung function.You can usually take X -ray chest tablets.

2. Heart function.General cardiac disease can be screened by electrocardiography. Congenital heart disease can be used as a heart ultrasound.

3. Blood glucose.Blood testing whether there is diabetes.

4. Blood pressure.Check the blood pressure to check whether the blood pressure is too high or too low.

5. Internal organs.Do B -ultrasound to check whether the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and kidney are abnormal.

6. Blood.Checking liver function and kidney function is normal.

Summary: Whether you have tires are not a item to be checked, but surely, if you have had a fetus, the doctor still knows, because the cervix of the cervix without a fetal and a baby who has been tires is different, but you can rest assured that you can rest assuredYes, the doctor will not talk too much, and may ask if you are true, but you will never tell others that when you check the examination, men and women are checked separately, so male tickets will not know that the doctor talks with you to talk to you, But to prevent the kind of male ticket from all over the moment, you can find a reason to open a male ticket, such as paying for medicines, helping you buy something, something or something ….. Anyway, random response …. Male tickets will not know!

I will also tell you that the preparation of pre -marital inspections should be prepared:

1. Women should avoid during menstruation, otherwise women’s urine contains a large amount of red blood cells, and doctors will suspect that they have problems such as nephritis and stones.

2. Take a problem with the problem, prepare the questions you want to know, and consult the doctor during the examination.

3. You can first understand and choose a nearby maternal and child health care institution or medical institution or medical institution with special technical service permits for marriage inspection, and you must also consider medical conditions, service items, service quality and price factors.

4. The time to check before marriage should be more appropriate to choose from 1 month before the marriage registration. In this way, once the problem is found to be further checked in the marriage check, it can be solved without affecting the marriage registration.

5. During the marriage inspection, bring three household registration books, ID cards, and one -bob crown photos. In addition, there must be an introduction letter from both parties.

6. You must not eat in the morning on the day of marriage, you must check the empty stomach.If the marriage inspection is smooth, you can get a proof of marriage in one day, so you must prepare a day for marriage inspection.

Xiaobian can only help you here … Sao Nian … Work hard to run towards your happiness ~!

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