"I just got pregnant at the age of 17, my boyfriend was 31 years old. What should my parents do not agree that we should get married?"

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I saw a little girl’s message yesterday. After reading it, I couldn’t calm down for a long time.The little girl is 17 years old and is no longer going to school. She knows a 31 -year -old boyfriend.The boyfriend was very good to her, so the two were together and became pregnant.After pregnancy, the girl is thinking about getting married.The girl’s parents did not agree after hearing the news.So girls leave a message to help, how to persuade their parents to agree to their marriage.

"I was pregnant at the age of 17, my boyfriend was 31 years old. What should my parents do not agree that we should get married?" After reading the little girl’s message, I remembered that a sister in my hometown may give her a little revelation.

Self -righteous feelings cannot last long

A younger sister in her hometown and went out to work after graduating from junior high school.When working for a year, when he met a man, he had to marry him regardless of whether he cared about it.Take him home and see his parents.Adults do not agree. First, they are too young now, unstable feelings, and getting too early to get married.The second is that the economic conditions of the man’s family are not good and too far away, so they resolutely reject the marriage.The family was afraid that her sister would run around, so she locked her at home, so as not to let her go out to work, in order to break the relationship with the boy.

But then she ran out secretly and found her boyfriend.After more than a year, I went home, and there was a doll in her arms.The raw rice is cooked with mature rice, and the parents do not agree.My mother told me: "Her child can smell a taste far away, and there is no mother -in -law, the mother -in -law is poor. She is still a child, how to take care of a child." The second child was born the previous year, divorced last year, and now he is now divorced. NowLive with your daughter in the maid’s house.Now I am only 25 years old, but it seems that this is only the case.

So I want to tell all the unmarried little girl who is pregnant first, and the feelings of self -righteousness cannot last long.If he loves you, how can you make you unmarried first, take the point of pointing of others, and let your parents be poked at the back of the back.Under what circumstances, the woman’s losses are much larger than the man.Also remind the little girl to think twice.

How should parents educate children

To a certain extent, the child is pregnant before the marriage, and he cannot escape the department with his parents.Girls are not self -respect, most of them are due to the lack of education by their parents.Therefore, once such a thing happens, don’t be busy scolding others.Do you want to ask yourself, do you fulfill your parents’ obligations?Are there any disciplines?It is clear afterwards that it is better to prevent the child in advance and give the child to prevent injections in advance.

It is important to tell your daughter to protect themselves.Children of adolescence are naive. The other party feels good to himself and feels that it is love.In fact, it is not, it is just an adrenaline secreted by the hypothalamus, which makes you feel like a paint -like feeling, not the other party.As a parent, tell your child rationally, how to distinguish this feeling.

In addition, sex education is also very important. It is necessary to talk about what harm, abortion and labor hazards will be harmful to the little girl.Don’t think that sex education is not important, bad people don’t think the little girl is too young.It is just that parents need to explain this matter with different expressions at different ages.

Netizens, how do you think of the above?


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