"I’m pregnant, get married", Mother -in -law: Don’t worry first, see if it’s a man or a woman

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If it wasn’t because of the child, I may no longer step into the door of my mother -in -law’s house, but now that I already have this little life, I have to be responsible for it. Although there is still heavy pressure in front, for the sake of children, I have to fight hard for the child, I have to fight hard.With every effort, I also deeply realized the great significance of that sentence: the woman is weak, but the mother is just!

When Xue Gang took the first grasp of his parents, we just graduated, and there was no money in our hands. The meeting ceremony I was holding looked very shabby, but Xue Gang’s parents were very enthusiastic about me.Some ashamed, I think I am too indifferent. For the first time to see my parents, I have to prepare a little bit. I watched the two plastic bags that I was holding in my hand.He blamed Xue Gang in his heart, all of which were his idea.

When Xue Gang and I were leaving, his mother stuffed two hundred dollars for me, saying that their family had put the money on the goods recently, otherwise it would not only give me two hundred dollars.I don’t want this money, but she pulled my hand and stuffed the money to me.I didn’t know what it was in my heart.

Later, I learned from Xue Gang’s other relatives that Xue Gang’s mother had prepared two thousand yuan to meet, but when she saw me, she changed her mind. Maybe she felt that I had to her to herHowever, respecting, although the fruits of the two plastic bags are the same as the fruits of the two gift boxes, the packaging is one underground in the sky. When she saw me dressed simple, she concluded that I was a poor child.Two pieces were drawn in the money, and pretending to be enthusiastically stuffed to me.

Since knowing her prejudice to me, I have conflicts with her how much she has. She does not understand my ability and my ability, so she concluded that I would not deserve his son, and her enthusiasm was so disguised that it was so good. OneTime, I like her.

But Xue Gang is pretty good to me, and he often said that in fact, the fucking is not what I think, but she has a strong sense of self -protection. It is also that she has seen too many kinds of people who have seen too many kinds of people, so she has set up a one to herselfLayer shell.Xue Gang held me and said that we lived in the future, and it had nothing to do with anyone. What others thought, what they said was their business, and could not affect the happiness between us.

I think so, the person I want to marry is Xue Gang, and it is not Xue Gang’s fucking. It is impossible to make trouble with Xue Gang because of this trivial matter.I looked at Xue Gang, who was sincere, and I thought he should be the kind of good man who would listen to his daughter -in -law.

After seeing my parents the second month, I found that I was pregnant. This was a big deal. I hurried to find Xue Gang to discuss what to do. Xue Gang had planned to propose to me. When I heard that I was pregnant, I was pregnant.He was particularly happy. I could see his joy, so he said, "Let’s get married." Xue Gang was very happy. He immediately called the family and said that he wanted them to arrange a wedding.

Xue Gang didn’t expect the sound from the phone to the phone was so clear, and the people at the end of the phone did not expect that I was in Xue Gang’s arms, and the ears were so close to the microphone.Seeing a man or a woman. "Xue Gang and I were both frightened. I could see Xue Gang’s embarrassment. He wanted to circle the field and explain what this savvy prospective mother -in -law explained, but I was full of anger.I have seen many unreasonable mother -in -law, but I have never seen someone like Xue Gang.

If according to my former temper, I will definitely leave my hand, but at this moment, I still have a small life in my stomach, and I suddenly become weak.Live your emotions.

I don’t know if Xue Gang is really from the heart to make me happy. He said severely to the other side of the phone: "Mom, what are you talking about!" Then he hung up the phone.He turned around and hugged me, saying that he would not be wronged.

I know, if I want this child, if I want to give it a happy home, then I should make up for it. In the future, the struggle between this prospective mother -in -law is indispensable.If she was impressed by me before, then she felt in my heart at this moment is a selfish and powerful woman. She would not let herself suffer, and even there would be any morality and bottom line.A woman went to fight with wisdom. I suddenly felt that I had matured a lot, and I could restrain my temper. Maybe it was because I had a burden and responsibility on my shoulders.

I know that if Xue Gang insisted on marrying me, then his family would not have any gift money, because they had to get married, they were not in a hurry, but I was anxious, and she would not consider my feelings and dignity.She will only count a savvy account, and she will not make herself feel bad.

Sure enough, I didn’t expect it. Xue Gang insisted on marrying me, but his family did not have a gift money. They said that Xue Gang had to learn to bear it. He could not rely on his parents.The cost requires me and Xue Gang.I agreed that I didn’t mention half of my dissatisfaction with their dissatisfaction, because it was useless to say. The only thing I could do was to resist temperament, and then gave birth to the children in the stomach safely.

I know that I have to prepare another psychological preparation next. If I have a boy, their family will be very happy, and the prospective mother -in -law will even change her prejudice to me, but if it is a girl, I will be going toContinue to endure her losses, but I am not afraid of these. Even if Xue Gang supports me, I have to learn to be strong, because there are still people who need my protection. In the face of difficulties, I must learn to become more frustrated and brave.Go forward bravely.

After doing such a psychological preparation, I don’t seem to pay more attention to everything about the prospective mother -in -law. I know that dignity needs to fight for myself. In addition to working hard, I prove that I have made myself strong in material and spirit.There is nothing better to make me practical and peace of mind.

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