"Junjun" Zhang Xinyu appeared at the event scene. The belly was suspected to be pregnant, clarifying that only eating too much

"Junjun" Zhang Xinyu appeared at the event scene. The belly was suspected to be pregnant, clarifying that only eating too much

Recently, when our "military" Zhang Xinyu attended a propaganda activity, he was captured by the media that he kept making a movement and touching his stomach. The body shape and the naked eye were rounded, and he became fatter and was suspected of getting pregnant.

Recently, Zhang Xinyu attended a certain event for the new film "Hand in the Hand". Since becoming a "military sister", Zhang Xinyu’s image has added a lot of points to the minds of netizens."Pregnancy", now in the capture of the photo, seeing Zhang Xinyu’s continuous touch throughout the process, it will undoubtedly be considered that good things happened. In fact, this is also a thing worthy of joy and blessing. A pair of talents have the crystallization of love.Happy things.

In the photo, Zhang Xinyu’s figure is not difficult to see that it is a lot of round and plump, his face is rich, and his body is slightly fat. If you are pregnant, according to the various changes of women during pregnancy, you really look at the pregnancy.This has made many fans and netizens speculate that they also think that they also hope that "military" is happy.

Because Zhang Xinyu participated in the variety show "Sister who broke the wind and waves" some time ago, when Sister Zhang was still slender and hot, she was still the "sexy house god god god" in everyone’s minds.Fan, remarkable, also adds a lot of resources through this show.

During the period of participating in "Sister Lang", high -intensity performances only made her thin. It was reasonable that it would not take long to gain a lot of weight.

In the early years, Zhang Xinyu couldn’t get rid of the label of "Li Chen’s girlfriend" for a long time. Her work was only a tepid little character. She was once commented by netizens as a heartwoman who only borrowed high -known male stars.Now that over time, everyone has gradually seen Zhang Xinyu’s efforts and progress. It can be seen that she is also trying to get rid of the labels that everyone posted to her before, and strive to get the due return through her own efforts.However, after all, Huang Tian lived up to the people. Zhang Xinyu’s image is becoming more and more positive. She also uses more time to use the precipitation and sublimation self, and try her best to bring you more and better works, which has changed everyoneFor a long time, her stereotyped concept, through her own glowing and heat, also met her true emperor who now spoils her as a little princess and lives as a happy woman.Deyun Kai saw the moon.

But on the morning of the 10th, Zhang Xinyu said on Weibo that he had eaten too much to let his belly swollen. He also ridiculed himself and said that "the steamed buns have been eaten too much", which is also cute.

The touching incident in this event made a lot of opinions. It is estimated that even Zhang Xinyu himself did not expect, so she came out of rumors as soon as possible, so that everyone would stop this guess.I hope that good news is disappointed.

Although the suspected pregnancy incident is just an oolong, even if it is not true, it does not affect Zhang Xinyu’s continued efforts and a happy life.At the same time, I also sincerely hope that Zhang Xinyu’s life will become happier and happy, and have the crystallization of the happiness belonging to her and lover. For us who want to capture good news, we will naturally send sincere blessings.In the end, I hope that everyone can put more attention in Zhang Xinyu’s work, pay more attention to her performance, let her conquer the audience in excellent works, continue to glow and heat, exude charm, and still beautiful.Looking forward to her new work "Hand in the Plus" to meet you!

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