"Mother -in -law" is 35 weeks pregnant, so you will have a baby!There are vegetables, meat, and checkups

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Mr. Li, who lives in Kangqiao Town, Pudong New District, is in the headline of Shanghai Channel "War Epidemic • Helping Nong Hao"” 家 家””” 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 for help. His wife has exceeded 35 in the late pregnancy.On Zhou, the baby may fall to the ground at any time and needs to go to the hospital for the necessary check -up.However, the community was closed for many days and has been unable to go to the hospital for treatment.In the past two days, the living materials at home have been shortages.

"It is difficult for us to buy vegetables online. The dishes and meat sent by the neighborhood committee were almost finished. Who can help us?"

Mr. Li said that seeing the baby is about to be born, the regular pregnancy examination at this stage is very important for the fetus and pregnant women.What is even more worried about "prospective dad" and "prospective mother" is that over time, the vegetables and meat in the home have begun to become scarce.

"My wife is the most needed for nutrition. I get up every morning to grab vegetables, but helpless‘ hand speed ’is not fast enough, and I often ca n’t buy food. It’ s okay to eat less, I ’m afraid that my mother and baby can not keep up."

On April 5th, a reporter from the Xinmin Evening News "Xinmin Help Nong Bus" contacted the Shuangxiu Home Park Resident Committee of Kangqiao Town.The staff said that he had received the help from Mr. Li and was fully coordinating the resources.

"Previously, a round of supplies had been distributed in the town. At present, the second round of distribution plans will be implemented. The town will also be assigned to hand in the house and send food from house to house."

The staff said that as for the issue of Mr. Li’s wife’s production inspection, the neighborhood committee was also communicating all the time to help them connect to the hospital as soon as possible.

On April 7th, the reporter from the Xinmin Evening News "Xinmin Gang Nong Business" learned from Kangqiao Town that through the efforts of relevant departments, the neighborhood committee and volunteers have "delivered the food" for Mr. Li’s house.EssenceThe staff of the neighborhood committee said:

"We have given the contact information of the relevant hospital to Mr. Li and his wife. As for the specific check -up time, they will make an appointment with the hospital by themselves. At that time, the neighborhood committee will also open the ‘green channel’ on the premise of implementing various prevention and control measures.Make sure that pregnant women go to the hospital for treatment. "

"The vegetables have, the meat is available, and the checkup is also available … The heart is determined, the heart is peaceful, the heart is warming!" In the reply from the reporter Li to the Xinmin Evening News "Xinmin Bang Nong Busy" reporterFull of pragmatism and "Little Fortunately".

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