"My wife is 8 months pregnant, how can I get rid of her?": The attitude of a man determines the temperature of the family

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Girl, don’t be with such people!

Some time ago, Zhihu’s last post at 3 am, attracted 4.66 million people to watch.

The content of the post is a man asked:

"My wife is 8 months pregnant, can I divorce?"

In this question, the man said that they lived together for eight years and married, and currently lived in the rental house.His wife was 8 months pregnant, and he asked his mother to take care of and took it to get off work, which caused a series of family contradictions.

In this relationship, men do not love his wife at all, and his wife is too aggressive in his eyes.His behavior caused anger on the Internet, and everyone was inconsistent for the heroine.

In fact, the painful wife is the highest -level show love. When it comes to the model of loving his wife, you must mention Liang Jiahui.

His wife had to receive treatment due to illness after giving birth. A large number of hormonal drugs have caused her to be seriously shape. Many Hong Kong media call it "aunt with bloated and face -faced face."

Facing the media evaluation, Liang Jiahui stood up and said:

"No matter how beautiful the world is in this world, it is not as attractive as my wife."

Liang Jiahui has played with many beautiful women on the screen, but after walking down the screen, he will accompany his wife every day to take care and care.

No matter what the wife becomes, no matter what kind of achievement he has, Liang Jiahui is always the man who holds his wife tightly and walks through the streets and alleys.

When it comes to his wife, Liang Jiahui feels a lot:

"My wife was a beautiful girl when she was young. Now she is getting more and more beautiful in my heart. Sometimes, after she falls asleep, she peeks quietly at her, and some warm things flow in her heart."

When he was young, his wife gave him too much help. Now he wants his wife to feel love and companionship, and he will never give up.This is the poverty -stricken friend.

Liang Jiahui once said that leaving the screen, he was a husband and a person who had to live down.Shooting is just a job, and the family is everything for themselves.

The entertainment industry is a big dye tank, and the temptation is at any time, but Liang Jiahui is unmoved. This is the responsibility of the husband and the bottom line.For so many years, he has never forgotten his oath before marriage: never let his wife be wronged.

Petting his wife into a princess is the top charm of a man.

I have seen the "Love of Love", mainly about a couple’s inconsistent thing because her husband is too good.

In this story, her husband is full of others in his heart. Only no wife. As long as friends have something, he can dry his wife aside and immediately see friends.

Once, the two went to watch a movie together. On the road, the boy received a phone call. He didn’t even have the explanation, so he left directly. The wife later learned that it was because his classmate’s electric car broke the fetus and called him to help.

Another time, the two went to the girl’s house for dinner. At this time, he received another call, leaving his wife and her parents and left himself.

The girl’s family thought something had happened, but later they knew, but a few of his friends told him to play online.

Not only that, her husband did not discuss half of the sentence with his wife, so he lent his wife’s money to his friends.

In his heart, friends are the most important. The wife seems to be an outsider, and everything is not important.

To be honest, after reading this story, I am very worried. This marriage is a mistake from the beginning.What else is worth nostalgic for a person who does not have himself in his heart?

In life, some men will be like this man, and they can’t distinguish between the Lord and the Lord, and they don’t know how to love their wives.

As Teacher Tu Lei said, in the concept of too many men, he always felt that relatives were the best bullies. They would be angry at home, smiled outside, bowed their heads and bowed their heads.

There can be a lot of friends in a person, but there is only one wife. If a man can’t even do well in the twilight, why talk about it for a long time.

Over the years, I have found an interesting phenomenon:

The man who knows how to love his wife is very smooth in life and career. The man who does not love his wife will be difficult in life. The longer the state of time, the more obvious the state.

I have a distant cousin, a model of good wife.

When they first got married, they were poor. In order to change this life, they came to work hard.There was no place to have a house now, and my cousin said, "All of this is like dreaming."

Time can be taken away, but he did not take the cousin’s love for the sister -in -law, and he would love his wife anyway.

The cousin attributed all the credit to his wife, saying that if he was not his wife who was prosperous, he would definitely have no happy life today.

Every time I go out to meet my cousin, I will bring my sister -in -law.We laughed at him for fear of his wife, but he said with a smile: "I’m afraid of his wife, who makes us so unbroken?"

In leisure, my cousin will also study desserts for the sister -in -law, and the cousin will also give a romantic gift on his birthday.Every time I was drunk, my cousin would say a word: "If a person does not even hurt his wife, what else do you expect him to do?"

In the world, everything is concerned about causality. If you are good to your wife, then your wife will definitely use 100 % good feedback to you, and marriage will naturally be happy and happy.

As the saying goes, home and everything are happy. When you have a strong and stable rear, then your career will naturally develop better and better.In fact, men’s luck is hidden in the love of his wife.

Most people who complained about life at home all day will not love his wife. The countless trivial affairs will make him burnt.

The real successful men are often people who hurt their wives. They are willing to listen to them to help themselves. Even if they are wrong, they will listen carefully and then correct them at the right time.

Only those who feel that they are awesome can they feel that they are right. I don’t know that this is the biggest mistake.

A truly wise man will definitely love his wife very much, because he knows that in this world, his wife is the person who accompanies his life, and good to his wife is the greatest charm of a man.

Many men will cause a woman to be an illusion that I am very important, and some men are not very moving when they first met, but they always feel appropriate for a long time, because his behavior will make women feel that he is very important.

The embodiment of this behavior is exactly in the man’s attitude towards women. Men who knows how to love his wife is a good book for women. It is worth reading for women for a lifetime.

Men’s performance in marriage is really important, because in most marriage, women are naturally emotional, and they will consider the emotions of her husband when doing things, but the husband cannot do an equal return.

Many men will take their wives as a matter of course, and they will treat their love as a kind of alms. Most of these men will not have any good luck, nor will they have a great interest.

Women see marriage very importantly. They feel that since they get married, it is a lifetime.

Although the woman is emotional, she is not stupid. If you are good to her, give her a sense of security and keep a sense of distance for the opposite sex. If you are close, you can only get the best feedback.

Some people say that 20 -year -old holding hands is called passion, 40 -year -old is called feelings, and 60 -year -old is still holding hands, called love.

So long in your life, I hope you meet the right person and love each other for the rest of your life.

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