"People’s Drug Administration for the People’s · Safe Medicine Column" (12) Prevention of hair dyeing allergies, starting from the "head"

Hair dyeing products in my country are managed in accordance with special cosmetics.What we usually call "hair -dye allergy" is actually a common adverse reaction of cosmetics.According to the monitoring data of adverse reactions in cosmetics in our province, hair dye has become one of the most adverse reactions reports for many years.

Why are hair allergies?Generally speaking, the correct use of qualified hair dye products will not be allergic.However, it does not rule out the advent of allergic symptoms due to allergies to a certain component in the hair dye due to personal constitution or skin sensitivity.In my country’s 2015 edition of the "Technical Specifications for Cosmetics Safety", 75 hair dye components are allowed to be added to hair dye products, and most of them have been proven to have skin sensitivity.

What are the specific performances of hair -dyeing allergies?Hair -dyeing allergies are generally manifested as erythema, pimples, edema, erosion, exudation, blisters, etc., and some can cause dizziness, headache, systemic rash, etc., and are usually accompanied by itching, burning, tightness, or pain.

Is it not allergic to use "pure natural", "pure plant", "ammonia -free" hair dye?The answer is that there is still the possibility of allergies!The hair dye products of pure plants generally can only achieve the effect of temporary hair dyeing or semi -permanent hair dye.If you want to achieve hair dyeing effects comparable to permanent hair dye products, a large amount of chemical hair dyeing components will inevitably be added.Therefore, the so -called "pure natural" is actually false propaganda.At present, my country allows only five foil extracts as a plant extract for hair dyeing.Therefore, it is not the so -called "pure natural".

Commonly used dye intermediates are pyramamine and aminoophenols, which are the most commonly used in pyramamine. It is currently the one that people are most concerned about the safety hazards of hair dye products. ThereforeSafety is specifically indicated on the product label that "does not contain" ammonia -free ".In fact, as long as it is such hair dye, even if there is no phenylemine, there will be other dye intermediates, and there are hidden safety hazards.

So don’t trust "pure natural" and "pure plants", and don’t take it lightly about "ammonia -free" hair dye.

How to prevent hair allergies?To purchase hair dye cosmetics through regular and legitimate channels and properly save purchase vouchers and product packaging.To buy hair dye products with clear labels and special cosmetics registration numbers (such as national makeup special characters ***********).

Before purchasing, check the product name, production enterprise name and address, net content, component table, production date and shelf life (or production batch number and time limit date), production license number, registration number and other information.When buying imported products, check its Chinese label.If necessary, you can log in to the website or cosmetics supervision APP of the State Drug Administration for query and check.

important hint!Dye your hair in a hairdressing institution, you should also carefully check the product information used.

Read the product manual in detail before use.If the product is prompted for professional use in the manual, consumers are not recommended to use themselves.According to the requirements of the instructions, to ensure the time interval of use and avoid adverse reactions due to excessive frequent use.According to information provided by the European Cosmetics Association (COSMETICS EUROPE), usually two hair dyeing should be separated by 4 to 6 weeks.The ratio of hair dye and oxidant should be strictly in accordance with the proportion requirements of the instructions to ensure that each component can be effectively neutralized. At the same time, do not extend hair dyeing time without authorization.Hair -dye cosmetics should not be used in other parts other than hair. Patients under 16 years of age, patients with skin allergies, women who are planning to be pregnant, pregnant women, or lactating women are best not to dye their hair. Hair dyeing and perm should not be performed during the same period.If you have had adverse reactors of hair dye cosmetics in the past, avoid using the same product again.

In addition, each time it is used, especially when replacing products or new products, it is recommended to perform skin testing.The general test site is recommended to be the skin behind the ear, and take a small amount of hair dyeing products for testing.If the skin test method has been stated in the statement, please follow the instructions.When it is difficult to determine itself, it is recommended to consult a professional medical institution.

Pay attention to physical conditions and take protection measures.Users should check whether the skin that is easy to contact with hair dyeing products on the head and face is damaged, whether erythema, pimples, rashes, etc. are presented, and whether it is taking drugs or physical condition that may cause allergies.; You need to wear protective measures such as gloves, earmuffs, etc. during use, avoid contact with hair dyeing products and skin contact when dyeing hair. You can use Vaselin and other skin parts that are easy to contact with hair dyeing products; you should pay attention to the amount of hair dyeing products.Use too much; if you accidentally enters the hair dyeing products, rinse it immediately with water.

Precautions after use.After use, users should pay attention to observing their own conditions, especially whether the head, facial, etc. have rashes, itching, burning sensations, etc. or other abnormalities; once adverse consequences occur, they should be cleaned immediately and avoid contacting such hair dye products again.If the symptoms are severe or not relieved, you should go to the hospital in time. It is recommended to bring hair dyeing products while medical treatment, and report to the cosmetics adverse reaction information on the cosmetics and management departments through the adverse reaction of cosmetics.

(Reporter Liu Wenwen Lu Changfei, a Correspondent of Volkswagen Daily Client Yang Runqin)

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