"Pharmacist said medicine" small barley, large energy!On rainy days, how should I eat dampness and good germs?

Barley, good medicine for medicine and food.In the rainy and humid seasons, it is even more sought after.

However, do you know barley?Is it right?

I know barley

Indicators are the dry and mature kernels of the germination of the germine plant. They are also known as "barley kernels, coix kernels, pearl rice" and so on.The Scripture also listed it as the medicine of the top.

What does barley look like?

This product is wide ovate or oblong, 4 ~ 8 mm long, 3 ~ 6 mm wide

The surface is milky white, smooth, and occasionally there are residual yellow -brown seeds

One end is blunt, the other end is wide and slightly concave, and 1 light brown dot -shaped umbilical umbilical

The back is round, and the abdomen has a wide and deep longitudinal gap

Solid quality, white section, pink nature

Gas slight, slightly sweet

Effects of barley

The small body of barley contains great energy.

"Shennong Materia Medica" "The main tendon is urgent, non -flexible, rheumatism, qi, and long -sightedness."This product is good for water permeability, spleen relieving diarrhea, removing paralysis, pus, and detoxification.It is used for edema, foot, unfavorable urination, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, dampness and clonic, lung dysentery, intestines, warts, cancer, lowering, flat warts and other symptoms.Modern studies have shown that it is: anti -tumor, anti -inflammatory anti -inflammatory anti -inflammatory, blood sugar lowering, enhanced immunity, ovulation promotion, antioxidant and other functions.

Gels in food

Coix kernels can cook rice, porridge, make soup, stewed chicken, stewed pork ribs, stewed trotters, and sweets. Below two recipes are recommended below.

1) Coix seed red bean hawthorn porridge

Dosage: 100 grams of coix seed, 50 grams of red beans, 30 grams of hawthorn

Efficacy: spleen and dampness, help digestion, promote metabolism, reduce blood lipids, and lose weight

2) Coixen yam porridge

Usage: 50 grams of coix seed, yam, a moderate amount of rice and japonica

Function: strengthen the spleen and qi, and stomach intestines, for the treatment of diarrhea of spleen deficiency, eating less burnout, etc.


Spleen deficiency and dampness, dry stools, and pregnant women are cautious.Coix kernel has an excitement of uterine smooth muscles and can cause uterine contraction, so it is possible to induce abortion. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid eating barley, especially pregnant women in the early pregnancy.

The spleen and stomach should be fried.

This product is slow, and you should take more for a long time.


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