"Planting shrimp" has cast a lot, but the small shrimp seedlings are not seen in the coming year?Pay attention to shrimp people

How hot is the crayfish this year? It is understood that in Sichuan, people in the light can get 8,000 pounds of crayfish a day! And this summer is not only enjoyable by consumers, but under the huge needs, merchants’ pockets also earn earn to earn money. Data, in some areas of Hubei, there are data that some crayfish farmers can easily sell 1,000 catties of crayfish a day. From these data, this year can also be said to be lobster!

Under the seduction of the Red Sea, there are not a few people who have devoted themselves to the "Sea of Shrimp."And there is no doubt that the market of crayfish in the future is bright, but if you want to make a lot of money in it, the key depends on whether your technology is hard enough.Take the simplest shrimp, commonly known as egg shrimp, "pregnancy" shrimp photos are good or not, it is related to the harvest of farmers in the coming year.Whether it is a novice or a "shrimp lake" for many years, this is the most vital link of shrimp farming, and it is also a big difficulty!

After the author understands the relevant situation, I find that lobster farmers in many areas are troubled by the same problem every year, that is, why did the shrimp in the pond in the pond in the next year, but the facts did not necessarily have? Facts?On this, this is a common disease in the shrimp farming industry, because "lobster seeds" survive in a general natural environment is only about 10%, and a normal mother shrimp only breeds once a year.One.Therefore, there is no unexpected situation. Each egg shrimp can breed 20-40 small shrimp seedlings.

In this regard, many people may have questions that each egg shrimp can produce 20-40 small shrimp fry. Then why the more female shrimp casts, but the shrimp seedlings in the pond in the coming year have not increasedIt is a misunderstanding that many novices will appear. Generally, veterans rarely make such errors. When the size and nutritional replenishment of ponds are unchanged, holding egg mother shrimp is not more, the better.In the case of too much shrimp and insufficient nutrition, they will start to "hurt each other."Therefore, it is not necessarily good to hold egg shrimp, but it will bring harm.

In fact, if you want to make the shrimp full of ponds in the coming year, it is actually very simple. Only three steps are taken! The proportion of shrimp to the first place in the first place must be considered as good, not to blindly pursue the output of the coming year, and to put the egg shrimp freely.In addition, pay attention to nutritional supplements. During the seedlings, the shells are very fragile during the seedling period. At this time, you can add some shell powder and fish bone meal to the feed to add a little calcium and protein nutrition for the shrimp seedlings!

Secondly, pay attention to cleaning the "wild miscellaneous" of shrimp ponds, especially wild fish! For those carnivorous fish, small shrimp seedlings can be said to be a feast. If these "wild miscellaneous" are not processed in time, it will affectThe amount of shrimp in the coming year! The third borrow "algae energy" to adjust the water content of the water. In the early stage of incubation of small shrimp seedlings, the amount of soluble oxygen in the pond is very high.If there is insufficient oxygen in the pond, the eggs of many crayfish will become dead eggs!

Pay attention to shrimp people should pay attention to this, the more the shrimp in the pond, the more small shrimp seedlings in the coming year will be.Instead, under the general natural phenomenon, do the three key points mentioned above, so don’t worry about the shrimp ponds in the coming year without shrimp!

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