"Pregnancy Knowledge" Makeup during pregnancy is it taboo?

1. Can I make up during pregnancy?

2. What should I pay attention to if I can make up?

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Q1: Can I make up during pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers also want to be beautiful during pregnancy, so can I make up during pregnancy?We found that many stars pregnant mothers have makeup when attending various business activities, does this mean that they can be made up during pregnancy?

In fact, it is recommended to make up as little as possible during pregnancy, even if you make up, you must pay great attention.

The nutrients of the mother after pregnancy are provided to the fetus through the placenta. Many small molecular substances can reach the fetus through the placenta barrier and directly affect the growth and development of the fetus.So pay special attention during this period, do not use cosmetics and skin care products.Ordinary adult skin care products generally contain alcohol, dyes, flavors and other ingredients. Skin care products with whitening, acne, and freckle removal may also contain harmful components such as hormones and heavy metals to pregnant women and fetuses.

Although the skin is a large organs of the human body, it has a perfect isolation and metabolic system, and there are still a small amount of skin care products that can enter the blood circulation through the skin.Therefore, the degree of makeup of pregnant women is proper, and the harmful ingredients will not penetrate the blood and have a adverse effect on the fetus.However, makeup should be based on light makeup during pregnancy. Try to avoid using eye shadow and lipstick with better color power, because these products may contain heavy metals such as lead, and long -term use of blood can be easily absorbed by blood.

In fact, pregnancy is a very special period. During this period, the resistance decreased, and the body became more sensitive. Using cosmetics threatened the health of itself and the fetus.Try to make up as little as possible during pregnancy. The most important point is that choosing cosmetics need to be cautious.

Q2: What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Thorough makeup

Pay attention to the makeup removal every time, so that it can prevent pigmentation!

2. Avoid heavy makeup

Try to avoid heavy makeup, clean water out of hibiscus, hahaha!

3. Natural cosmetics

The cosmetics used to avoid heavy metals such as hormones and copper, mercury, and lead. Choose products dominated by natural raw materials and mild nature.

Kind tips

Pregnant women with traditional rouge or goose egg powder should not be used.Because these products contain musk and borneols, it may cause contractions and even abortion after contact.

4. Expired products

Resolutely do not use other people’s cosmetics and expired products!

5. Apply lipstick

Try not to apply lipstick. If you use it, you should erase it before drinking water to prevent harmful substances from entering the mother through the mouth!

6. Essential oil

It is best not to contact essential oil during pregnancy.Because essential oils contain mint, eucalyptus oil and other ingredients, can be absorbed into the body through the skin, affecting the growth and development of the fetus!

7. Bringing makeup time

Let makeup stay on your face for too long and try to shorten the time with makeup!

8. Pulling eyebrows

Do not line eyeliner, eyebrows during pregnancy, do not embroidered lips, and do not pull eyebrows!

Q3: Which cosmetics should I stay away from during pregnancy?

1. Hair dye

Hair dye not only causes skin diseases, but also may cause fetal malformation.So expectant mothers should not dye their hair during pregnancy!

2. Cold and hot essence

After pregnancy, expectant mothers’ hair is very fragile and easy to fall off.If you use cold perflate at this time, your hair will exacerbate off.At the same time, it will also affect the normal development of the fetus in the pregnant mother.

3. Lipstick

Lipstick is composed of various oils, wax, pigments and spices.Among them, oils are usually used for wool lipids. In addition to absorbing various heavy metal trace elements that are harmful to the human body in the air, they may also adsorb E. coli into the fetus, and there is a certain permeability.After pregnant women apply lipstick, some of the harmful substances in the air are easily adsorbed on the lips, and the saliva invades the body to damage the fetus.Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to not apply redness, especially don’t apply lipstick for a long time.

4. Perfume

Mothers during pregnancy should not use perfumes, because some perfumes contain fragrance components, which may cause abortion and pass them to the baby through breast milk.

5. Nail polish

Nail polish contains a substance called "acid ester". If this substance is absorbed, it is not only harmful to human health, but also easily causes abortion and cause malformations.

Content source: Hyacinth Nursery Expert

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