"Pubic pain to being tired of the world", why does pubic pain during pregnancy?It turned out that the two bones were separated

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Pregnancy is a process of experience. The "1981 Difficulty" during pregnancy allows us to complete our experience from our daughter to my mother.I have just been pregnant, and I have all kinds of discomfort. I am sick in the early pregnancy and low back pain in the middle of pregnancy. I thought that in the third trimester, all kinds of discomfort should be adapted. I did not expect that the pubic pain made me a time when I was tired of the world, especially when I got up and went to the toilet.Instantly, it was so painful to cry.

This kind of pain only understands when the mother is, but the moment you see your baby, you will feel that everything is worth it. This may be motherly love.

["Pubic pain to being tired of the world", why does pubic pain during pregnancy?.

Let’s first look at a set of comparison charts:

It can be seen from this picture that the normal pubic bone is almost connected, and the phenomenon of separation will occur at the united in the second trimester, as you say that there are two bones that are separated.

Generally speaking, two pubic bones in the third trimester will be separated to 0.3-0.4 cm, and the pubic bone will irritate the pain nerve, so it will cause pain.Of course, there is a reason for the separation of the pubic bone. This is for Baoma to give birth easier.When I had pubic pain, my mother -in -law said aside, the more painful, the better.Although the degree of pubic pain is not necessarily connected with production, the separation of pubic bone is indeed to allow pregnant mothers to give birth better.

[Since there is pubic pain in the third trimester, why do some pregnant mothers feel that there is no feeling, but some pregnant mothers tear in tears?.

① The degree of sensitivity to hormones is different

After pregnancy, it will secrete relaxation and lutein in the body. These two hormones will relax the ligament of pregnant mothers, and there will be separation between the pubic bone.Some pregnant mothers have high sensitivity to secrete hormones, and pubic pain will occur, and some pregnant mothers have low sensitivity to it, and they will not feel much.

② Pregnant mothers are too hard to compress the pubic bone

In fact, the pubic pain is white. The pressure of the pubic bone in the pelvis is increased, because if the pregnant mother changes the position and is too hard, it will cause pain, and the greater the pressure applied, the more painful it will be.

③ The fetus is too large or twins

Pregnant mothers with the same pubic pain are more painful than singles.

In fact, this is also well understood. If the twins are pregnant, the pregnant mother’s belly will be greater, and there will be more pressure to apply to the pubic bone combination, because it is easier to feel the pubic pain.In the same way, when the fetus is too big, the pubic pain will be stronger.

During the third trimester, pubic pain is a normal phenomenon. If the symptoms are not serious, it will not affect the fetus and production.However, if the degree of pain is indeed serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

[Although the pubic pain during pregnancy is different depending on the physique of each person, the pain causes different pains, but we can still alleviate the pubic pain during pregnancy through some methods..

① When the pubic pain comes, the pregnant mother can use the pain on the side, the posture of the bow to lie down, and placing the pillow under the knee can also relieve the pain.If you can’t lie down, pregnant mothers can sit down in a relatively low place nearby, hold down the lower sting with palms, and wait for the pain to relieve it and then get up.

② With some professional tools to relieve pain, such as using abdomen belt and pregnant women’s waist to support the waist, avoid too much pressure on the union of the pubic bone.However, it is recommended that when using the support belt for the first time, it is best to do it under the guidance of a doctor or professionals ~

③ Pay special attention to your standing posture during pregnancy, because improper standing positions will also exacerbate pubic pain.The correct standing posture during pregnancy should be: the legs are slightly divided, the back is straight, and the knee is straight, and do not bend.

④ When a pregnant mother walks or other movements, it is best to avoid the waist force.Of course, this is not to say that pregnant mothers cannot exercise. Do some exercise appropriately during pregnancy, such as swimming, walking, yoga, etc., but can relieve pain during pregnancy.

⑤ Do not mention heavy objects during pregnancy.After pregnancy, as the fetus grows, the uterus will compress the pelvic cavity, especially in the third trimester, the pressure of pelvic cavity is already heavy. If the pregnant mother is raising it at this time, it will not only compress the pubic bone union, but also exacerbate pubic bone bonesPain, and may also increase abdominal pressure, causing phenomena such as uterine prolapse and leakage of urine.

In addition, heavy weights during pregnancy will also affect the body balance and increase the probability of accidents.

⑥ If the pubic bone is painful, you can relieve the pain by applying ice, but remember that the ice application time should not be too long.

⑦ During pregnancy, pregnant mothers must not only meet their nutritional needs, but also provide sufficient nutrition for babies who are developing in the stomach. Once the nutrition does not keep up, the body will respond accordingly.And pubic pain during pregnancy may also be caused by calcium deficiency, so pregnant mothers should also pay attention to calcium supplement during pregnancy to increase the strength and tolerance of the bones ~

Well, the above is the knowledge of "pubic pain during pregnancy" that I shared with you today. Although it is difficult for pubic pain during pregnancy, the baby’s health is always the first place.

Do you have any experience of pubic pain during pregnancy?Welcome to share with us in the message area ~

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