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Before performing various pregnancy -aid surgery, such as artificial insemination, egg retrieval, transplantation, hysteroscopy, etc., vaginal discharge examination will be routinely required.Lingling frowned- "mold vaginitis", and the doctor made a diagnosis.No wonder there is often itching and burning in the vulva recently, as well as strange tofu -like vaginal secretions.But Lingling pays great attention to personal hygiene. What is going on?

The fungal vaginitis of Lingling is also a vulvar vaginal yeast disease (VVC), which is a common vulvar vulvar inflammatory disease caused by fake silk yeast.Pseudoma yeast is a conditional bacteria, 10%to 20%of non -pregnant women and 30%to 40%of pregnant women have this bacteria parasitic, but the amount of bacteria is small and does not cause symptoms.Only when the local and vaginal immune capacity decreases, especially the decline in local cell immunity, and the large number of false silk yeast reproduces can it cause the symptoms of vaginal inflammation.

Generally, the special effect of mold infection is very powerful. It can "kill" mold within three months, but these medicines are not available during pregnancy.Therefore, mold treatment during pregnancy and pregnancy should pay attention to the safety of the baby.

The relationship between mold vaginitis and infertility is based on the degree of inflammation.

First of all, there is an influence on fertility of the moldy vaginitis of acute attacks. With fungal vaginitis, it will change the normal weak acidic environment and secretions in the vagina.Sperm effects can affect the vitality of sperm.In addition, women with this inflammation will significantly reduce the number of sexual life due to vaginal pain during sexual intercourse, so it will affect conception.Mold vaginitis is not difficulty, as long as it actively cooperates with doctors for treatment, it can be cured.For patients with diabetes, they must actively treat basic diseases, and discontinue the drugs such as broad -spectrum antibiotics and corticosteroid hormones as appropriate. They change their underwear frequently and wash them with boiling water.In terms of treatment, local vaginal drugs are generally used. Those who cannot tolerate local drugs can consider oral drugs. For repetitive authors, they also need to conduct further relevant examination and treatment of men.It can be seen that mold vaginitis is not terrible!

Is it necessary to rinse the vagina daily to prevent the seizure of mold vaginitis?In fact, the natural structure of women’s vagina is closed, which can block the invasion of germs, and the environment in the vagina is acidic, which can effectively kill the germs.With these natural protection mechanisms, women’s reproductive lanes are not easily infected.Blindly washing the vagina, destroying the balance of natural flora, breaking the vaginal self -protection mechanism, and reducing the resistance of the vagina to foreign germs. This change is conducive to the growth of mold.The ideal method is to clean the vulva (instead of rinse the vagina) with water, which can not only keep it clean, but also maintain the natural protection mechanism.

"Don’t be nervous, mold vaginitis is a common gynecological disease, and it is not a way to stop the road on your road!" Doctors in the reproductive center of our hospital told Lingling.After listening to the careful guidance of the doctor, Lingling was no longer panic, as long as she was treated formal treatment, there was no problem.On the road of good pregnancy, with professional guidance and treatment, all haze will be dispersed …

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