"Sexual Life" method during pregnancy and fetal protection guidance

Many friends have doubts about whether they can perform sexual life during pregnancy. My parents and the surrounding elders have warned that they cannot be sex during pregnancy and may cause abortion and premature birth of the fetus.But I don’t know much about the time and protection measures that can be carried out in specific life.So the couple chose the "October ascetic" of safety and stability. I know that all this is to give birth to a healthy baby!

After soliciting obstetricians and gynecologists, male experts want to tell you: Don’t suffer yourself. Pregnancy and birth children are not contradictory with sex. You can understand the characteristics of female pregnancy and postpartum physical changes through the guidance of a specialist.Under the premise of the safety and health of the mother and the fetus, enjoy the joy of sex appropriately, moderately, and timely.

In the following, I will answer the "sex life" and fetal protection guidance during the summary of the summary of pregnancy:

First of all, the science science process and characteristics of the "pregnancy", I hope that male compatriots must master:

First, the stage of bed: Women do not feel much. Sexual life Men’s sperm and female eggs are about 6 to 8 days after fertilization or implantation into the endometrium.

Second, embryo development: passing the bed, it takes about 266 days to be born in the fertilized egg to the birth of the newborn. If it is calculated from the first day of the last semi -menstrual period, it will take about 280 days.The three stages formulate a safe and reasonable sex life plan for everyone:

1. "Early" sexual life of pregnancy: 3 months in the beginning of pregnancy to pregnancy

Features: During this period, the various organs of the embryo have gradually developed. By the end of the third month, some of the gender can be distinguished. The embryo and the fetus are fragile. Some diseases of the mother, such as rubella and the mother’s contact with certain drugs, and toxic substances may cause fetal malformations.; The placenta is also in the developmental stage. The placenta is not firm in the mother’s uterus and is easy to abortion. Therefore, I will give you the following guidance:

1.1 3 months of pregnancy, it is best not to sex: because when the orgasm is orgasm, the smooth muscle of the uterus can cause an uninterrupted contraction. At this time, the abortion may be induced. In addition, because the placenta has not yet matured at this stage, the connection between the placenta and the uterine wall is not tight.At the same time, there is insufficient secretion of progesterone, and the embryo cannot be given strong maintenance. At this time, sexual life may cause abortion.

1.2 Disgusting does not mean that sexual activities cannot occur: husband and wife can be satisfied by kissing, caressing, etc. in the early pregnancy.Feeling to eliminate the tension or fear brought to his wife in the early pregnancy.

1.3 I really want sexual life: I need to control such behaviors. Sexual life is the most 1-4 times a month.There are requirements for posture in sexual life. If you are not oppressed, the abdomen should not be oppressed.Avoid violent stimulation.Health Tips: Husbands in early pregnancy should care for their wives. In order to health, they should minimize their sexual life in the early pregnancy.

1.4 What should I do if women have bleeding during pregnancy after sex?(Recommended: ★★★★ ☆)

Bleeding during pregnancy may consider abortion and threatened abortion. At the same time, it may be ectopic pregnancy, or there may be some other problems. At this time, the relevant gynecological examination is required. Please go to the hospital in time.Obstetrics and gynecologists remind: gynecological examination is not the cause of abortion. If there is a miscarriage, even if you do not do gynecological examinations, you will have a miscarriage. You do not have to exclude related examinations in the early pregnancy. You only need to explain the specific pregnancy situation to the doctor.

Doing gynecological examinations is to find out where the blood came from?Is the size of the uterus normal after pregnancy?Whether there are blocks, polyps, etc. on both sides of the palace.You can keep the bleeding of the polyp.At the same time, it is also about bleeding during pregnancy during other periods. If bleeding during the late pregnancy, considering the problem of placenta positions, like the front placenta covering the cervix, painless bleeding will occur; premature placenta breaks can also cause bleeding.For bleeding in the late pregnancy, it is recommended that you do not take it lightly. You should go to the hospital for examination and treat it in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.

2. "mid -term" sexual life of pregnancy: from 13 to 28 weeks of pregnancy (4 to 6 months)

Features: During this period, various systems of the fetus gradually matured, the placenta was gradually formed, and pregnancy also entered a stable period.The reaction of early pregnancy passed, and the mood of pregnant women began to become comfortable.The nutritional supplement of pregnant women is particularly important. Preparatory diagnosis is generally carried out during this period. For example, amniotic fluid examination can detect some of the fetal congenital malformations in the early days, so as to terminate pregnancy early.So I will give you the following guidance:

2.1 Moderate sexual life: This period is mature for the various systems of the fetus. Due to the effect of hormones, the sexual desire of pregnant women has a rise, and the sexual response ability has also increased. During the sexual intercourse, it is even prone to multiple orgasm.At this time, due to the barrier of the placenta and amniotic fluid, it can cushion the stimulus of the outside world and protect the fetus.Therefore, this period can have a proper sexual life, which is also beneficial to the relationship between husband and wife, harmonious and affection, and pregnant women are happy, which is beneficial to the healthy development of the fetus. It is said that the children born in response to agile, development and health, [smile].

2.2 Sexual life has a lot of attention and requirements:

2.2.1 General precautions: Before sexual intercourse, the two sides should exhaust urine, clean the vulva and male genitals to avoid adverse consequences of some external factors. Men should respect the wishes of pregnant women. In pregnant womenPerform sexual life in mentality.

2.2.2 Frequency: Although it is a safe period at this time, sex life is not a lot of goodness, and it is necessary to arrange reasonably. Sexual life should be 1-2 times a week;

2.2.3 intensity: It advocates that the movement of sexual life is gentle and not rude. The insertion should not be too deep. The frequency should not be too fast.Pregnant women should immediately urinate and wash the vulva immediately after sexual intercourse to prevent the uplifting urinary system infection and uterine cavity infection.Many lessons of blood, if the number of sexual intercourse is too large or the movements are too rude, it may lead to adverse consequences: (1) the fetal membrane rupture, a large amount of amniotic fluid out, and the hypoxia of the fetus.Premature birth can occur; (3) infection in the palace, so that the fetus has infection before birth. Even if the fetus survives, due to severe infection, the baby will make the baby’s dysplasia or the intelligence low.If the prolapse is damaged, the prolapse umbilical cord can be removed from the vagina or outside the vagina, which can interrupt the blood circulation and oxygen supply between the mother and child, which can cause dead tires.

2.2.4 Sexual intercourse posture: In order to avoid adverse effects on the fetus, sexual intercourse can adopt the habit and comfortable posture of both husband and wife.The upper men and lower positions, do not compress the intersection of the abdomen or the position of expansion, the movement should be eased to avoid severe stimulation.Husbands should not stimulate pregnant women’s nipples.Pregnant women should pay attention to their own regulation, and do not excessively excitement to avoid inducing abortion;

2.2.5 contraceptive measures-condoms: be sure to use condoms, because semen contains a large number of prostaglandin E and prostinin F, which can be absorbed by women’s vagina when sexual intercourse, which can cause strong shrinkage after pregnancy, not only will not only be possibleCauses female abdominal pain, and it is also easy to cause abortion and premature birth;

2.2.6 Please avoid sexual life below (involved early and ending of pregnancy) (Recommended: ★★★★★)

(1) Pregnant women in habitual abortion: During the entire pregnancy period, sexual intercourse should be avoided, and even sexual language and sexual stimuli should be avoided, because sexual excitement can induce strong uterine contraction;

(2) Pregnant women with premature birth history: The first month before the corresponding month of the last premature birth should be avoided until the period of childbirth.

(3) Pregnant women who are diagnosed with pregnancy complications such as "low placenta" or "severe pregnancy hypertension": It is best not to live sexual life, so as not to cause pre -delivery bleeding, eclampsia (convulsions, coma), premature birth and fetal fetusesdie.After the fetal membrane breaks early, it should be immediately visited to the hospital for treatment.

Third, "ending" sexual life: 28 weeks of pregnancy to full month, 40 weeks (latter 3 months)

Features: During this period, various organ systems of the fetus are further mature, and their bodies and weight increased significantly. Babies born during this period may survive.At the same time, it should be noted that this period is also the stage of mothers who are vulnerable to various complications, such as pregnancy hypertension and diabetes.So I will give you the following guidance:

3.1 Try to avoid sexual life: 3 months after pregnancy, especially 1 month before giving birth, the abdomen of pregnant women is obviously swollen, the body shape and weight change significantly, the body is bulky, the back of the back is sore, the sexual desire is reduced, and the uterine sensitivity is also compared to the front.Increased, even mild impacts can easily cause uterine contraction and cause premature birth. Especially rough sexual intercourse may even cause fetal membrane rupture, intrauterine infection, and umbilical cord prolapse, which can cause fetal or newborn death.

3.2 After 36 weeks of pregnancy, sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited: For the sake of mother and child health, sexual intercourse is absolutely prohibited in 36 weeks.Husbands and wives can convey love in a way such as kissing and hugs, increasing exchanges and increasing feelings, and eliminating the fear and anxiety of pregnant women before childbirth.

Fourth, postpartum sex life guidance

There are so many mentioned above. In October, I always have sexual life that always make people careless. Maybe you will still choose to avoid sexual life as much as possible. After giving birth, all these forbidden systems can be lifted.What to do?When is the best sex life after delivery?

Joint suggestion ofrology+obstetrics and gynecologists: You can have a normal sex life after 3 months after giving birth!

Mainly because of postpartum:

4.1 Maternal Maternal: In the early stage of puzzle, due to the weakness of production fatigue, worried about sexual intercourse pain and increased vaginal secretions, most women have mental depression and decreased sexual desire;Decreased, the sexual reaction 12 weeks after delivery can return to the state before pregnancy;

4.2 Male: Men’s sexual desires have suffered greater depression and control in sex during pregnancy.The changes in conditions, the destruction of the private environment in the home, etc., all of which are bad changes. They all need to bear the male compatriots.Therefore, it is recommended that fellow male compatriots be visited in time if there are the above problems. It should be a good job of the heroes at home. Only gave her full of sexual blessings!

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