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Before writing: Each person’s constitution, mentality, and pregnancy are different, so they are arranged in accordance with their own ideas.The following are some of their own experiences and ideas, as well as some information learned, for reference only.Coordinates: Hangzhou.

My physiological period is generally not very regular. Later, after some conditioning, it was basically controlled to control the cycle length for 35 days.

May 6: I have never come to my aunt, so I tested it for the second time (the first show was not pregnant). I found that I was pregnant. I was in a strange mood.When my husband woke up, I said to him, it seems that you have to take me to the hospital on the weekend … So I went to the community hospital to confirm whether I was pregnant on the morning of the weekend.

Confirmation of pregnancy: Blood testing.Including (HCG, progesterone, estradiol, triglyceletinine, thyroid, free thyroxine, and thyroid hormone), pump a total of two tubes of blood at a time.

I found that the next day I found that the doctor helped me to open a key indicator, which was HCG, saying that there was no indicator that it was difficult to get pregnant, and other indicators should look like pregnancy.So that day, a tube of blood test HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).

When you get the report, there will be a reference range. Basically, you can also judge whether it is normal, but you must let the doctor look at it, because different doctors are actually interpreting different.Here is the following experience:

On May 7, after getting the report, I showed it to the doctor, except for letting another blood confirm the HCG level.I asked the doctor deliberately. My existing inspection report results, the doctor did not say bad.

Later, after getting the HCG report, I went to the doctor to see. She read the same report, but proposed that my thyroid hormone 2.88 was within the reference range of 0.38 to 4.34, but it was best to control within 2.5.So let the blood test after a week.

On May 14th, I took another blood as scheduled. At the same time, the doctor helped me open a B -ultrasound to see the size of the baby.The thyroid hormone is lower than 2.5, but the progesterone is also low, only 39.3, which is also 3.82 to 50.56 within the reference range of the luteal stage.The doctor gave the ground musch tablets and said that eating for a week and then review.In addition, the result of the B -ultrasound is that the baby is smaller than my last menstruation, only 6 weeks.

On May 23 (theory 7 weeks), after taking a weekly alter tablet on time and amount on time, I took a lot of blood as scheduled, and did a B -ultrasound (I do n’t know why B -ultrasound, it is estimated that it isI asked myself), and at the same time, according to the doctor’s suggestion, the folic acid metabolic capacity gene detection and bone density detection were performed.I changed another doctor to read the examination report, saying that my progesterone was 48.3, which was still low. The 50.56 in the range was a floor line. Low progesterone indicates that my bred soil is barren, and the baby will grow badly.The doctor said that she had encountered a progesterone at 100 and was looking for her medicine because a Chinese hospital told the expectant mother.Because the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is more cautious, focusing on fetal protection.As a result, in addition to the ground musch tablets, an additional luteumone glue pill is added.After a week after a week, you have to get blood!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIntersectionAs for the results of B -ultrasound, the baby is still only 6 weeks. Is it in vain for 1 week?The bone density is normal, and the doctor said that after 12 weeks, the calcium supplementation is good.Because the folic acid metabolic capacity gene requires 5 working days, it takes a week to get the report. The MTHFR gene is mutated.After week, it was reduced to 400 units.Combined with the clinical significance of the bottom of the report, I understand that my gene is probably my gene reduced the level of folic acid in the cell.For example, eat 400 units under normal circumstances, assume!IntersectionIntersectionCan stay in 200 units in the body, and the other 200 units are excreted through the physiological activities such as sweat, urine and other physiological activities during the metabolism of the human body, but I can only leave 50 units, so I need to eat more folic acid to ensure that I can have a reasonable amount of folic acid and stay.In the body.

[About progesterone] Many people said that some hospitals are not checked in early pregnancy. As long as HCG doubles, there is no bleeding or adverse reactions, and folic acid is eaten on time.Some people also said that her progesterone was as low as 19, and the babies produced in the end were also healthy.Some people also said that although it was to increase progesterone, it was also a medicine, or dare not take it. After that, the check found that the progesterone was lower, so I regretted it.Some people said that they also encountered low progesterone, and doctors asked to eat musch tablets.Of course, some said that progesterone is not very stable, and other factors such as detection time will affect the test results, because the detection is the value at that time, and it cannot definitely represent the level of progesterone in the early stages of your entire pregnancy.Naturally, it will rise, and it may be low that it will be low.

After getting these chaotic information, I asked the mother -in -law in the hometown community hospital. She said that their hospitals did not do progesterone examination so early, and also said that as long as there were no abnormal conditions such as bleeding, kept a happy and happy mood, and insisted on eating folic acid.Just eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.As a result, I did n’t eat it on time, because I did n’t like to take medicine, but since it was matched, and the B -ultrasound result, the baby did not grow at all, so I ate a little the next day or think of it.

By June 10th (theory 10 weeks), because I started to vomit every day, but after two days of time, I didn’t vomit. I doubted that my baby lost his fetal heart.At the same time, because I read the post and said that when someone went to the hospital for a period of time, I found that the baby had no fetal heart.I see me quite worried. After feedback with my husband, my husband said, "If the baby is really gone, it is also a natural survival of the fittest. All you should do is to do it, it’s okay, just keep your natural state.If we want to protect the fetus extreme, it may not be a good thing for you and the baby, and we are still young. "Although I think the reason is right, how can I always be a little weird.

If you think about it, you can’t rest assured, go to the hospital to ask for a B -ultrasound.Originally, the doctor said that it was almost 12 weeks. If you want to do NT, you can wait until NT.I persisted, so the doctor gave B -ultrasound, saying that it was easy to look at the size of the baby, and I could confirm the time to do NT.The result of the B -ultrasound was returned to normal. It turned out that it was a week smaller and caught up with the progress.The actual number of theory is the same, 10 weeks, and the original heart fight is visible.So I was waiting for 12 weeks to go to the hospital to build a small card to do NT.

BUT, just 11 weeks, I talked with friends who were about to give birth a few more words. She said that I had never been to a large hospital to see it once, and my heart was too big.As a result, Aiko was pocket, and I immediately hung the number of women’s insurance through the Internet.Because it is far from home, the ordinary gynecological clinic that reserves the number before 9:50 (the gynecological department was hung before the small card was built, and then the obstetrics were hung). My husband and I went out at 8 o’clock.

On June 18th (theory 11 weeks), when I arrived at the hospital, I took the appointment on the first floor of Building 1, and other floors also had a self -service terminal.According to the prompts of the list, check in the clinic of the corresponding floor. There is a sign -in machine with a lot of sign -in. There are many sign -in methods. There are sign -in instructions next to it. There are also people who can ask.Only when you sign in can you arrange the line in line. It seems that you do not need to register for the doctor to see it, but you also need to sign in.I think it’s great, but don’t believe that the prompt after the sign -in is successful, saying what you wait for 2 people before.I waited more than 2 people, and I went inside and waited, the next one was me.However, some people just enter and exit at will, not like they are based on the number, and even a few people are squeezed in the clinic.

After seeing the doctor, the doctor heard my appeal and said that you have been 11 weeks, and now it is meaningless to check.It is estimated that it is because you are about to do all kinds of inspections when you are doing NT and a small card, but you don’t want to rest assured. No matter how you clearly indicate the doctor, the doctor still feels that you don’t need to do it.I’m here?Before I came, because of my ignorance, I checked the inspection items about NT, early screening, and three -dimensional. Many people said that NT and early screening had to go to the hospital to make an appointment.The guarantee cannot be applied at all, you can only go to other hospitals to try it.After 12 weeks of Sanwei, I went to the provincial woman to protect her appointment, and it was not about.Uh, I am now 11 weeks, wouldn’t it be no play at all.As a result, I tried to ask NT, early screening, and three -dimensional appointments, and told the doctor that it would make an appointment.Obviously, the doctor also felt that I couldn’t make an appointment, so I said to give me a NT list to try it.It is good to say that three -dimensional at 20 weeks.I mentioned it in the morning screen, but it was estimated that I had talked too much, and I took the appointment to the morning screen.

I opened the list, found a self -service terminal, chose a self -service payment, and paid the NT fee, a total of 125 yuan.Then bring a B -ultrasound with a fetal heart, go to the central location of the second floor of Building 1, and there is a check -up center to pick up the number directly.Waiting for the number, after the number, go to the corresponding window.At this time, you can know if you can make an appointment.The younger sister took a small tool and looked at my B -ultrasound.Then I said to me, can I get before 7:50 on July 2nd, I quickly nodded, "capable." The younger sister was not assured and said again.I said firmly, "Well, no problem." I thought, when you said, when it was at 2 am, it would be possible to get me to me. I can make an appointment.After the younger sister and I confirmed, I printed a appointment list for me, and later told it to say that I couldn’t be late, because it was overtime, so I went to the nurses station on the 4th floor of Building No. 1 to find a nurse, and I would arrange for me to act as actual.Do NT time.That is, when I arrived at the scene at 7:50, I was ready to wait for 2 hours. It seems that NT still wants the baby to cooperate. If the baby’s posture is not ideal, the doctor will let you walk.Essence

On June 20 (theory 11 weeks), I exchanged it with friends of the property and got a message saying that early screening should be done 14 weeks ago.Oops, I planned to make an appointment on July 2nd.Because I came out of the hospital, I remembered the morning screening. I checked it on the Internet, and said that 18 weeks ago.After all, it was an experienced person around me, and I was also in Hangzhou, so I hung up the number of women’s insurance for tomorrow.I wish me good luck.

On June 21 (theory 11 weeks), I went to the provincial women’s insurance with heavy rain.After expressing an appointment to make an early screen, the doctor asked me if I made an appointment for NT.It turned out that early screening was done after NT, because you must first fill in a table for early screening, and some of the data in the table are only known after NT finished NT.In addition, the doctor expressed such a meaning. If NT ideals do not have to do early screening.Because she said whether to do early screening and see the results of NT.In some posts, I saw expectant mothers who did not do early screening.Of course, early screening is just a blood, and you usually feel more at ease.

Therefore, the most ideal thing about doing early screening is to hang a gynecological number in advance, and after NT take the number to find a doctor to open the list and go to the early screen.At that time, the doctor thought that I had already done NT, so I said that I opened a list for me to make early screening.I asked if it didn’t matter if I had eaten in the morning, and the doctor said it didn’t matter.Therefore, it may not require an empty stomach to do early screening, but many places say that it is empty.Wait for me to finish, let’s talk about it.

[About NT] What is NT examination?Why do pregnant women do NT examination

[About Early Tang S screening] Do you have to do the early Tang Si and the Mid -term Tang Si?Do you do not make a medium -term Tang sieve?

[Calculation due date] The specific due date will be continuously adjusted according to the results of the inspection. It is said that only 5%of people are produced on the day of the due date.The following URL can calculate the due date, which is convenient for the early time arrangement.

[About pregnancy vomiting] In the early stages of pregnancy, you may also encounter pregnancy vomiting, with different constitutional reactions.You can try more, such as ginger tea, garlic, lemon, etc., or you can also change the environment, change the place to eat, go out to press the road when you have time, and do some appropriate exercise.As mentioned earlier, the two days when I went out for a small vacation, I basically didn’t want to vomit, and my state was very good.But if you are serious, you must remember to go to the hospital for examination.

[Diet of pregnant women] What can I eat or not, I use the software of the baby tree.There are many posts in it, just look at it. Valuable posts make a reference.Some titles are obviously talking about my mother -in -law. I don’t think I don’t have to point my husband’s coldness. It has nothing to do with you. In case of sensitivity, regardless of her feelings or wrong, it is easy to destroy the mood.

[Finally] When my friend sent me a small card for me, the timetable for the middle of pregnancy given by the community for the next step.

Baby Scale-(24inch)