"Shock" she has been sexually assaulted by her colleagues more than 20 times!I found the truth after pregnancy!


In modern society, we should believe in science and abandon superstition, but some people believe in some ghosts and gods because of their low cultural level or encountering difficulties. As a result, criminals are used by criminals, causing irreparable losses.This case to be said today is a typical example.

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Li is a migrant worker who works with her husband in a factory in Hunan Province.In May 2019, she began to have nightmares, dreaming of some fuzzy men and women.She was scared and felt that she was entangled with any evil spirits.

Coincidentally, her colleague Wang learned of her situation and told her that he was a "ghost master" and could help her exclude the toxins and evil spirits on her body.Li did not doubt his identity and motivation, so he followed him to the hotel for the so -called "detoxification" ceremony.

Wang first dipped water with his hands, touched Li Mou, pretending to drive away the ghost.Then he made up some lies, saying that Li had a lot of ghosts on his body. If he did not solve it as soon as possible, life would be in danger.Li was so scared that he couldn’t resist, and took office by Wang.

Such a "detoxification" ceremony lasted for a month and more than 20 times.Wang gradually intensified, saying that in order to completely remove toxins and evil spirits, he must have sex with him.Li instinctively refused, but Wang forced her to agree with various means of intimidation and threats.

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Li was helpless, so he had to succumb to Wang’s prostitution.Unexpectedly, this time she became pregnant.She told Wang Mou, hoping that he could be responsible.However, Wang showed his true face. Not only did he not admit her mistake, but also threatened her that if she did not continue to have a relationship with him, she would tell her her husband and factory.

Li finally realized that she was deceived, and she decided not to endure Wang’s bullying and insult.She immediately called the police and brought Wang to court for rape.During the police investigation, Li Mouru stated on the spot how Wang had sexual assault on her in the name of "exorcism".Police also confirmed Wang’s criminal facts through evidence such as mobile phone chat records.

In court, Li cried and complained about his experience, and Wang strongly denied that Li was voluntarily had a relationship with him.His defense lawyer also said that Li was normal, had complete criminal ability, and repeated sexual relationships was voluntary behavior.

However, based on evidence and facts, the judge determined that Wang did violate the other party’s relationship with the other party with a means of deception or to make the other party unable to resist, which constituted a crime of rape.In the end, Wang was sentenced to four years and six months in prison.

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【Demonstration of Case】

In this case, Wang’s behavior is crime of rape.According to Article 236 of my country’s Criminal Law, those who have forcibly obscenned others or have sex with others with violence, coercion or other methods, and have sex with others, for rape.

Wang used Li’s superstition and fear of the ghosts and gods, and deceived her to say that she was a detoxification ceremony, but in fact it was sexual assault on women.His behavior is completely in line with the constituent elements of rape.Therefore, the court’s judgment on him is reasonable and fair.

Li’s encounters are sympathetic and regrettable.The reason why she was deceived was completely because of the lack of scientific knowledge and legal awareness.If she can question Wang’s "exorcism" speech in time, or immediately seek help after finding that she is deceived, she will not fall into such a deep dilemma.

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This case tells us that in modern society, we must believe in science, refuse superstition, and do not trust some ghosts and gods.Only in this way can we establish the correct outlook on life and values. We do not panic or be confident when we encounter difficulties, do not believe in others, and maintain rationality and vigilance.

Once they are infringed or lost, we must learn to pick up legal weapons to protect our legitimate rights and interests.Knowing the law and understanding the law can make the bad guys have nothing to do.

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