"The strongest pregnant woman on the surface" Chen Yihan, 39 -year -old can still split a horse with a second child, persuading pregnant mothers don’t learn her

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Chen Yihan was married in 18 years, and in the second half of the 18th year, he announced his childhood child.

A fierce operation after conceiving the child made many netizens feel worried about her. As a result, netizens were worried about Bai. Her son was born for full moon, weighing 2600 grams, 50 cm long, very healthy.””

Chen Yihan was also called "the strongest pregnant woman on the surface" by netizens.

When I was 5 months pregnant, I ran for 5 kilometers, and the speed had a fight with the average person to reach a pace of 6.44.

At 8 months of pregnancy, he only increased by 6 pounds. You must know that Chen Yihan was not fat before he was pregnant.

When I was 8 months pregnant, I still took a photo of climbing and saw the steep mountain. If people who were not exercising usually did not dare to climb up.

Three days before the due date, we wore a lightly climbing mountain, and climbed 101 floors. Some netizens asked: How to climb the mountain after the recent due date, Chen Yihan responded: The doctor said that climbing the stairs can help the delivery.

After a month after giving birth to a child, take a photo of his postpartum inverted post -mortem.It is really a very powerful pregnant mother.

At the end of July, Chen Yihan announced on the Internet that he was pregnant with a second child, and said that he could not find something more fulfilled than a child.

On August 20th, Chen Yihan showed a photo of a horse on the feather stadium. Both legs stretched very straight, and the arms and legs looked very slender.39 -year -old pregnant woman.

It seems that the age is as light as a swallow, and the flexibility is so good. It is really enviable.And she was still holding a badminton racket next to her. It is estimated that when the badminton stadium played badminton, she split a word and took a picture.

Netizens madly praised that Chen Yihan was too powerful.Some netizens said that they didn’t look as pregnant.

Many pregnant mothers also expressed their envy that when they are pregnant, they can still split a horse and play.

But it is recommended that pregnant mothers do not learn Chen Yihan blindly!

▲ Benefit 1: Avoid excessive weight growth

When pregnant, many mothers have a big appetite. In addition, they will subconsciously feel that eating more and eating more after pregnancy can easily lead to rising out of control.

Excessive weight growth can easily lead to too fast fetal growth and development.

Persist in exercise, control weight, and avoid the fetus from becoming huge.

▲ Benefits II. Pregnancy exercise promotes calcium absorption during pregnancy

During pregnancy, exercise is to run with a ball. In fact, walking is a load -bearing exercise. When doing weight exercises, you can reduce the loss of calcium supplementation. In addition, the absorption of calcium during pregnancy is relatively strong.De shortness of calcium.

▲ Benefits III. Exercise during pregnancy to improve heart function

Some pregnant mothers walked to the 7th floor before they were pregnant, but they were panting when they walked to the second floor after pregnancy. That was because our heart burden would increase after pregnancy.

If pregnant mothers often exercise during pregnancy, we can exercise our hearts, make heart function more powerful, and can be as light as swallows during pregnancy.

▲ Benefit 4: Exercise during pregnancy to adjust the mood of pregnant mothers

During the outdoor sports, the mother breathed fresh air, and the exercise could promote blood circulation, and the bad emotions of raising the mother were released.

▲ Benefit 5: Exercise during pregnancy helps to give birth

Whether it can be well -produced depends on the size of the fetus and the position of the fetus, but also depends on the power of the mother when having a child, that is, the power of the abdomen.Can give birth to a better force and give birth to the child faster.

There are so many benefits of exercise during pregnancy, but it is recommended that mothers do not blindly learn various campaigns done by stars. Instead, it is recommended that the mother does it according to her own situation.

Recommend these exercises during pregnancy:

Safe, aerobic and above -mentioned limb movement systematically, do not compress the abdomen, and avoid waist force as much as possible.

For example, doing housework, walking, walking, jogging, walking, or under the guidance of a yoga teacher during pregnancy.

climb mountains

If the pregnant mother did not have the habit of climbing the mountain before, it is not recommended to climb the mountain during pregnancy. When the mountain is climbing, the mountain road is not smooth.allergy.


Pregnant mothers used to be not athletes nor running often. After pregnancy, walking and jogging can be used, but don’t run too fast, because the requirements for cardiopulmonary function when running are relatively high.Essence

Split a horse

Unless pregnant mothers often practice yoga before, they can be split straight before pregnancy. You can try it during pregnancy. If you have not practiced before pregnancy, it is not recommended to try it easily, otherwise you will strain the ligament.

We see the bright and beautiful side of the stars. In fact, their lives are more self -disciplined than us. In order to maintain their figure, they often do some severe exercise. Therefore, in order to maintain their figure, they will exercise under the guidance of professional coaches.

And our ordinary pregnant mothers have no habit of exercising violent exercise before, and there are no professional coaches. Do not easily learn the sports exercise during pregnancy.

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