"Topic today" I must admit that I eat garlic

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There was a "Haipai Qingkou" actor. After a small name, it was a bit famous. Not only did he look down on traditional cross talk art, but he also used regional black forms to attack northern artists."The person who seems to be proud of it, it seems that I am alone.Later, I heard that in a pretty country, he was arrested by Sir by Sir for suspected D -grade crime, and later he faded out of people’s attention.

On weekends, drinking beer with a few friends on the stall. Two people said at the same time asking the waiter for two garlic, because everyone was used to eating outside, especially when going out or eating such stalls, "eat something," eat somethingGarlic killing sterilization ".A older friend joked that it is not allowed to eat garlic if you are not more than 60 years old. Please go to drink coffee after meals.Everyone smiles, knowing that he is one of our literary lovers, because he usually likes the clever actor most, it is the kind of eating garlic to drink coffee.

Isn’t Hubei a northerner?But many Hubei people also eat garlic.Eating garlic here is not a way of eating as seasoning like green onions and ginger when cooking, but eating garlic to eat garlic.When I just remember it, I knew that my family had only my grandfather to eat garlic alone.Especially in the summer, in addition to breakfast, the other two meals, Grandpa will eat a few flaps of garlic, but he won’t let us eat it, saying that it can’t taste it because it is too spicy, afraid that we can’t stand it.

As the saying goes, "Curiosity killed cats", I have experienced this experience.One evening, my second brother and I made dinner. When the parents were waiting for the job to come back for dinner, I helped Grandpa peel a garlic and put it in the dish.I asked the second brother, is the garlic really spicy?The second brother said yes, he ate once a few years ago, and was crying in just one bite.I said I want to try it too. The second brother said that if you really want to try, you bite a little bit.He also said, wait a while.After that, my second brother scooped a bowl of water and put it in front of me, saying that I could try it.I picked the smallest garlic cloves, carefully sent it to my mouth, and licked it with my tongue first. I felt that there was nothing. I thought my grandfather lied to me, and my second brother also lied to me.In this way, the psychology was deeply released at once. I gently bite with the front teeth, and the small garlic cloves were divided into two. The next thing can be imagined.My second brother urged me to drink water quickly, but after drinking a bowl of water, I didn’t see much of the spicy taste.My second brother laughed, I endured the tears that had gone with my eyes, and laughed …

That year, my second brother was just 7 years old, and I was under 5 years old.

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Later, I started eating garlic again after 50 years old.The secretary of the unit and my team likes to eat garlic. We basically sit together during the meal. Due to his influence and drive, I gradually like to eat garlic.There are many benefits to eating garlic, and there are many ways to say on books and the Internet.In my personal feelings, if you often eat garlic, the chance of gastroenteritis and the chance of colds will be greatly reduced.Especially for people who often stay up late to work overtime, the "breath" that occasionally appears will disappear. It is not easy for others to notice it, and they are very clear.

In recent years, due to work reasons, there are more opportunities to travel to Guangdong, Hainan, and there are more opportunities to contact the local people. It is not difficult to find that they also like to eat raw garlic, but they take raw garlic and vinegarOrange and Xiaomi are spicy together as raw.It is undeniable that their garlic consumption is no less than northerners.

After eating garlic, if you do not deliberately deal with, the garlic smell in the mouth will remain for a long time. It is extremely inappropriate for many occasions.In fact, there are two effective ways to quickly eliminate garlic flavors, everyone may wish to try it.First, eat five or six grains of peanut rice; second, chew a handful of tea until you chew and swallow.

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