"Under" itching during pregnancy, what happened?4 methods can be relieved

Women are easily invaded by disease due to their own resistance when they are pregnant.During pregnancy, it is prone to vulvar itching symptoms, because the level of estrogen in the body changes, and the secretion increases. If you do not pay attention to cleaning care, vulvar itching is prone to occur.Below we will specifically understand the common sense of the vulvar itching during pregnancy:

1. Foreign factors cause.Because pregnant women are more likely to be afraid of heat and sweat during pregnancy, if the vulva is often impregnated with sweat, it can easily cause itching of the vulva.Or wearing cricket panties can cause itching of the vulva.

2. Caused by mental factors.After pregnancy, women are prone to anxiety and anxiety due to the changes in their emotional fluctuations, and some even have insomnia due to the influence of the fetus, and mental factors are often one of the causes of vulvar itching.

3. Increased secretions.During the pregnancy, the vaginal secretions of pregnant women will increase, and the local congestion of the vagina creates conditions for the invasion of the bacteria, which causes itching of the vulva.

4. Vaginitis is caused.Mold vaginitis is one of the more common gynecological inflammation during pregnancy during pregnancy. It is mainly that the resistance of pregnant women is relatively weak.Symptoms are vulvar itching.

First, do a good job of hygiene.When the vulvar itching appears, pregnant women should do a good job of hygiene and cleaning. Because there are more secretions daily, the underwear should be washed and changed diligently, and it is best to put it under the sun.

Second, adjust your emotions.If the emotions during pregnancy are relatively unstable, pregnant women can do more things that make themselves happy or put some relaxed and happy songs, so that their disturbing emotions can be eased.

Third, seek medical treatment in time.If itching is serious, then pregnant women should go to the hospital to consult the doctor in time and treat them under the guidance of a doctor.

Fourth, pay attention to diet.Foods that are easy to get angry can stimulate the vagina and make the vulvar itching more serious.

All in all, all things of pregnant women should pay special attention to everything during pregnancy. If vulvar itching occurs, remember not to use the drugs without authorization, because many drugs for treating itching of the vulva are very large.The side effects affect the development of the fetus, and we must use drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

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