"Women’s Character" Baihui concealed the truth of pregnancy.

"The Character of Ladies" has been updated to the 21st episode. In the latest plot, a woman named Bai Hui appeared. She was the daughter of Yao Wei’s father Yao Lidong’s friend. For some reason, she had not found a suitable job.His father, Bai Shu, used his relationship with Yao Lidong, hoping that Yao Wei could arrange his daughter to work in the entertainment company.

When Bai Hui first appeared in the play, she felt unspeakable. She said that she was simple, and she was shrewd with a division.At the beginning of the interview, Yao Wei asked her marriage situation. She really answered, but when she had no children for five years, she was obviously a bit vague because she had no children in her own situation and gave people a lot of imagination.

Combining her performance after her job, as well as efficiency and work attitude, can explain her ability and serious and responsible for work.Then I can’t say, why can’t she find a job?Is there a possibility that she was fired by the previous company, but she did not want to be a full -time housewife, so she supported people to help introduce work everywhere.

Yao Wei was sincere and enthusiastic. She didn’t mind whether the newcomer had the ability, but could she seize the opportunity.Bai Hui obviously hopes to stabilize, and the truth of concealing pregnancy is just to live a good life.It’s just that the company not only has one employee. It is really difficult to not find it. Liu Xiaoxi knows that the truth does not tell Yao Wei because of her sincerity.

As soon as she was going to work, she was found to be pregnant. Even if she was very popular, no one told, could Yao Wei find it?She was a lies to deceive her boss without a righteous internship. Once the truth was exposed, she must have only a way to pack away.At the time, Yao Wei became pregnant and Xu Wen quickly discovered, and repeatedly warned many people.

Xu Wen once stipulated that all women should have a career, and they must not have plans to have children within five years.Before Bai Hui entered the company, he began to conceal the truth, and his approach was not proper.Even if Yao Wei has the ability to be a mother, she is able to protect a newcomer when she is about to be a mother. Xu Wen’s methods are obvious to everyone.

If Bai Hui is a smart person, he will not make Yao Wei embarrassed. He leaves himself a decentness before the truth is broken. During the probation period, he proposed to leave.Throughout the entire incident, it was obvious that Bai Hui was wrong before, and she should not conceal it.Even if it is difficult, it should be clearly said that finding a job that can really take into account the family career is more than concealing the glory.Even if Yao Wei was under pressure from his father, he couldn’t ignore the company’s management system. It was almost impossible to turn it to Bai Hui.

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