"World Smoking Day Reminder" smoking harm is large, pregnant mothers, please stay away

Source: 【Huasheng Online】

The theme of the World Tobaccoless Day this year is "the harm of tobacco far beyond your imagination."Today, we come to popularize the harm of smoking to pregnant mothers and babies.

Among the smoke produced by smoking, it contains more than 7,000 kinds of chemical ingredients, and hundreds of ingredients are harmful to the human body, including at least 69 carcinogens, multiple harmful gases, a variety of heavy metals and radioactive substances, as well as nicotine that causes tobacco dependence, etc.EssenceWhen these carcinogens and heavy metals enter the human body, they can cause mutations in key genes in the body. The DNA chain is broken, damaged, and reorganized, leading to cell cancer, abnormal growth and development of tissue organs.

And "second -hand smoke" is the passive smoking that we often call. The types and content of its chemical composition are significantly increased from first -hand smoke. Among them, carbon monoxide, nicotine and strong carcinomyzylene pheasters and nitrosamines are 5.More than 3 times, 4 times, and 50 times, which directly leads to the toxicity of second -hand smoke significantly increased from first -hand smoke.

And after the smoke is discharged, you can attach to the surface of clothes, walls, carpets, furniture and even hair and skin to form "three -handed cigarettes". Even if the cigarettes are extinguished, they still exist and can stay indoors for a long time.The residue may react with other indoor pollutants and then form a new toxic mixture to further hurt human health.Therefore, the damage of smoking to the human body is durable and intangible, especially for the health of the growth stages of pregnant women, fetuses, and children will have a serious negative effect:

First talk about the harm of smoking to pregnant mothers.Existing sufficient evidence shows that female smoking can reduce the chance of conception, and can also lead to increased risk such as ectopic pregnancy, natural abortion, premature birth, premature placenta and placenta premature stripping; and smoking can cause lung cancer, oral and oral and pharyngeal malignant tumors, laryngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, Bladder cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, kidney cancer, etc., especially women’s risk of cancer due to changes in the body during pregnancy;The environment will affect the systemic tissue and organs of pregnant women, reduce immunity, and may lead to pregnancy in pregnancy in hypertension and gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Secondly, talk about the harm of smoking to the baby.The harmful substances in the smoke can penetrate into the placenta through the blood and enter the fetus, which directly affects the growth and development of the embryo.The negative impact of pregnant women’s smoking or sucking second -hand smoke on the fetus is directly or even fatal.Studies have shown that the chance of pregnant women with second -hand cigarettes is about 2.3 times that of non -enrolled. The chances of brainless, cleft lip, dementia, and growth and development are about 2.5.Times.At the same time, it may also cause premature birth, death, abnormal intellectual development, low weight birth, and even sudden infant death syndrome.Even if the newborn is born safely, it may be harmful to infants. The probability of children in children with pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, ear inflammation, allergies, central system diseases, and malignant tumors during their childhoodChildren contaminated with hand smoke may even be related to children’s dynamic disease.

In summary, cigarettes are harmful, please stay away from pregnant mothers! Women with smoking habits before pregnancy should start quit smoking before pregnancy, and actively avoid pollution environment and avoid passive smoking.We should also actively provide smoke -free and safe environments for pregnant mothers and children. Do not have a chance.

(Zou Ying, Director of the Gynecological Endocrine Center of Hunan Maternal and Child Health Hospital)

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