"Yang" has passed Baoding, how is it now?

Now when you see the old customers, Sister Mei will say hello, "Is it Yang?" Most people said, "Yang".

Sister Mei also passed.She is the owner of a noodle restaurant in Baoding Qingyuan District. On December 12, she opened it again after infecting the new crown. Occasionally a few customers who did not "Yang" would choose to pack food and take it away, but no one was because she "Yang Yang"Don’t eat her things," Everyone is a normal state of cold. "

From December 2nd, Baoding’s multi -districts have stopped community collective nucleic acids. All districts and counties have entered normalized management. Merchants have resumed business. Malls and public transportation are no longer inspected the health code.

Baoding.People’s Visual Information Map

After "unblocking", the prefecture -level city with a population of 10 million people has gone through a difficult transition period.People have one after another infection, "Middle Recruitment" is like boots that are about to land after all. People who have worried about "grabbing vegetables" are now anxious to buy medicine. The medical infection of the hospital has become common."" ".

Ten days later, although many shops along the street were locked in the cold wind, Sister Mei’s small noodle restaurant was already hot.After the "Yang", most people believe that the "heat" tide will eventually fade, and the peaceful daily life is about to return.

Sister Mei’s noodle restaurant resumes its operation. In addition to the special labeling, the pictures are provided by the interviewees in the text

"I used to worry about buying vegetables before, now I am worried about buying medicine"

The time returned to the early December, the first Baoding at the beginning of "unblocking" was a bit deserted.

Sister Mei, who has opened the noodle restaurant for ten years and knows the neighborhood taste for ten years, is in the empty shop.Most of the customers are less and basically packaged.By lunch, people are rare, and it is good to be able to make four or five tables.But she didn’t dare to relax. After finishing the tableware, she immediately wiped the table and rubbed her hands -her husband stared tightly.

The alcohol japper in the shop is resting in a prominent place, weighing 5 pounds, and it is necessary to use it to reinstall it in two or three days; the mask and 84 disinfectant are also prepared.Originally, there was still an hour in the store. Sister Mei did not let him come back. He was afraid that he would be in the store in the future.

Previously, on November 29th, Baoding’s various districts announced the suspension of community collective nucleic acids and residents resumed their flow. Then, from December 2nd, various districts and counties have entered normal management.

At that time, the community group where Mei Sister Noodle Restaurant was in a panic. "Everyone talks about it, and the nucleic acid is not done, so whoever is Yang does not know." Sister Mei said that the unlike the previous community was lifted and the people "wow" "wow".Come in Yongdian. This time, everyone travels is particularly cautious, and some go out with small wine.

Cao Jing, who was working in the Baoding Competitive Show District, recalled that at the time, there were almost no one except for one or two dog walking dogs on the way to work; one time she and her husband wanted to go to the mall to buy a piece of clothes, and hesitated. As a result, she entered the mall., 1 to 5 floors in the whole building, "There are no more than 5 customers shopping." The two relaxed, "people are safe."

Cao Jing’s supermarket was more lively, but people also quickly shuttled in the procurement goals and stayed rarely.She stocks at least a week of eating at home. In the past three years, this has become her habit.

The decrease in the flow of people, Wang Bin, a bus driver Wang Bin, has a more intuitive experience. "Let go of the first day (December 2), sit at most two times."There is no longer a little farther.

"I’m afraid it’s useless." Wang Bin said that wearing the N95 mask, the carriage to eliminate the disinfect, avoid contact, he can do it.On December 4th, he tested the sub -antigen and two bars, and rested directly at home.

Zhang Hongyu, who is doing home business in Baoding, is worrying.There are nearly 400 households in their communities. During the sealing period, more than 140 people were mixed with abnormal pipes. They had just been unlocked.

It used to be "anxiety" for food, and now it is medicine.Zhang Hongyu said that the people around him checked the information online and went to the pharmacy to line up to catch medicine.After his fever, the card sputum is not good. If you want to buy one or two of the previously eaten and right, the pharmacies around the community are all out of stock. You can only try all kinds of cough medicines.Stomach pain has to go to infusion.

Zhang Hongyu’s medicine.

Some people have stocks a lot of medicine out of concerns.After letting go, Cao Jing’s unit soon had a fever and asked for leave. She took advantage of the gap to go home from work and ran for a few days.Granules and other cold antipyretic medicines, if you think about disconnection, give your family a point.She found that after December 5, the medicine was not easy to buy.

On December 15th, the surging news called the 8 pharmacy shops and village clinics of Baoding City, the county, and even the oral solution and capsule of the flowers were out of stock, and it was unclear when it could be available.There are a small amount of ibuprofen in the three pharmacies, which are limited to 2 boxes. The antigen kit is also short -scarce, "it has been broken for a few days". Only one county pharmacy indicates that there is stock and restricted 5 purchases.

In fact, experts remind that everyone only needs to prepare a cold antipyretic drug of 3 to 4 days, and excessive medication may damage health.Sister Mei said that her community had a lot of stocks and sold them in the WeChat group.The neighborhood had just grabbed 2 boxes of flowers to clear the plague, and persuaded her that the village was grabbing the flowers clearing the plague.Sister Mei’s noodle restaurant was next to three pharmacies, but she didn’t buy a box of medicine at that time. "It is not too late to buy it again, can this break your medicine?" Her husband said.

On December 4, Sister Mei found that she was a little bit strenuous, like a cold.She thought about it and opened the store for 3 days. How could there be such unlucky?By 10 o’clock, she felt sore in her body, painful for a while, and she couldn’t feel energy when she was sitting; she didn’t feel hot, but it was cold.

Sister Mei tested her antigen -positive.

At that time, her husband pulled the roller door up and bought medicine.She sat alone in the shop to drink water, "It’s okay, I’m so bold."

"Positive Doctors Seeing Patients"

After the sun, Sister Mei and her husband were isolated in the store.It happened that the warehouse was spreading up and down, and the goods were placed on the upper and lower shops. She lay down and rest.Outside the house, the two did not take a picture of the house, and each sipped a small pot to cook separately.

Sister Mei burned to 38.9 ° C the next day, drank some ibuprofen, and sent some sweat to retreat. The next day, she burned again. She never took some medicine this time and burned it for three days. "Suddenly I feel a little vigorous. "

At that time, next to the rolling door, she heard the neighborhood call and chatted a few degrees every day. "Do I think the whole world is having a high fever?"

Unexpectedly, she was close to her noodle restaurant, and the five stores were closed.She just happened to be a little bit. The 8 -year -old girl suddenly burned to 39 ° C. She expected that the old age could not run away.

I was afraid that the elderly at home could not come. Sister Mei asked her husband with a normal antigen to go home first, rub the child with a hot towel to rub the children, and toss in the middle of the night. The child has a high fever.Inside, "I will enter a few, a few in a while, and flood the mountain."

Sister Mei also rushed home. The child was burning, and she couldn’t eat, and she said "miss the mother".Sister Mei took care of her, and her girlfriend’s face was hot. "I said it, you also recruited, I am already psychologically prepared."

Some people are recruited without being ready.After the teacher Chen Yan was burned, she held 4 pounds of kettle irrigation, her throat was still dry, and her throat was like a knife, swallowing the flesh;God also had a dream, "I’m patching together my body."I don’t know if she took too much medicine, she was almost confused.

For 2 years with her husband, Chen Yan has been struggling with the child. I did not expect that she was taking a lot of antipyretics, and she found that she was pregnant.At that time, she hurriedly checked the information and asked the doctor to consult.

On December 12, she went to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital and did not register it. I heard that some "B -ultrasound doctors have been diagnosed" and changed a hospital. The department doctors did not go to work.

On December 15th, a number of triple hospitals in Baoding told Peng Mei News that there were already medical staff infected in the hospital, "All those who can go to work now are yang to yin"; one of the hospitals are tight beds, all of which are "positive patients with respiratory tract";It operates normally, but it means that "it is prepared to be infected after coming"; a "yellow code" hospital originally in Baoding said that positive medical care can be resumed as long as it does not have a fever.

After the resumption, Cao Jing also experienced the gradual "disappearance" of his colleagues.At first, the 10 people in the office came together, and she wore a mask. She joked with her colleagues. Don’t pass the virus to her. There are children at home.In a few days, she was empty at the nearest station. As soon as she asked, she had a fever and asked for leave.The colleague wore a mask, but was on the class, and suddenly felt cold, and the amount was warm. Immediately asked for leave, afraid that he could not drive home.On December 9, she was the only one left in the office.

That day was Friday. Before get off work, Cao Jing took the disinfectant to the office, and opened the window to ventilate after mopping the ground with alcohol.She teased that she was the second echelon, and it was her turn to go home to burn.

In fact, as early as the first colleague Yang, Cao Jing sent the child to the grandma’s house, and the grandmother had a fever the next day and gave it back. After the family and colleagues were infected one after another, she knew that it would come sooner or later.

Get up on Saturday, those symptoms are "coming from about".Cao Jing did not measure the antigen, and felt that the meaning was not great.

Geng Yong, who was recycling metal in Anxin County, did not care about the virus in the past.He often runs all over the county, and he is too lazy to wear a mask.After the antigen was measured two bars, he first poured himself a 42 -degree Erguotou.

Until all kinds of fever symptoms came, he regretted saying that he was infected. Don’t drink and smoke.Walking at home, he was holding alcohol and sprayed everywhere. As for going out, "we must wear a mask now."

"Is it Yang? Yang passed"

"Is it Yang?" It has gradually incorporated into the daily life of Baoding people.The epidemic in the years has changed a lot, and this city and people are slowly regaining order.

Zhao Liangping, a native of Baoding, had the habit of preparing medicine. This time, he also hoarded various cold medicines and antipyretics. He was also the medicine that his father cured the heart, the mother’s emergency asthma medicine and canned oxygen cylinder.The two old people in the family in the family are his weakness.

As soon as he was solved, he returned his parents back to the countryside.Let parents close the door, just walk in their own yard every day. Now there are almost no rural areas and playing cards.

He also specifically told his mother that if he cooks for his elder brother’s house in the village, after cooking the meal, he will put his house at home the next day.Too much to accept the indifference between mother and child, "Does she say that it is so serious? I said that this is for your health considerations. This disease will be suffered after the disease."

Wang Bin’s mother is also in her 70s. She has heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. The medicine prepared at home is enough to take a month or two. It really has no food. His father will go to the supermarket to purchase.The son who just went to college also went online and played games at home every day.Wang Bin is the only person to go out every day at home.

During the sealing period, the bus stopped transportation. Wang Bin was one of the emergency players. There were two drivers in the responsible route. One person ran twice in the morning, one person ran twice in the afternoon, two trips to three hours of drive, and there may be no 10 passengers.Generally, they are all working people who work in the hospital. They go to the hospital for dialysis, take medicine, or those who drag their luggage home.

Earlier, he ran for more than ten hours a day. Once he arrived at school, "all children were children", the car could not enter the station, and people couldn’t squeeze.In the year, Baoding’s travel structure changed not small. Many junior and senior high school students began to live in schools or online classes.

When just let go, many bus lines still stopped. Wang Bin felt that many people were mainly infected at home. When the epidemic was eased, it would gradually recover according to the travel situation.After 5 days of rest at home, the unit asked him to continue to wait for class.He was somewhat worried, and his salary was only two or three thousand. He didn’t get a few days this month. He didn’t get much money. What should I do next month?

Sister Mei also had the same worry.At first her noodle restaurant was only opened at noon and evening, and the turnover was enough to support her family.For a few months of the epidemic in 2020, she suddenly realized that this shop could not be opened when she wanted to open it.The sense of insecurity brought by this "unstable" allows her and her husband to decide to "do my best" when there is business.

That year they added breakfast and greedy black every day. At 6 o’clock in winter, they started to buy breakfast after seven o’clock in the day."Many people say how hard you are, and I say that it is good to make hard work."

Sister Mei said that before the control of November 23, the business was very bleak. There were only a few guests every day. After 10 days, she was closed for a week due to infection.On the day she opened again, the first customer who came to buy pancakes asked, why did she rest for so long?She said, "I have raised sheep at home."

On December 16, Sister Mei told reporters that many of the surrounding facades have not been opened, either in the Yang, or taking care of the family of Yang Yang.Sister Mei originally wanted to take a break at home for a while. She finally decided to open the door early. As long as someone came to the store to consume, "everything is not a problem."

After the antigen turns to overcast, Sister Mei opened the store.

(The respondents in the text are all pseudonyms)

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