"You are not pregnant in the same room." The newlywed wife does not let her husband touch but get pregnant.

Zhang Jian and Liu Fang introduced their understanding. Later, Liu Fang went out to work in Guangzhou, and then contacted.Half a year later, Liu Fang’s family urged the marriage, and the two were married.

After the marriage, the newlywed couple should have been like a glue, but Liu Fang was very exclusive to the newly married husband, so as not to let her husband hug her, and let her husband stop her.Essence

In desperation, Zhang Jian asked Liu Fang to ask the reason why. Liu Fang repeatedly took off and couldn’t hide it, so he told Zhang Jian about the truth.

Liu Fang told him that he was pregnant, and Zhang Jian was stunned at the time, and he did not expect that he had got his wife’s child with others.

So who is the child’s father?

Zhang Jian, who was hit, asked Liu Fang and asked her child who was. I didn’t expect that Liu Fang was stunned back. She said why I would tell you, but Zhang Jian, who was originally reasonable, was embarrassed.

Because the newlywed wife was pregnant and was a child of someone else, Zhang Jian divided his wife bed with his wife on the night of her wedding.

After all, this matter is not a glorious thing, and it is not easy to let outsiders know. Zhang Jian secretly told his mother about his wife’s pregnancy.

Later, after negotiation, Zhang Jian made a concession and decided to accept the child in his wife’s belly and was willing to live with Liu Fang.Liu Fang was reluctant to live with him, so he returned to his mother’s house.

There is a cause of everything, Zhang Jian and his mother feel wrong, and feel that there must be strange things.The reason why he was so certain was because there were three things that made him very puzzled.

First, Zhang Jian and Liu Fang met for more than half a year and were urged by Liu Fang’s parents;

Second, on the eve of marriage, Zhang Jian was commemorating with Liu Fang’s wedding photo. Liu Fang did not agree to die;

Third, Zhang Jian gave Liu Fang a gift of 6808. After Liu Fang received it, he bought 50,000 insurance.

Through analysis, the Zhang family suspected that the marriage was a scam from the beginning, so is the facts really the case?So the family came to Liu Fang’s house to discuss.

When he met Liu Fang, he was more emotional and refused to communicate with Zhang Jian’s family.The husband and wife were separated by a window. Zhang Jian asked to give a reasonable statement, but Liu Fang’s reply was only the word "divorce".

Zhang Jian, who was annoyed, said the thing that made himself the most helpless. He said that he had to have a room with his wife and his wife.

His wife Liu Fang did not lose, saying that his stomach was so big, and wanted me to have the same room with him?

But over time, his wife’s indifferent attitude did not change at all.Zhang Jian began to hesitate, and he even put forward the idea of asking his wife to kill the child.

How do Liu Fang make between her husband and children?

In the end, his wife Liu Fang said his final decision.She said that no matter how could I be with him, I couldn’t be with him. It was his business that he was impulsive. Now this child is my business and has nothing to do with him.

Liu Fang can say such a thing, it seems that it is the hard -hearted relationship.

No matter what choice Liu Fang made, her marriage with Zhang Jian came to an end.In the end, Zhang Jian did not wait for Liu Fang’s apology, and the marriage between the two would have laws to decide.

Regarding the fact that there is no factual marriage, the money paid by the man can all be returned, but the money can be returned, but Zhang Jian’s emotion paid for this marriage can’t be returned.

Marriage requires two people to be treated loyally. Do not treat marriage as a child, otherwise they can only eat their own fruit in the end.When Zhang Jian encountered this kind of thing, no one would see it. At the same time as he was sad, he also hoped that he could get out of the haze of marriage and face life again.

It is hoped that the woman Liu Fang can reflect on herself, treat marriage carefully, and do not step on two boats.

In the face of marriage, if you can think more about each other, you will not cause so much right and wrong.

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