10 -year -old left -behind girls have renal failure dialysis when taking cold medicines. Keep in mind for reasonable medication

“”10 -year -old left -behind girl Xiaoli has been living with her grandmother in the countryside after her parents go out to work. Just in the fifth grade, I have an accidental cold and fever. Grandma is more anxious.Cold, she took Xiaoli for two different kinds of cold medicines used by adults in the family. After taking Xiaoli, he also had hematuria and less urine, and finally had no urine.Today in the county hospital kidney dialysis treatment.

Patients lying on the bed kidney dialysis patient

This made Grandma Xiaoli sad, her parents were also very painful, and Xiaoli was also very sinner, but she regretted late!

In fact, due to the case of renal failure and liver failure caused by cold drugs, it should cause vigilance.Although most cold medicines have different names, they all contain ingredients such as acetaminol, chlorphenylphenyl, and phenylphenylene.In addition to intestinal reactions, it can also cause kidney damage, liver injury, and even failure. In severe cases, the crisis of crisis, especially when it is used for a long time, is more likely to occur.

Grandma Xiaoli asked him to take two drugs, which is equivalent to increasing the dosage of acetaminol. Therefore, a toxic reaction to the kidneys had a toxic reaction, resulting in renal failure and should be vigilant.So what should be paid attention to reasonable medication?

Pay attention to strictly grasping the indicator of the use of drugs

Any drug has its own indications. Only when used strictly in accordance with the use of the indicators, can the efficacy of the drug be played and reduce the adverse reactions of the drug.Detoxicide, Yinqiao detoxifying tablets, used for wind and heat and cold, not for cold and cold; cold cold and cold clearing thermal granules, Zhengchaihu granules, Tongxuanli lung pills, etc. Therefore, when choosing to use drugs, pay attention to strict strictnessGrasp the use of indications.

Pay attention to strictly grasping the dosage of the drug

Any drug has a certain dose. The dose of the drug refers to the dose that produces a certain reaction to the body when administration, which usually refers to the amount of prevention and treatment of the disease.The drugs include minimum effectiveness, extreme amount, amount of treatment, minimum poisoning, quantity of poisoning, and death.

The dosage of the drug should be in the range of treatment in order to play a good effect, and the minimum adverse reactions can be used to minimize adverse reactions., Abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. The most serious adverse reaction is the toxic reaction of the heart, which can cause heart failure, sex arrhythmia or ventricular arrhythmia, and conduction disorders.Sleeping hypnotic pills Xiyi (stable) exceeding the dose will cause mental disorder, severe drowsiness, unclear words, difficulty breathing, breathing suppression, and even heartbeat.The excessive amount of sodium propyate of epilepsy drugs can lead to the risk of platelets and hepase enzymes, so each drug has a dose and should be strictly grasped.

Strictly grasp the treatment of drugs

Any medicine has a certain use course. The treatment course is to what extent to. How long does the disease reaches the medication, and then determine the new treatment plan to determine the treatment time.Not only is it prone to adverse reactions, but also toxic reactions, but also causes waste, so it is necessary to strictly grasp the treatment of use.For example, the acetaminol, ibuprofen, etc. are used for non -more than 3 days when the acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc. are used for no more than 5 days.When using antibacterial drugs to treat infection, the treatment of antibacterial drugs is only different due to infection. Generally, 72-96 hours after the body temperature is normal and the symptoms are reduced. Special circumstances may need to extend the treatment, such as infectious endometritis, purulent meningitis, septic disease, sepsisTreatise on typhoid, Brucelli disease, osteomyelitis, hemolytic splin bacteria infection, tonsillitis, deep fungal infection, etc., it takes a long time to completely cure.So strictly grasp.

Drugs that treat colds

Strictly grasp the use of drugs

Different drugs may have different medication intervals, some are short -acting, some are medium -sized, some are long -term. The number of medications is related to the half -life of the drug. It is also related to the dosage of the drug.The time we need, so we must pay attention to the interval between the medication when using the drug, that is, the number of times of medication, and we cannot change the number of administration at will, otherwise it is easy to have adverse reactions.For example, the nonetopine tablet is three times a day, the nonitrine horizontal interpretation is twice a day, and the nifedenopopic high -release tablets are once a day, so the drug use interval must be strictly grasped.

Pay attention to the timing of using drugs strictly

The timing of different drugs may be different. The timing of different use of the same drug may also have different curative effects and adverse reactions, so the timing of use must be strictly grasped. For exampleIf you take it, you can also chew and use it with the first oral staple food. The chewing tablets should be chewed with food. The capsule of this medicine should be swallowed before the meal.

Pay attention to the method of use strictly

Each drug has its own method of use. It must be noted when used, otherwise it will not only affect the curative effect, but also cause adverse reactions. For example, nitroglycerin has the first effect, it needs to be served under the tongue, and it cannot be swallowed.For example, there are oral types, disinfection types, external types, etc., which need to prepare a glass of boiled water to put it in an appropriate amount of boiled water to dissolve it. After the air bubbles in the water disappear, shake it, then take it down.So strictly grasp how to use.

Pay attention to strictly grasp the taboos of drug use

Each drug has its own taboos, and we must pay attention to strict grasping, otherwise it may cause adverse reactions, or even severe toxic reactions. For example, ammlodine cannot be used to be allergic to it, severe hypotension disable, and severe main master.Patients with arterial stenosis, so be careful.

Be careful not to take medicine with drinks

Diarrhea, etc., leads to a decrease in the efficacy of the drug, and some will also have toxic reactions. For example, when taking Xinyatin, if you take grapefruit juice, it will cause a significant increase in the drug concentration and increase the adverse reaction, and even a toxic reaction.

Pay attention not to drink alcohol during taking medicine

Some drugs are metabolized through the liver, and some are metabolized through liver and kidney dual channels, and alcohol will also be metabolized in the liver. If you take drugs to drink alcohol, it will aggravate liver damage and even toxic reactions.Metronidazole, tinidazole, etc., glimben, glitzit, glitzine, etc. in sulfumin in hypogenal drugs, dizziness, headache, severe cases of dizziness, headache, severe cases will occur.It can breathe difficulty, chest pain, even breathing suppression, and even harming life, so do not drink alcohol during taking drugs.

Be careful not to drink medicine

Be careful not to be blindly united by multiple drugs

Most drugs will interact, leading to enhanced or decreased curative effects, and some will have adverse reactions. Therefore, do not combine medication by yourself, otherwise problems are prone to problems.For example, the effect of gastric ulcer octoprazole acid can reduce the effects of iron supplemental sulfate, iron citrate ferrite, and other effects. For example, the combination of antihypertensive drug Katapi and lithium can increase the concentration of serum potassiumToxicity, etc., do not use multiple drugs to be blindly used.

Pay attention to strictly grasping special group medication

Some special groups have an impact on the absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion of drugs, etc. When used, it must be noted that it may cause toxic reactions.These groups mainly include elderly people, women during pregnancy, lactating women, weak people, etc., such as the elderly and slowdown, and the use of Gaoxin can easily cause poisoning in the drug. The use of metronidazole in the first three months of pregnancy may cause the fetus to cause the fetus to cause the fetusDeforms, etc., we must pay attention to the safe medication of special groups.

Pay attention to liver and kidney dysfunction

Some people have liver and kidney disease, or decreased liver and kidney function, which leads to slowing the metabolism of the drug, the concentration of the drug of drugs increases, and the normal dosage will occur in the dosage.Patients with insufficiency are disabled of amino glycoside such as galcolin and amkarxin. Those with liver function disables are disabled by relying on erythromycin, bisexilin B, aspirin, and acetaminol.

In fact, it is not just a cold medicine, nor is it not only children. Many drugs. Many people must pay attention to the precautions for taking medicine when taking medicine. They must be used reasonably and safely.The minimum response.

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