12 weeks of pregnancy, 16 weeks, 20th Wednesday pregnancy test is very important. If you do not pass, it is difficult for the fetus to keep

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Happy pregnant mothers are the same!

A single -cell fertilized egg is given to a newborn with a weight of about three kilograms. This middle mother will go through various pregnancy discomforts, but when there is a child, all discomfort disappears.

Unfortunate pregnant mothers are different!

When I was pregnant, many mothers would not tell relatives and friends, because in the early pregnancy period, the fetus was relatively unstable, and it was also a high incidence of abortion. Therefore, there were some unfortunate pregnant mothers just pregnant in the early pregnancy.Before the joy, the fetus had a miscarriage.”pregnancy”

There are also some even more unfortunate pregnant mothers who found that the fetus had such problems in the 16 weeks of 12 weeks and 20 weeks of pregnancy. It can only undergo induction surgery under the advice of the doctor and terminate pregnancy.

▲ 12 weeks of pregnancy: NT examination

During this period from 11 weeks to 13+6 weeks, the transparent layer of the fetal neck is the most clear in the B -ultrasound image, so it is recommended to perform B -ultrasound for this period of time.

NT is the transparent layer of the neck, which refers to the thickness of the liquid accumulation of the liquid accumulation of the liquid in the rear tissue of the fetal neck, which is reflected on the ultrasonic vocal image, which is the maximum thickness of the maximum thickness of the back skin of the back of the neck to the soft tissue of the subcutaneous soft tissue on the cervical cervical spine level sagittal.Essence

If the thickness of the rear transparent layer of the fetus exceeds three millimeters, it means that the fetal abnormalities are more likely. For example, the Chinatoplast syndrome will affect the fetal brain development or congenital heart disease.


NT examination is just a screening check. If the transparent layer of the fetal neck is too thick, further B -ultrasound or blood drawing is required.

▲ 16 weeks of pregnancy: Tang’s screening

Generally, the Tang family syndrome is screened at 15 weeks to 18 weeks of pregnancy.

In addition to the data of blood drawing, it is also necessary to combine the data of NT checking at 12 weeks of pregnancy, as well as the mother’s age and other factors to comprehensively judge to see the probability of the fetus from the Tang family syndrome. If it is a high risk, it is recommended to carry out amniotic fluid.Inspection of puncture.


Donalding, high risk is recommended to obey the diagnosis and examination of amniotic fluid puncture to obey the doctor’s order to understand whether there is any problem with the fetus as soon as possible. If there is a problem, terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible.

▲ 20 weeks of pregnancy: Screening of fetal major deformity

From 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, the tissue and organs of the fetus are relatively mature. At this time, you can detect the situation of the fetus in the mother’s belly through B -ultrasound.

It mainly depends on the heart of the fetus, kidneys, intestines, brains, facial features, or whether there are some abnormalities in the limbs.

The colleague Xiaoye was happy and pregnant. When he was doing the four -dimensional color ultrasound in 20 weeks, the doctor said that the child had more deformedness and recommended to terminate the pregnancy.Can perform artificial abortion.

This time, the screening of major malformations is more important. Mom must not miss it, and the examination time may be longer. There are some minutes of the fetus in a few minutes, but if the child does not cooperate, for exampleRepeat several times.

The photos taken by B -ultrasound this time, my mother can see the outline of the child’s facial features, and even find that the child is like a father or a mother.


In this B -ultrasound, it is best to go with your mother. In case of checking, a doctor will be better to say that it will be better.

Therefore, the three examinations in the second trimester mainly understand the health of the fetus. If the child has a Tang syndrome, it will affect the child’s intelligence. If the child’s organs are deformed when they are abnormal, it means that the child’s health is healthy.has a problem.

Therefore, these three pregnancy examinations are fetal health and intelligence alerts. Mom must not take it lightly.

★ Calcium is easy to lack

The bones and teeth of the fetus in the middle of pregnancy begin to develop, so there will be more calcium.

According to the "References for Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents", the calcium that mothers need each day in the second trimester of pregnancy are 1000 mg.And if the mother only eats food and does not drink milk every day, the calcium intake daily is only about 500 mg. The other 500 mg of calcium needs to supplement calcium tablets.

Therefore, the mother should pay attention to calcium supplement tablets in the middle of pregnancy, or drink 500 ml of milk per day. The daily calcium is sufficient, which is conducive to the development of fetal bones and teeth. It also avoids the mother’s back pain and cramps during pregnancy.

★ Iron is easy to lack

After pregnancy, in order to meet the needs of fetal growth and development, the mother’s blood capacity is constantly increasing, and the blood volume is increased. If the mother consumes insufficient iron, it is prone to iron deficiency anemia.

The iron deficiency in the mother’s body will appear dizzy, and when she squats up for a long time, she will be dark in front of her eyes. The mother’s face is pale.

The iron deficiency can affect the child’s brain development, severe iron deficiency, and even leads to premature fetal birth, so mothers must pay attention to iron supplementation in the middle of pregnancy.

Pay attention to high -speed rail meat such as beef, lamb, lean meat such as beef, mutton, lean meat, and eat half a pound of animal liver or animal blood per week. Animal liver and animal blood are rich in iron content and absorb well.

If the examination is found to have iron deficiency, follow the doctor’s doctor’s advice to supplement the iron.

During pregnancy, the fetus must be checked in time in the mother’s body, and the mother must also pay attention to her nutrition to make the fetus grow healthily.

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