13 categories of food that cannot be eaten during pregnancy, many expectant mothers have eaten, don’t take it seriously!

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During pregnancy, expectant mothers are "eating right and eating well", because not only can ensure their health, but they can also provide sufficient and balanced nutrition for fetal baby, so that the baby baby can develop better.However, some foods are taboos during pregnancy. Today, Beijing mothers and expectant mothers say that which foods must not be eaten, which foods are best not to eat, and how to eat during pregnancy?

Such foods include: cassava, tobacco and alcohol, unintentional milk, raw foods, foods that do not meet food safety.

1. Cafeatic potato: contains quantitum cyanide, linein and other cyanide.After people eat it, the combination of hydrocyanocyanocyl ions and cytossence oxidase iron ions will affect cell breathing.Experiments have been confirmed abroad that eating quantitative cassava after pregnancy can cause embryo deformities.

2. Tobacco and alcohol: Do not avoid tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy, which may cause fetal malformation and increase the chance of abortion.Because each expectant mother has different physique and the sensitivity to tobacco and alcohol is different, some women may affect the fetal brain development even if they drink moderately.

3. Undininosis milk: Milk and dairy products are calcium supplement foods containing high -quality protein. During pregnancy, expectant mothers often drink milk, but it is clear that it is not safe that the dairy products that have not disinfected by Babas are not safe.Therefore, you must see it clearly when you buy milk and buy it from regular channels.

4. Raw food: including raw meat, some vegetables, fungi, etc.Common raw meats include raw fish, shellfish, etc. In addition to these raw meat, there are also some non -cooked meat (such as meat -shabu) that may also cause quasi -mother to infected with parasites.Class is prone to poisoning; when expectant mothers eat these foods during pregnancy, they must pay more attention to "familiarity" and then eat, otherwise not only affect the health of expectant mothers, but also affect the healthy development of the fetus.

5. Foods that do not meet food safety: For example, foods that are not clean, expired, or exceeded of certain substances, expectant mothers may directly affect the health of the fetus, so they must not eat it.

6. Activated food or Chinese medicine: such as musk, turtle, safflower, etc., blood -promoting food or Chinese medicine is taboos during pregnancy, especially Chinese medicine, which may lead to abortion or abortion. This expectant mothers must not be careless.

Such foods include: some cold, acidic, food, coffee, allergic food, etc.

1. Cold foods: such as seafood, purslane, bitter gourd, cold drinks, etc. Cold foods may cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., and will affect fetal health in severe cases.

2. Acid food: Eating some acid -flavored foods in early pregnancy can help relieve early pregnancy reactions, but some sour foods not only stimulate the gastrointestinal tract of expectant mothers, but also may affect the development of fetal babies, cause contractions, cause abortion or premature birth, etc.The sensitivity of expectant mothers to food sex is different. There must be no luck, and it is best not to eat it without eating.Common sour foods that affect fetal healthy foods like hawthorn.

3. Coffee: Many women want to know if they can drink coffee when they are pregnant. The advice given by the doctor is: pregnant women take a day to take caffeine and not exceed 200 mg.Excessive caffeine will pass the placenta to affect the fetal heart rate and increase the chance of abortion.

4. Allergic food: The low immunity of expectant mothers during pregnancy is more likely to cause allergies, so foods that are easy to cause allergies to not eat, especially expectant mothers with a history of allergies, must be allergic to which foods, must be avoided.

1. Spicy and irritating foods (chili, ginger, etc.), thermal seasoning, thermal seasoning (mango, longan, durian, lychee, etc.), etc., which may increase the manifestation of quasi -mothers during pregnancy constipation;

2. Foods with high sugar content (especially fruits) not only allow expectant mothers to grow too fast, but also allow expectant mothers to exceed the standard (if it is a quasi -mothers with high blood sugar during pregnancy, it can not be eaten);

3. Unhealthy foods or snacks, such as fried barbecue foods (baked skewers, fritters, etc.), artificial food (canned food, instant noodles, ham sausage, etc.), small snacks, street snacks, etc. These are not conducive to the health of expectant mothersOccasionally, eating a little solution is okay, eating too much is not good for the health of yourself and your baby.


① Since you know that these foods are not good for yourself and the fetus, you can avoid your mouth. Do n’t have a fluent mentality. It should not be a big deal.no the same.

② There are also some expectant mothers who are really mouthful and eat "food that should not be eaten by pregnant women". After eating, I regret it. In fact, in addition to food that can not be eaten, other foods that may be affected.Don’t worry too much.

In many places, there are some local particular about it. For example, after pregnancy, "prospective mothers cannot eat rabbit meat, otherwise the baby will give birth to rabbit lips."The fetus is healthy; but there are still some strange "pregnancy preservation during pregnancy" or other folk claims, expectant mothers need to have their own judgment. Do not because of unscientific practices, affect the health of yourself and the baby’s baby, or accidental accidents, or accidents.wait.

After reading the previous introduction, some expectant mothers may be a bit discouraged. If you are pregnant, you ca n’t eat it.The diet of expectant mothers during pregnancy must be achieved in the following aspects so that they can ensure their health and sufficient nutritional supply and healthy development of their baby.

1. Early pregnancy:

Pay attention to supplement folic acid, don’t pay too much attention to nutritional supplement.Don’t worry about the fetal nutrition is not enough. In the early pregnancy, the fetus is still a small embryo, and there is not much nutrition. You can eat it normally like before pregnancy. Too too much will only make yourself grow a lot of meat.In addition, early pregnancy reactions can eat light and easy -to -digest foods, and then follow the principle of "eating less and more meals". In addition to three staple foods, you can add meals to drink milk, eat some fruits, biscuits, etc.

2. In the middle of pregnancy:

In the early stages of pregnancy, early pregnancy reactions gradually disappeared. Many expectant mothers’ appetite began to recover, and her appetite would be better.In terms of nutrition, folic acid can no longer be replenished. In addition to ensuring the balanced diet, pay attention to eating more foods containing high protein, calcium, iodine, and DHA.

3, third trimester:

In the third trimester, the performance of edema, poor sleep, difficulty breathing, and pseudo contractions will become more and more serious. Expectant mothers can use some tips appropriately to relieve these advanced pregnancy discomfort. As the fetus gradually increases, the stomach is squeezed upward.Pressure, may often feel stomach discomfort, such as burning heart and poor appetite.

In terms of diet, you can eat more digestible foods, avoid spicy and irritating foods, and pay attention to the supplement of protein, calcium, iodine, and DHA. If you have insufficient nutritional nutrition (found or consult a doctor), you can drink a pregnant woman milk powder, Or have targeted supplementary nutrient supplements.

Jingma said: It was the introduction of taboos, precautions, and principles of expectant mothers during pregnancy. I hope to help expectant mothers, and I wish the mothers all the best during pregnancy. If you have other aspects of pregnancy, you are welcome to leave a message.Consult the Beijing mother ~

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