13 interesting facts that you may not know about cat pregnancy

As a mammal, what are the characteristics or performances of cats during pregnancy?Some may not know that the shoveling officials do not know. Today Walllot is going to share 13 interesting facts about cat pregnancy!

① When the cat is pregnant, the nipple will become red

When a cat is ready to have a baby, its nipple becomes red and bigger, which is a small secret of "prospective mommy".

② Cats can get pregnant when they are 4 months old

Many people don’t know and do not believe that cats may get pregnant when they are 4 months old.

③ Cat’s pregnancy lasts 63-65 days

For more than two months, this is quite fast in the world of cats.If the cat is pregnant when he is 4 months old, it means that a female cat can become a mother when it is 6 months old.

④ Cats in estrus during the estrus will see their partners regardless of everything

Cats in puppets often make a lot of noise and try to slip out to find a partner. Is this the power of "love"?Only when a cat is pregnant or sterilized, will the obsession with the opposite sex meow end.

⑤ Family cats usually enter the puppet period from January to August

That’s right, cats have a specific puppet season, but it will continue for a long time.Female cats have two to four times a year.

⑥ The cat will ovulate only after mating

The male cat’s "brother" structure and mating method actually helps stimulate the female cat ovulation. After the cat mats, the female cat will ovulate, so the eggs can be fertilized.

人 Cats will experience the same morning vomiting when humans are pregnant

Cats may vomit or refuse to eat when they are pregnant. The shoveling officer can feed the cats of the cat during pregnancy high nutrition to avoid malnutrition!

⑧ Cats have four kittens per nest

According to the average value, generally one child can have 4 kittens. Of course, there can be less, up to 8 at most, and young female cats can give birth to more and more cubs.It is very likely.

的 The father of each kitten can be different

If a female cat mates with two or more male cats, the kitten in its belly may have different father.

会An pregnant cats will become particularly affectionate

When a female cat is pregnant, it may long for the additional attention of human beings.In any case, pregnancy is a difficult period, so the shoveling officer should give the pregnant cat more care and comfort!

会An pregnant cats will have strange pregnancy desires

Similar to humans, cats are also eager for specific food during pregnancy.In addition, cats are often hungry during pregnancy, which is completely normal because they are fed their growth babies.

Cats who are pregnant are often prone to different "accidents"

When a cat is pregnant, it may not be able to pee or stool before it goes to the cat litter basin. Because of pregnancy, the cubs will squeeze the female cat’s bladder, so it is difficult to control urination, shovel shit, shovel shit, shit shitOfficials need to understand more!

13. Cat’s fertility cycle is relatively short

One cat may feed a nest 1-6 weeks after giving birth, and then hold another nest.Because the reproductive cycle of the cat changes very quickly, a female cat may produce a few nest kittens each year!

What are the interesting facts about cat pregnancy?Welcome to share!

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