14 cold knowledge you do n’t know, the number of WeChat sports steps also have a upper limit

1. The original WeChat movement steps are limited. You take a maximum of 98800 steps in WeChat sports.PS: What is the concept of 90,000 steps, about 100 kilometers a day.

2. 35%of people do not grow wisdom teeth.Wisdom teeth used to be useful, but now it is useless, it may also cause other oral problems. This is why we want to pull out it, so I really envy people who do not have long wisdom teeth …

3. In Norway and Sweden, ads under the age of 12 as the audience are illegal.

4. The bump design at the bottom of the beverage bottle is mainly to increase the strength of the bottle body, because the volume of the bottle will change when the liquid in the bottle is cold, and the bottle cannot be bent.

5. Seventh Avenue is the widest avenue in the world. It is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This avenue is 148 meters wide.


6. Female sand tiger shark has as many as 50 embryos during pregnancy, but when the earliest incubation embryo grows to about 10 cm, it will grow to teeth and cruelly eat its brothers and sisters (other less embryoTo.Therefore, when the female shark is in the bashed, there are often only one or two "ultimate victims" left to survive.

7. The loss of fat will become carbon dioxide and body fluid, which means that about 80%of the fat in the body will leave the body through the lungs.

8. In 1967, the Nigerian civil war stopped for two days because both sides wanted to watch Bailey playing football.

9. The longest bicycle in the world is 20 meters in length and can sit 35 people at the same time.

10. Many people are curious whether the plane needs a key to start. In fact, most of the current aircraft are automatically launched before adding fuel.


11. Most chefs are fat or slightly fat, but the reason why it is really fat is not that they are greedy. In addition to the tentacles, staying in the kitchen full of oil fume for a long time can also lead to weight gain.

12. You have to look at the weather if you chase girls?Tianqing chasing girls is easier to succeed!Researchers believe that young women are more willing to promise to be a lovers on their sunny days.

13 and 24%of people can only lift the eyebrows on the side, but they can also learn to learn through the day after tomorrow.

14. Moving disease does not always mean "short -term duration."Another known symptom is that the symptoms are excessive focusing on one task for several hours and cannot be stopped.

Dynamic disease

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