Pregnancy in my country’s extramarital affairs is not a criminal, because Chinese law has not explicitly stipulated in the wedding behavior itself.It can only be regarded as derailment and is unfaithful to marriage.Even if the child is born, it cannot be counted.The so -called big marriage refers to the act of marrying a spouse and a marriage with others or knowing that others have a spouse and get married.Without marriage or living in the name of husband and wife, it can only be regarded as extramarital sex, commonly known as adultery.Restrication is a crime, and adultery in my country is a moral issue, and it is not a crime.However, abuse, abandonment, derived, violent interference in marriage of marriage, drowning, injury, and murder caused by extramarital behavior caused by extramarital affairs. China’s marriage law, criminal law and some single -line regulations have relevant regulations.For the above behavior caused by extramarital affairs, in accordance with the provisions of national laws, it is necessary to resolutely punish them in accordance with different charges in accordance with different crimes.

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Article 258 of the Criminal Law: [Crime of Damination] If a spouse is married, or knows that others have a spouse and marry, they will be sentenced to imprisonment or detention of less than two years.

Article 3, paragraph 2 of the Marriage Law: Forbidden to be divorced.People who are married are forbidden to live with others.Forbidden family violence.Forbidden abuse and abandonment among family members.

Article 10 of the Marriage Law: If one of the following situations, the marriage is invalid:

(1) Dry;

(2) A relative relationship for prohibiting marriage;

(3) Diseases that are medical that they should not get married before marriage, and have not cured after marriage;

(4) Those who have not reached the legal marriage age.

The basic manifestation of extramarital affairs

1. Occasionally the form of sexual relationships with the sexual relationship with extramaritals;

2. Do not continue to live together in the name of a husband and wife;

3. The form of residence in the name of husband and wife.

Among these three forms, the big marriage is criminal criminal, and is punished by criminal punishment; and "a spouse cohabitation with others" only assumes civil legal liability, and no fault can require damage to compensation.Generally do not assume civil liability.Divorce is caused by adultery. If there is sufficient evidence that there is no faulty party, the other party must bear the fault liability.

In summary, in our country’s laws, we have maintained a one -to -one loyal state as much as possible in our national law, and there are criminal behaviors to be married, but this does not mean that all extramarital affairs will get legal sanctions.Because the subjective emotional matters between men and women are managed by the law, and once the management will have more serious consequences.

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