22 weeks!Less than 1 pound!Shenzhen super premature baby "vigorously" was discharged from the hospital

Vigorously miracle!

The baby in Shenzhen "vigorously" explained this sentence with her 112 -day life experience.He only stayed in his mother’s belly for 22 weeks and 5 days, about 5 and a half months, and he hurriedly reported.

Today (August 20), the strong baby has been discharged smoothly, and Nicu is "graduated" from NICU at the neonatal department of Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Hercules have followed my parents and mother to go home ~

Don’t look at him now, he is fat. When he was born, he weighed 498 grams. He was the smallest baby in the country who had been reported in the country.Essence

Just born strong


Super premature babies are not just "concentrated editions" of newborn newborn, they will start "playing monsters" when they are born.

Shenzhen baby is less than 6 months old for premature birth

The calf is only the index finger of adults

On April 26 this year, Ms. Chen (pseudonym), who was pregnant at 22 weeks of pregnancy, suddenly felt bleeding below, and her abdomen was still faintly painful. She immediately pulled a gentleman to Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

The doctor’s examination doctor immediately checked her and found that at this time Ms. Chen’s palace mouth had been opened for 3 to 4 cm. Considering that the gestational week was too small, the doctor immediately performed an emergency circulation surgery. Ms. Chen stayed in the hospital after surgery.

Highness is Ms. Chen’s first baby. The family is looking forward to the children’s peaceful arrival and try to "retain the baby."However, due to incomplete cervix function, the surgery of the ring did not allow the baby to support the baby in the stomach.

Early in the morning on May 1st, when everyone was enjoying their small holiday, they couldn’t help but launch again.

In order to ensure the safety of the mother and child, when Ms. Chen entered the delivery room, the newbest recovery team had prepared the required items and waited for a strong arrival in the delivery room.

The whole childbirth process is fast, slippery, and the "slap" is strong. The calves are only as thick as the index finger, and the eyebrows cannot be distinguished.The whole body skin is transparent jelly -like, and even vaguely can see the creep of the intestines inside.

Immediately after, a "life defense war" began …

As soon as you were born, "hitting monsters"

The whole body was filled with a tube, and I lived in the insulation box

Newborn suffocation is one of the main reasons for the death and disability of newborns in my country.

Before the trachea and lungs were mature, they "ran out" naughtyly. He had a very weak breathing, and the rescue was urgent!

The tracheal intubation, the upper ventilator, and the tracheal duct injection "lung active substance" … Although the strong mouth is only "peanut rice", the newborn doctor still completes a series of operations in the shortest time with skilled technology to avoid it avoided in the shortest time to avoid it.The occurrence of asphyxia and its damage stabilized the baby’s breathing.

After the "mild" recovery of the newborn and delivery room medical care, the baby grabbed his vitality and was transferred to NICU for treatment.

Next is the umbilical vein tube.Because the blood vessels are as thin as hair, the skin is as tender as jelly and cannot withstand conventional puncture.

As soon as they arrived at NICU, the "nurse’s mother" made up the machine and used the umbilical cord veins that had not been closed as a puncture to build a precious "life channel" for vigorously. This channel could be used to supplement drugs and draw nutrition.

All these operations need to be completed within the "gold one hour" after the baby is born.

The newborn is like a "tofu brain" in the small head, and the sound of closing the door may cause intracranial hemorrhage.

The umbilical vein tube can make it as much as possible not to be disturbed. You can stay in the insulation box like a "bird’s nest" to sleep, reduce light and sound stimulation, and greatly reduce the probability of intracranial hemorrhage.

Breathing, nutrition, infection …

Guan Guan is sad, Guan Guan!

The failure of arterial ducts is a problem that many superpatient babies will face, which seriously affects cardiopulmonary function.The infection is also very fatal. The immunity of premature babies is as weak as patients with immunity defects. Summary infections will occur if you don’t pay attention to it, leading to sepsis.There are also unstable body temperature, jaundice, difficulty in feeding, retinopathy, necrotic enteritis …

In the face of difficulties one by one, NICU medical staff and their families work together to "overcome difficulties" –

When he was born for about one month, the NICU combined with the Department of Surgery of Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, which successfully implemented the arterial catheter ligation of the bed.

In order to avoid repeated lung infections, the medical staff adopted the "lung protection" ventilation strategy when the baby was born to reduce lung damage.

At the same time, Ms. Chen will come to the hospital regularly to provide breast milk for her baby, which can not only ensure the energy supply of the baby, but also help the baby to better restore gastrointestinal function.

In 112 days, under the care of all the medical care of NICU, it was a strong thorny and grew into a baby close to 6 catties.There are no physical indications such as intracranial hemorrhage, lung and gastrointestinal function.

"I really thank the newborn medicine for the treatment and care of the baby for more than three months. Many times they have put on pressure on us and gave us confidence and hope."

Dad’s Dad said excitedly.

After being discharged from the hospital, it also needs to be followed up on a regular basis to monitor the follow -up nutrition and development of the outpatient clinics of high -risk premature babies.In this regard, Ms. Chen and Mr. said:

"We already have sufficient preparations, and it is not easy for each life to come. As long as the baby comes to this world alive, we will persist to the end."

I hope that this strong baby who is busy with "fighting monsters" is like the name given by his mother, "vigorously and miracle", brave, strong and healthy in the future life.

The strong story comes to an end

But to the Newborn Department of Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital

In terms of medical staff

Accompany the premature birth and parents thrillingly "fight"

It has already become their daily life

The rescue success rate is more than 88%

Not only to save work, but also a premature birth baby "live well"

The newborn department of Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital is the only national clinical specialist in the newborn department in South China. It has been centered for 28 weeks or 1kg of 1kg each year or less than 100 cases, up to more than 150 cases per year.

Among them, nearly half of the premature babies are less than 26 weeks, and the rescue success rate is more than 88%.Both the quantity and survival rate are at the leading level in China.

Newborn Department of Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital

In the past 3 months, the newborn department has cured 3 cases of 22 weeks of super premature babies. In addition to the successful discharge of strong babies, the other two current life signs are stable.

Hero is the younger premature infant of the newborn department of the Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital.The Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital stepped step by step, repeatedly breaking the record of the most lighter premature babies in the country, and promoting the technology of rescue minimum premature babies step by step. At this point, it can be side by side with international.

● In 2015, it was successfully cured in the country’s first 24 weeks of pregnancy and a birth weight of 500 grams.

● Super premature babies with a successful rescue of 23+5 weeks in 2016 and 560 grams of birth weight of 560 grams were the smallest superpatient in China at that time.

● In 2017, the ultra -premature babies with a successful rescue of 23 weeks of pregnancy and 480 grams of birth weight were "early", which was the smallest superpatient in the domestic rescue and survival of the birth.

● In 2018, the ultra -premature infant "Little Sea" with a successful rescue of 23+6 weeks and a birth weight of 400 grams was once again set once again.

However, for Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital, it is not the ultimate purpose to rescue how small and early early births can be used.Enjoy the beauty of the world.

The big baby took a big photo on the day of the discharge of the discharge

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Come on for a strong baby

Hope every premature baby

You can live a healthy and safe life

Contents Integrated Shenzhen Maternal and Child Health Hospital Freshman and Jingbao

Source: Shenzhen News Network

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