25 -year -old girl has smoking habits and is resolutely "retired" by her boyfriend: affects future fertility

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"Smoking is harmful to health", we all know this sentence.Cigarettes contain a large amount of nicotine, which is a very harmful substance to the human body.For those who smoke for a long time, the probability of lung disease is 3-5 times that of non-smokers.

Now the people who smoke are getting younger and aging, and even many women have begun to learn smoking, and even many women are already "old smokers".

25 -year -old Pepe is a quiet girl.But in fact, under the appearance of the "good girl", Pepe is actually an old smoker with the "seven years".

Since the junior high school, Pepe has learned to smoke, and has been addicted since then, and he has to smoke 1-2 packs of cigarettes almost every day.

Last year, under the introduction of a friend, Pepe met his current boyfriend, and the two got along well, and slowly began to study related matters related to marriage.

Later, her boyfriend accidentally discovered that Pepe had the habit of smoking, and it was a "old smoke gun". The boyfriend instantly felt that Pepe was a "bad woman" and resolutely retired from this family.

In fact, in addition to her boyfriend who thinks that smoking girls look indecent, a concern is that they are worried that they will have an impact on "conceive children" in the future.Therefore, we must break up with Pepe.

In fact, it doesn’t make sense for boys’ concerns. There are a large number of harmful substances in cigarettes that will damage the human body’s genital cells.

Experts believe that the impact of cigarettes on women’s pregnancy is the greatest.Nicotine in cigarettes can cause the shrinkage of women’s uterine vascular, which is not conducive to sperm bed.

1) Causes female infertility

To a certain extent, smoking is also the culprit that causes infertility.

Studies have shown that the chance of smoking women suffer from infertility is 2.7 times higher than healthy women;

Moreover, if both husbands and wives have the habit of smoking for a long time, the chance of infertility will be higher.Because smoking is also damaged to men’s sperm, it will cause low survival rate of sperm, reduce the fertilization ability of the eggs, and make it more difficult to get pregnant.

2) Smoking reduces breast milk secretion

The harmful effect of smoking on the baby is to reduce the amount and quality of breast milk.

American research found that the secretion of breast milk of smoking women is 21%less than healthy mothers, and the longer the postpartum time, the larger the gap.

And if the mother stops smoking, the secretion of breast milk will rise, indicating that after stopping smoking, the adverse effects of smoking will weaken.

3) Increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy

Smoking can produce toxins such as carbon monoxide, enter the body and spread to the uterus, which will increase the chance of women’s ectopic pregnancy.

Women who smoke frequently will stop smoking before 20 weeks before pregnancy.In fact, the best thing is that both the husband and wife stop smoking before preparing for the child.

Because this can minimize the chance of fetal malformations.The sooner the mother stops smoking, the closer to the non -smoking baby baby.

However, because the mother had a history of smoking in the early stages of pregnancy and before pregnancy, the baby still had congenital abnormal risks.

In addition, in addition to women’s cigarettes, those women who do not smoke will be affected if they are with smoking for a long time.

His wife with a long -term smoking husband will inhale the "second -hand smoke" floating in the air.The harm of "second -hand smoke" is even more serious than direct smoking, so if the husband and wife plan to ask for a child, you should quit smoking as soon as possible during pregnancy, and wait until you learn to quit smoking after pregnancy.

Written at the end:

For women with smoking habits, quitting smoking after pregnancy cannot completely eliminate the impact of smoking on the fetus.Therefore, if women have a pregnancy preparing plan, they must quit and avoid second -hand smoke as soon as possible.

Stay away from the environment of smoking and reduce passive smoking, so as to ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

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