3 parts of pregnant mothers have pain in 3 parts. It turned out that it was not sick, but the baby was doing bad things growing up.

Pregnant mothers will have some unexpected time during pregnancy, not only as simple as early pregnancy vomiting. With the growth of the baby, there will be some pain problems in various functions.This is not necessarily not a good thing. Among them, the three places of pregnant mothers are painful. Don’t think it is a disease. In fact, the baby is developing and doing bad things.

In the early pregnancy, at the beginning of conception, many expectant mothers did not know that the little guy had secretly arrived, and the stomach would have pain. I thought it was diarrhea or where I was sick.The baby’s baby is harmed.

When pregnant mothers have stomach pain, in fact, it is very common in the early pregnancy. This is the manifestation of the fertilized eggs began to bed. I thought that the baby’s baby fell on the endometrium.Exercise and friction, so pregnant mothers will notice some pain, but they are big or small. Look at the physical fitness of the pregnant mother, so if you do n’t have a holiday and have this feeling, you can test whether you are pregnant.

The second is the chest. The pregnant mother will find that her chest starts to feel swelling. It feels pain from time to time, and it seems to be bigger. Even the areola becomes darkened.If you do n’t fall, there will be a little secretion when pressing the nipples, and many pregnant mothers have trouble for this.

This reason is very simple because the pregnant mother will secrete a large amount of estrogen and progesterone after pregnancy. These two things just make the pregnant mother’s breasts change. In fact, this is also prepared for the baby’s breast milk in the future.Do n’t think it ’s embarrassing. When the baby is born, it will slowly recover over time.Usually wear less tight underwear, so that the chest has a good development environment.

The last one may be relatively rare, that is, the symptoms of headaches, as if I didn’t do anything tired, but the head often felt dizzy, dazzling, or pain. This is also a common symptom in the early pregnancy.At the same time, it will also make the pregnant mother feel mental fatigue. I always want to sleep, and I feel like I can’t sleep. This is a normal phenomenon. The pregnant mother does not have to worry.

Once my mother is pregnant, due to the formation of the placenta, her own blood pressure will also decrease, so the blood supply to the brain is obviously insufficient, so that there will be a lack of oxygen, and there will often be headaches.With fast growth and development, the pregnant mother thinks of this, and it should be suffering anymore. Pay more attention to rest.

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