30 weeks of pregnancy, I haven’t seen fetal drums. Is the fetus not develop well?Nothing is the reason for these

Guide: Some mother said that after 30 weeks of pregnancy, the baby has never been drumming. Is it not good for development?What are the explanations?

At 30 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus never drumped, which did not mean that the baby’s development was problematic. The day when my big treasure was born, there was no drum. It was just as good as it was. Now she is in their 10s, and there is no abnormal performance.Therefore, pregnant mothers must not scare themselves.

We may have seen the surrounding pregnant mothers belly, or to see some video of some fetal drums on the Internet. The status of other pregnant mothers is not a common phenomenon or a standard phenomenon. Each pregnant mother has different performances.

1. Filial movement method is related

Each fetus has its own personality, and some are quiet and lively.The quiet baby’s fetal movement is small and does not like drums.The lively baby’s fetal movement is large, and often drums.There are many ways to move the baby. Sucking, playing umbilical cords, and dancing are considered fetal movements. Some babies do not like hand dancing, and we can’t see the drum.

My Dabao is a quiet type. The fetal movement is not active. After birth, I do n’t like activities. I like to stay at home.My second treasure is a lively type. The fetal movement is particularly active. You can see the drum bag in five or six months. After birth, you love activities and like to run outside.

2. It has something to do with the fetal location

When the fetus is in bed, there is a distinction between the front wall, the back wall, and the side wall. If the baby stays on the back wall, it is farther away from the belly.When we came out, we couldn’t see the drum.If the baby likes to move in the stomach, the drum bag will appear.

There are also moms who experienced it in person, "I am in my arms, seven months, I said why I didn’t have a drum. My boss boy, in the front wall during pregnancy, and drum bags for more than seven months. And my second child is more active than Dabao.! "Moms’ feelings explain the problem.

3. It has something to do with the thickness of the belly of the pregnant mother

If the pregnant mother’s belly is too thick, when the baby is "drum bag", the belly has not successfully hugged the belly, which made us mistakenly think that there was no drum bag. In fact, the baby had already made such a move in it.

Some pregnant mothers are born with a very thick belly, and some pregnant mothers are caused by too much nutritional intake during pregnancy.The fat on the belly area is particularly easy to accumulate, the other parts of the body are not obvious, and the fat in the belly is already very thick, so the baby’s movement may not be able to stimulate the thick belly, so you can’t see the state of the drum.

Whether the development of the fetus is normal, it depends on the data of the B-ultrasound. If the double-top diameter, the femoral bone length, and the abdominal circumference are within the standard range, or the difference is 1-2 weeks, it is normal.

The development indicators of the fetus at 30 weeks of pregnancy are as follows, for reference:

Double-top diameter: standard 7.83 cm, range of 7.21 cm-8.4 cm

Hemplane length: standard 5.77 cm, range of 5.3 cm -6.24 cm

Abdominal circumference: standard 24.88 cm, range of 22.85 cm-26.91 cm

In addition, the amount of amniotic fluid and the maturity of the placenta also determine the baby’s development.The standard range of the amniotic fluid index is 8-18 cm. Too few amniotic fluid and too few amniotic fluid will be unfavorable to the baby’s development. You must adjust the amount of amniotic fluid in time according to the situation.The maturity of the placenta at 30 weeks of pregnancy is lower than level 2, and the maturity will affect the baby’s development.

If these indicators are reasonable each time, these indicators indicate that the baby’s development has no problems.

In short, whether the baby’s fetal movement is drum, it is not that when we see the drums, we do n’t have a drums. In some cases, we cannot find it in time, but it does not prevent the baby from developing normally.As long as it is normal for the birth check, it means that the baby is developing normally, and do not disturb himself.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client.) The second child Baoma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, multi -platform original author.Love children, love life, and are willing to share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, pay attention to me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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