34 weeks of pregnancy weighed more than 3 pounds.

Guide: Some mother said that now 34+4 weeks pregnant, the baby is only more than three pounds, so worry about the baby.What can I eat to grow fast?

34 weeks of pregnancy +4, the baby is more than 3 pounds, and the weight is a bit low. At this time, the standard weight of the fetus is about 4.6 catties.If you pay attention from now, the weight increase of fetal weight per week after 34 weeks is 200g, and the due date is 40 weeks, and about 1.2 pounds of weight will be increased. In this wayIt feels very small, and it is slightly difficult to care for care. It is the most ideal to be around 6 pounds.

The factors that cause low weight of the fetus include inheritance, umbilical cord reversing, placental incomplete function, poor fetal nutrient absorption, pregnancy hypertension and other diseases. First of all, they must be checked on time to exclude these diseases.If there is really a condition of picky food, partial eclipse, and malnutrition, then you must take the time to supplement nutrition. Do not miss the final sprint stage of fetal weight growth.

1. Eat durian

Some friends say that durian cannot eat, afraid of high blood sugar and afraid of slippery tires. In fact, many friends can eat durian to grow tires.Because durian’s calories are high, every 100g is 147 kcal, which is very rich in nutrition and has more meat than eating meat.The smell of durian can stimulate appetite. After the number of pregnant mothers increased, the long fetus is naturally natural.However, the sugar content of durian is high. If the blood sugar itself is relatively high, eat less or not.Durian is hot. If you eat too much, you will get angry. It is also reminded that pregnant mothers should not eat too much.

2. Eat potato

Sweet potato is also a long -fledged food that pregnant mothers love.Sweet potato has high starch content and is easily absorbed by the fetus and can be eaten as a staple food.If you eat sweet potatoes, you can eat less white noodles.Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, which can promote the creep of the large intestine, prevent constipation, eat sweet potatoes, and facilitate defecation. Pregnant mothers are not easy to gain weight when eating sweet potatoes.Sweet potato can be said to be a good food that everyone is recognized as long.Sweet potatoes are delicious, steamed, and easy to eat. It is very convenient to eat.

3. Eat nuts

Walnuts, melon seeds, pine nuts and other nuts are high in nuts, which will help long tires.In addition, nuts are rich in fatty acids, which can promote the development of the fetus’s brain development. Isn’t it a one -f one with the fetus and the brain.However, nuts should not be eaten, otherwise the meat will grow meat again. Eat 3-5 a day like walnuts. Small nuts such as melon seeds and pine nuts can eat a small handle a day.

4. Drink milk powder

If there is a condition of uneven nutrition, picky eaters, and partial eclipse, you need to supplement nutrition in a short period of time, and drink pregnant women’s milk powder.Various nutrients in milk powder can fully meet the nutritional needs of pregnant mothers. It is a good partner for partial eating pregnant mothers.However, milk powder contains iron, and there will be a fishy smell. Some pregnant mothers may not like this taste, so try a small bag before drinking milk powder and do not purchase a lot.

In addition to paying attention to eating some foods with long tires, the most ideal is of course to ensure a balanced diet. The foods needed during pregnancy are very rich, including protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.Development needs.Pay attention to replenishing meat, milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and staple foods. It is the most secure and safest to rely on these foods to increase nutrition.Make sure to eat more than 15 kinds of foods every day, so that nutrition will definitely not lack.

In short, in order to seize the last chance, so that the fetus should be raised quickly, and you still have to get rid of the cheeks boldly.Mom, how do you have a baby during pregnancy, let’s share it together!(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

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