35 -year -old Jiang Ruolin publicly pregnant photo, and the forefront is still slender when she is in the basin, saying that she still does not know that the child’s gender

The 35 -year -old Hong Kong artist Jiang Ruolin announced the successful pregnancy on Christmas Eve in 2022, and in a blink of an eye, the due date is about to be produced in June.Before the child was born, Jiang Ruolin and her husband Xiao Weizhan took a set of warm pregnancy photos as a memorial.Jiang Ruolin has kept this group of pregnancy photos one after another in the past few days. In addition to the photos of the affectionate couple, Jiang Ruolin’s individual photos.The scale of these photos is not very large. The main thing is warmth and beauty. Jiang Ruolin should not wear a black suspender skirt, or wearing a gray -fitting long skirt. It looks not much different from ordinary art photos.

The difference is that Jiang Ruolin is already pregnant today, but her pregnancy is not too big. It has been 34 weeks of pregnant, and it is still not too obvious. It is easier to detect with her belly with her hands.In addition, although Jiang Ruolin is a pregnant woman, her hands and feet are slender, and her body is not swollen. It can be seen that her personal condition is excellent. It should be envied by many pregnant women.Jiang Ruolin poses a variety of affection with her husband in the photo. In contrast, Xiao Weizhan’s body language appears stiff, but it also makes him look very real and cuteEssence

Jiang Ruolin was very emotional, and said on the social platform that she finally had a more serious pregnancy photo. When she came to the last Dazhi Road, I had to record it.As for the child who is about to be born, she admits that she is very nervous, fearing that she cannot be competent for her mother, because she doesn’t even take care of sherself in my daily life. She is not sure that she can take care of the child. In short, her mood at this moment is looking forward to and scared.In addition, Jiang Ruolin also publicly thanked her husband Xiao Weizhan, thanked her husband for giving a happy family, and believed that the other party must be a good father. In the future, the two will work together.

Jiang Ruolin has so much emotion, because she knows that it is not easy to come today. Here is what she is pregnant.Jiang Ruolin and Xiao Weizhan got married on December 23, 2018. Both of the couple liked their children and had been actively preparing for pregnancy. Unfortunately, they were uncomfortable. Four years after the marriage, the couple experienced all kinds of efforts.Jiang Ruolin found that her uterus had teratoma before marriage. At that time, she had no time to perform surgery because of busy work. As a result, the teratoma was much bigger and blocked the fallopian tubes on the right.She thought it was her own problem.As a result, after the operation, the physical indicators were normal. She was still not pregnant. After that, she discovered that Xiao Wei exhibited a problem during a pregnancy test, and the doctor did not solve this problem.

During the four years of the couple, the couple should have tried it in the past four years, and they should do everything they can, including human test tubes, artificial conception, Chinese and western medicine, etc., and still have no results.After the attempts again and again, after the failure, the husband and wife were already in a state of giving up. At that time, even if there were no children, the two had to love each other, the white head was old, and the accompany was also a kind of happiness. After that, it was also a kind of happiness.Just seek to let it go.During this period, Xiao Weizhan, who was identified as a problem, did not give up completely, and he did not seek medical treatment everywhere. Instead, he started from himself and maintain a healthy life, such as doing more exercise.To make the figure better, I don’t know if he is for the child.

After no longer forced, the pressure of the couple suddenly became smaller, and she was pregnant with a child.After a trip in 2022, Jiang Ruolin found that the moon was late, and her body was swollen a lot.Yu was curious or at home, but the result was really pregnant.At first Jiang Ruolin did not dare to disclose the news to the outside world. It was not until the pregnancy was stable. It was only on the two -day wedding anniversary on December 23, 2022 that the good news was announced.In the process of subsequent pregnancy, Jiang Ruolin’s fetus was not very stable. During the period, there were episodes that made her worry. Fortunately, everything was shocked. Now the baby will grow up healthy and will be born next month.

It is precisely because the whole process of pregnancy is not easy, Jiang Ruolin has so much emotion and cherishes everything at present.It is worth mentioning that until now, Jiang Ruolin and her husband do not know the gender of the child. In fact, she can consult a doctor, but she wants to be surprised, so she asked the doctor and nurseAt that moment, it was revealed in person, and blessing Jiang Ruolin gave birth.

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