37 weeks of pregnancy, stomachache, don’t rush to go to the hospital, first understand whether these three reasons are caused by these three reasons

In the third trimester, some pregnant mothers will have abdominal pain, but how to deal with is a big problem. Go to the hospital. It may be just a "fake military situation" family who tosses, but if you do n’t go and restless, what are the causes of stomach pain in the third trimester?How should I deal with it?

I received a fan message in the afternoon: I was pregnant for 37 weeks+3 days, and my belly hurts a little.It feels like coming aunt.It’s been two days, and it hurts half an hour each time.Do you want to go to the hospital now?In fact, there are several reasons like this, but not all need to go to the hospital immediately.

1. Caused by pseudo contractions

Pseudo -contractions often appear in the middle and late pregnancy. This is because the uterine decreases during the fetal development process, which increases the phenomenon of irregular contractions caused by the increased pressure of the pelvis, also called pseudo -contractions.He is characterized by the time of attack. It is obvious a few weeks before giving birth, but the pain is not strong, and ordinary people can tolerate it.

Do not panic in a pseudo -palace stay. You can rest on the side for a while, which can be relieved.You can also try deep breathing to deal with the contractions. After lying flat, close your eyes, relax your body, take a deep breath with the nasal cavity, relax the abdomen at the same time, and hold your breath after breathing.Adjusting breathing frequency can effectively cope with pseudo contractions.

2. The fetus is entering the pot

During the third trimester, the fetus fell to the pelvic cavity of the pregnant mother with his head down and down, his hips facing up, and his whole body.Of course, some fetal positions may be the posture of the head, but the fetal position is basically fixed after entering the basin. The fetal head is close to the cervical mouth, and the activity space is small.When the fetus enters the basin, the pregnant mother will feel the pain of tearing pain in the abdomen, irregular contractions, and increasing frequent urination. This is caused by the compression of the tire head to the bladder.

After the fetus enters the basin, the pregnant mother will obviously feel that the breathing is smooth and the appetite will become better.Moreover, the shape of the belly changed. The original round belly, now the top and down, can no longer see your toes.

3. Placental dives early

Strong abdominal pain occurs during the third trimester. If severe abdominal pain, anal pain, vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, pale face, be careful of early peeling, you need to pass B -ultrasound to determine.Severe conditions need to be terminated in a timely manner to prevent major postpartum bleeding.

If it is just irregular pain and no other concurrency, it is recommended to rest in bed, strengthen prenatal nutrition, eat more high -protein, high fiber, iron -containing rich food, adjust the mentality, and wait for the signing of the signs of labor.However, the contraction is strong and has a shock phenomenon, and it must be sent to the hospital for relevant examinations in time.

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