38 -year -old experience in March, successful pregnancy experience sharing

Preparing March is finally pregnant, and I also share with you a little experience.

I. I started eating folic acid in September last year and officially started pregnancy in November. My cycle is about 30 days. It is usually accurate, but in the past six months, the amount of menstruation is small.As a result, the qi and blood are not enough, I made up a box of Ejiao, bought a box of jujube (steaming), pay attention to keep warm (wear more clothes, stick to the warm palace every day), and brew ginger slices of brown sugar water every day.The monthly conditioning is slowly more.

2. Preparation of pregnancy in November is not too serious, because I was pregnant a month when Dabao was going to be a month. I thought that Erbao must be the same.The aunt arrived on time, and the preparation of pregnancy in November was over

Third and December the next day after the aunt left, I started drinking black soy milk, about two or three days.Start recording the temperature.On the third day, ovulation measurement, skipping rope, and strengthening nutrition. On the day of leucorrhea, Qiangqiangyang was first measured. It happened to catch up with last weekend.However, the second husband’s semen is very small. After that, the long lottery process began. I was restless every day, always thinking about bed, or something.Usually painful and easy to be hungry. I was happy in my heart. I thought it was all in my heart. When I was over the 10th day of the ovulation, I measured the weak yang of ovulation test strips, and the deep yang was relatively weak.Because my Dabao was measured by my aunt 10 days after pushing, the next few days was tested, but the ovulation test paper was still old, not deep or shallow, and the early pregnancy was always whiteboard. On the fourteenth day after ovulation, the temperature dropped downAbout 0.4 degrees, the aunt came gorgeous that night. At that time, her husband called and cried with him. With the comfort of a husband, I slowly restored my mood.Essence

Third, the third month of the aunt was still wearing a thick, drinking ginger brown sugar water, and sticking to the warm palace every day.After 5 days, my aunt left, and I started a new round of pregnancy. Black soy milk, skipping rope, and found the bubble basin in the garage, insisted on soaking every two or three days, 41 degrees and 30 minutes, soaking until ovulation before ovulation, so soaked until ovulation before ovulation., Summarize the previous two failures during the period: In order to want a girl, I washed YD with vinegar water every time AA, and asked my friends of my obstetrics and gynecology. She said that the acetic acid was killed.No washing, let’s let it go, and my husband, I asked him to eat folic acid during pregnancy. Friends suggested to add zinc, VE, and vitamins, so this month has been added. This month coincides with the Spring Festival.The ovulation did not persist last month, and did not measure the strong yang, but the basal body temperature was quite accurate. On the 10th of the lowest temperature, I arranged once at 5-7 in the afternoon. It is said that it was the quality and number of sperm eggs.During the good period, and after the incident, I raised PP for 20 minutes and climbed for another 20 minutes. I feel that it is in this time. In fact, when I enter the ovulation period, my husband and I will arrange it every other day to ensure that there are sperm and eggs at any time, and it can guarantee that it can guaranteeSperm quality.In the next few days, I insisted on testing the ovulation test strip, but it has always been weak yang. There is no change at all. On the 9th day of ovulation, I started to measure early pregnancy.I saw a clear gray seal. I couldn’t believe it. Let my husband watch. He decisively said that there were several Davids that day, and there were gray seals. We were very happy.

In the next two days, the test began to deepen. It should be okay. Tell me about my symptoms after ovulation this month: the nipple pain on the second day of ovulation, can not touch it, these two days will be a bit swollen; if you are hungry, you will be disgusting., And it is particularly easy to be hungry, often waking up in the middle of the night; ovulation is about 5 days of right lower abdomen, and it has continued until now. There is also my body temperature every day.And different).

Summarize successful experience

1. Keep warm, black beans, ovulation test strips, soaking feet, and basic body temperature are very helpful.

2. Husband’s nutritional supplement is very important. Folic acid, zinc, VE, and vitamins are helpful for sperm quality.

3. After entering the ovulation period, the same room the next day, and it is best to be 5-7 days in the afternoon. This frequency guarantees the eggs waiting for the eggs in the best state.

4. Be sure to eat more nutritious foods, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, etc. Only if you have rich nutrition and healthy health, your baby is easy to bed.

I was eager to share my good pregnancy experience with my sisters, and I wrote a little messy. I hope that I can help the sisters during pregnancy and look forward to everyone’s early pregnancy!

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