38 -year -old Zhong Jiaxin announced three babies, and kissed her daughter’s face warmly: Finally, a family of five

On October 27, the 38 -year -old actress Zhong Jiaxin, who was far away from Canada, announced the news of the birth of the third child. She posted a social dynamic saying, "We welcome you, we are finally a family of five." And revealed that her daughterThe English name is Anika Linda Leung. The weight at the time of birth is 7 pounds to 8 pounds. It is also equipped with three photos to express the joy of her daughter’s birth.

After giving birth, Zhong Jiaxin still had a little embarrassment, staring at the daughter who was just born, leaned down and kissed her daughter’s forehead with her lips. The daughter had not opened her eyes. The cheeks were cute.Become a beautiful little girl.

In another photo, Zhong Jiaxin touched her daughter Bai Nen’s little hand with her palm, put her daughter’s little hand in her palm, and the attitude of holding a small hand was very warm.She was also equipped with her daughter’s quiet sleep.

After the good news was released, netizens have left her blessings in the comment area, hoping that her daughter can grow up healthily. After this daughter was born, Zhong Jiaxin’s family officially upgraded from a family of four to a family of five. She had a daughter before before.Kelly and a son Jared. The two children are two years old. They grew up intimately from an early age, inherited to the appearance of their parents, very cute.

For the place where Zhong Jiaxin produced this time, Zhong Jiaxin did not disclose it for the time being, but when she gave birth to a daughter in 2016, she was going to give birth at Vancouver Maternal Hospital, which is close to home. This time, she should also choose to produce in a familiar hospital for production.Essence

After Zhong Jiaxin’s 48 -year -old Canadian doctor Jeremy, he moved to live in Vancouver, Canada. He gave birth to his first child one year after marriage. Family life has always been very warm.On Valentine’s Day, she sent a photo of her celebration of her Valentine’s Day and took a photo with her husband intimately.

After the marriage, Zhong Jiaxin was based on the basics. Occasionally returned to filming, but they were mainly family. At the beginning of this year, I also participated in the TVB awards ceremony. Unfortunately, after not being able to obtain it, many fans admitted that she was worried that she did not get it this time.The enthusiasm should not be too great, and it didn’t take long before she was pregnant.

Zhong Jiaxin took a group photo with B -ultrasound in April 2022, announcing that she was pregnant with her third child. She was still a proper hot mom.The two children held a red rose and hugged her pregnant belly. The family was very loving.

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, Zhong Jiaxin posted a video on the social network, mentioning some changes during pregnancy. She said that since she was pregnant, her chest became very painful, lacking appetite.easy.

Two weeks before the production, she posted a video on the Internet, mentioning that she was prepared for the upcoming baby, and her face was looking forward to it.

Zhong Jiaxin is 38 years old this year. It is also a very hard thing to give birth to her daughter at the age of 40. She hopes that in the future, she and her family of five families can continue to be happy, warm and harmonious!

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