39 -year -old Gao Yuanyuan finally exposed pregnancy, in the era of late marriage and late childbirth, 5 precautions for elderly women

Gao Yuanyuan, who disappeared for a long time, finally appeared again in front of everyone.This time she brought good news -Xili New identity: expectant mother.

Zhao Youting announced on Weibo the good news of Gao Yuanyuan’s pregnancy.The two got married in 2014, and they have always had the happiness and completeness of everyone’s visibility. Now that Gao Yuanyuan is pregnant again, it is really beautiful.

Nowadays, there are many elderly women in the entertainment industry. Except for Gao Yuanyuan, Big S, Jiang Qinqin, Jia Jingwen … all start to have birth or ask for a second child at the age of 40.In fact, in addition to the entertainment industry, due to the high education costs and the change of people’s concepts, late marriage and late childbirth have become the mainstream of society. Of course, it follows the danger and harm brought by the elderly.

Now that the social rhythm is fast, more and more people are busy with their careers and busy work, often leading to delay in their lifelong events. Late love leads to late marriage, and the late marriage is late.Older mother.

According to the definition of the United Nations, the age of 35 is an elderly maternal. The possibility of slower development and premature birth in the fetus of the elderly mother’s fetus is also prone to extending production programs or difficulty in giving birth.Because after the age of 35, women have begun to appear aging, and ovarian functions have decreased.

What should I pay attention to when they are over 35 years old?

1. Older women need to pay attention to physical examination

If you are an elderly woman, the first thing you need to do after pregnancy is to go to the hospital for a physical examination, and regularly go to the obstetrics of the hospital to see a doctor and conduct a physical examination. In this wayThe body of the fetus is healthy enough.

At the same time, regular medical examinations can also help expectant mothers to determine the growth of the child. If there is any problem in the process of pregnancy, they can also discover and treat them at the first time to help expectant mothers and children maintain a healthy level.

Second, elderly women need to pay attention to diet

Like ordinary pregnant women, elderly pregnant women must also supplement the nutrition of various physical needs.The first step is to pay attention to eating some nutritious foods to ensure that the health of themselves and the fetus is guaranteed; then expectant mothers should eat more blood supplement foods, especially the relatively thin expectant mothers to prevent the symptoms of anemia.But avoid overeating or partial eclipse, avoid stimulating products such as cold, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, drugs, etc., you can supplement folic acid, calcium, etc. under the guidance of a doctor.

3. Pay attention to reasonable rest and exercise

Doctors recommend that after 32 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women should stop work, rest more, while ensuring the appropriate amount of exercise or doing some housework, and work together.If the physical condition is indeed not allowed, doctors are not recommended to obey the doctor’s advice to avoid more damage to themselves and the fetus.

Fourth, elderly maternal needs to ensure adequate sleep

Suffering sleep is an important guarantee for improving immunity and ensuring that mother and child are healthy and good.In addition to ensuring 8-9 hours of sleep every night, at noon, you should also ensure 1 hour nap, and add foods such as walnuts, jujube kernels in the diet.

Fifth, elderly women should choose the method of childbirth reasonably

Most of the elderly mothers are high -risk people in pregnancy. Doctors will mostly recommend a cesarean section during childbirth.However, if the condition is permitted, if the body is checked, everything is normal, and the fetal body is moderate, the fetal position is positive, and various indicators are normal, and the elderly maternal can also consider the delivery.

Whether it is an elderly star maternal or ordinary people around us, in order to ensure the safety of themselves and the fetus, many things must be paid special attention, especially in pregnancy, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Although the elderly women are relatively hard and have a certain risk, they also have some advantages, such as economic foundation, social experience, family stability, and psychological tolerance.So old -age mothers cheer up. Although some happiness comes a little late, this strong love will not reduce points because of age!May your babies are healthy and happy!

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