4 years of pregnancy 4 times, abortion 4 times, NICS technology saved me


Six years, 4 times of pregnancy, either biochemical pregnancy or embryo stopped developing. From Dushanzi to Guangzhou twice, it is still unsuccessful … When he talks about his pregnancy experience, Li Yu (pseudonym) can’t help wet his eyes: "The hospital saved me through Nics (non -invasive embryo chromosome screening) technology. I have been pregnant for 18 weeks now, and all indicators are normal. "Li Yu touched the baby in his stomach and broke his nose with a smile.

Li Yu’s couple became pregnant shortly after getting married in February 2014. When the two told their parents about the good news of pregnancy, both of them were old people who were only children of their children and began to discuss how to bring their grandson.But things violated, the first child did not keep it.The embryo stopped developing in less than 60 days of pregnancy.Li Yu not only suffered the pain caused by miscarriage alone, but her mother -in -law kept complaining that she was too careless after pregnancy.

In order to come out of the haze as soon as possible, the couple decided to go to Guangzhou for treatment.In June 2018, they were treated with IVF cycle in a hospital in Guangzhou. After the first transplants, they were pregnant smoothly, but when they were more than 50 days of pregnancy, B -ultrasound showed biochemical pregnancy. In September, the hospital will have the remaining embryo in one cycle.After thawing, he was transplanted for Li Yu again. After the operation, HCG still showed pregnancy, and it was more than 50 days. The B -ultrasound reminded biochemical pregnancy again.

Every time "pregnancy", for Li Yu, it is like falling from heaven to hell, passing by with luck again and again. She doesn’t understand why she can’t keep her baby after pregnancy?Due to repeated miscarriage, the palace repeatedly, Li Yu’s uterus also suffered a lot of damage, and the endometrium became thinner. In addition, it also left a psychological shadow.

After more than a year of physical and mental recuperation, and the constant urging of her mother -in -law, Li Yu and his wife decided to come to the hospital to try again.Feng Jinyu, a doctor of the reproductive medical group of our hospital, took into account Li Yu’s repeated plant failure, and suggested that she conduct a genetic consultation first.

According to Li Yu’s multiple biochemical pregnancy, Zhang Kun, director of the genetic consulting clinic, decided after comprehensive analysis, assessment, and consultation, and helped Li Yu for pregnancy through NICS (non -invasive embryo chromosome screening) technology.In September 2020, Li Yu and his wife who entered the cycle obtained 3 blastocysts. After NICS testing, a blastocyst transplantation was preferably.Finally, the couple who had gone through the six -year infertility ushered in good news in our hospital.

It is understood that the causes of recurrent abortion are complicated and diverse. Some patients may be a single factor, and some patients may also coexist in various factors. Most of these unknown causes lack specific clinical manifestations and clinical treatment is difficult.Therefore, in -depth study of the causes and pathogenesis of unknown miscarriage and the pathogenesis of recurrent abortion, it has a key role in clinically exploring new treatment methods with evidence -based medical basis.

Zhang Kun, director of the genetic consultation clinic of our hospital, introduced that NICS technology has learned the chromosomal condition of the embryo by collecting the trace DNA in the embryonic culture solution by collecting the external embryo culture solution to detect the departure DNA in the embryo culture solution and conduct non -rectification.NICS is characterized by a wide range of indications and does not require embryo biopsy. It can minimize the damage to the embryo and truly achieve non -invasive chromosomal screening.This innovative technology has been confirmed to be a more secure, accurate, economical, and effective detection method for assessing embryonic implantation potential.

The genetic consulting experts of our hospital reminded that due to the many recurrence abortion factors, if two abortion occurs, it will still be pregnant again with a chance, and the incidence of abortion will increase significantly.Therefore, when there is a recurrence abortion, don’t rush to enter the next pregnancy. Instead, go to the hospital as soon as possible to improve the relevant examination, find out the cause of the abortion, actively treat the cause of the disease, try to avoid the possibility of abortion again, minimize the more extent to the body moreTimes damage.

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