40 -year -old Xiaotian Britney announced that she was happy after pregnancy, and even changed to six sets of clothing luxury houses in the interior scene exposure

On April 11, the popular queen Britney Spears announced the good news of her pregnancy to 40.6 million fans at INS, and revealed that she found that she was gaining weight during vacation to confirm the pregnancy test.

According to the British "Daily Star" reported on April 13, the second day after the Britney official announced the day after pregnancy, that is, on April 12, I changed six sets of clothing at home to happily dazzling belly.The emotion overflows the words.

Xiaotian posted a video saying, "So before I really start showing pregnant women, I must show my new clothes."

It can be seen that she first wore a deep V printed navel top, with silver wide -leg pants and pointed high -heeled shoes. There was a pink flower on the red necklace, which was particularly beautiful.

Then, Xiaotian put on a white long -sleeved shirt and deliberately tied a bow on the lower swing to expose the slightly raised abdomen. The black pencil skirt showed her capable side.

Next, she put on a yellow thin coat at will. As the background dynamic music danced, she looked very comfortable.

The silver wide -leg pants are very versatile. When the little sweet is matched with the red round neck, it is also very beautiful.She also wrote with a text, "I do have a small belly, but at least my pants are very close …"

Surprisingly, Britney’s mansion in the mansion was exposed, which was spacious and bright, and the furniture layout was orderly and very high -end.

In the end, Xiaotian also changed a red -hearted mini skirt to the door to take pictures, making fans full of eyes.

Having said that, this will be the first child of Britney and his 28 -year -old fiance, Sam Asgari.And 15 -year -old Jame James.

Recently, there have been rumors that in fact, Britney had been secretly married while vacation with Sam some time ago.Of course, we do not speculate deliberately, and the exact news is still the officials of the parties.

Picture source: Daily Star, Bing

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