40 -year -old Xie Na’s second child’s pregnancy belly photo, Da belly has obviously needed to walk away, and was exposed to twins?

Recently, some netizens showed a group of photos of Xie Naihuai’s second child, which attracted everyone’s attention.

On the same day, Xie Na was dressed in dark, stepping on sports shoes, wearing a fisherman’s hat and mask to cover his face, low -key leisure, and the overall dress was comfortable, which was a standard dress during pregnancy.

It can be seen from the photos that Xie Na’s pregnancy is very obvious, and high bulges, it seems that the month is relatively large, but Xie Na’s figure remains very good, and a pair of small legs grabbing the mirror.

Pregnancy is a very hard thing. Xie Na, who was holding a big belly, walked a lot slowly. When she went down the stairs, she was more careful. When she walked, she needed the help of her mother. She was not easy at all.

After all, Xie Na is 40 years old. As an elderly mother and produces twin daughters, this pregnancy is really not easy.

After seeing Xie Na’s photos of the second child’s belly, netizens all sent their blessings, hoping that Nana would raise a good child and give birth to the little baby safely.Some netizens broke the news that Xie Na may be pregnant with twins this time. If this is the case, Sister Na is too blessed. In the future, it will be a family of six.

On January 1 this year, Xie Na sent Weibo officer to announce that she had a second child’s good news, saying that she had cut short hair and looked forward to the baby’s arrival.Zhang Jie then reposted his wife’s Weibo and thanked Nana, saying that he had begun to think about the baby’s name, and happiness was overwhelming.

Xie Na announced that she would stop work after pregnancy and raise her fetal. In fact, Xie Na was very hard at work, but she chose the baby between the two.This can be felt from when she was pregnant with her first child. It really needs courage to push off the "Fast" for ten years.

The arrival of twin daughters made Xie Na’s careless character getting softer. She had been afraid that she could not be a good mother, but the baby’s arrival made her grow up step by step. Now she is pregnant with a second child.This position is more confident.

Now Xie Na’s twin daughters are all three years old, and the second child is about to produce. I have to sigh. The time is so fast that she must always be happy.

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