41 -year -old Selina: pregnant, not getting married, in love

Oh my god, Selina is pregnant!IntersectionIntersection

At noon today, she boldly announced on her radio station: "I! Ren Jiaxuan Selina! I’m pregnant!"

Immediately afterwards, she also released the baby’s small name "Little Causter Fruit".

As soon as the news came out, netizens sent a blessing: Congratulations to Sister!Be happy!

The 41 -year -old Selina actually has fibroids and can get pregnant smoothly. It is actually not easy.

And she also revealed that her boyfriend Xiao Xu was so excited that she was crying.

I am very emotional, Selina, who was full of scars, but now I can’t restrain happiness and sweetness.

She was also very pleased, because she survived the cold winter, she finally came out of the pain of divorce and disfigurement.

She longed for love, and finally ushered in her Happy Ending.

She said: Woman forty -one flowers, my spring is here.

Speaking of which, many people see the first reaction of Selina’s pregnancy: when will my sister get married?Intersection

In fact, she is not married, just a boyfriend with a stable relationship.

In March last year, some media photographed her and a mysterious man in and out of the hotel, and his behavior was very close.

The boys not only helped her big bags, but also considerate of her.

And she was also very relaxed in front of the boy, and she looked like a cute girl.

After being photographed, Selina didn’t hide, and came out to confess love.

The two dated in September 21st in the 21st. His boyfriend Xiaoxu was an outsider. He was 7 years younger than her.

Although she looks average, she is very spoiled to her and has been unanimously recognized by the girlfriend group.

When a friend’s party, because the man was a fan of S, he boldly confessed to her.

The cute S ran away and said to other friends, "He said he likes me!"

And Xiao Xu also fully conforms to S’s ideal type, not only amateur, but also loves her and hurts her.

After together, the two also sprinkled a lot of dog food.

Xiaoxu is a exclusive driver of Selina. No matter how late she goes to get off work, she will pick up her.

After seeing a scarred scar on her body, she would say "that’s the scales of the mermaid."

It is also this sentence that unravel her heart knot for many years.

Selina and her boyfriend stated that "I won’t be able to marry anymore" and can tell the world, but not registered.

Her boyfriend also respects her decision.

Their way to get along is, as Selina said, "We are the master together, but I am the main."

Seeing that Selina is so happy today, many people have begun to release her two less smooth relationships.

Time returned to 2010, and Selina, who was at the peak of career, received a seemingly perfect proposal at the concert.

Four months later, Selina and Zhang Chengzhong were engaged.

But no one expected that a fire burned everything.

When filming a TV series, Selina was hospitalized due to a large area of severe burning.

At that time, because Zhang Chengzhong chose to marry S regardless of everything, many people boasted that fairy tales came into reality.

Who knows that his face is so fast.

When Selina was suffering from the pain of skin implantation and rehabilitation, Zhang Chengzhong was repeatedly exposed to scandal.

What’s even more angry is that he not only published a book about S’s burns and rehabilitation experience, but also told the media that he saw S’s legs and was nauseous.

Outsiders seem to feel excessive words, and Selina, who is the party, is also more chilling.

The marriage has only been maintained for 5 years, and she announced a divorce.

This failed marriage is huge for Selina.

She once eager to be a housewife, and after this marriage, she still believed in the existence of love, but she no longer believed that she would happen to herself.

I heard the news about her relationship again, in 19 years of love, "Daughter’s Love".

In the show, she met the little milk dog Zhang Xuanrui, and the other party said that she came for her. Her first reaction was not believed.

But later, she gradually opened her heart and accepted this difficult heart.

What moved Gigi was that in the confession session of the show, she finally removed her heart:

"I feel that I think of my bravery, and I am very angry, and I hate it, why I have to be brave."

"But this time, I want to be brave, this courage is for myself."

But unfortunately, after the show, this seemingly false relationship is gone.

Because of the two unsuccessful relationships, many people began to worry about Selina’s vision of watching men.

The first is to worry that she would be deceived and used to use the heat of the speculation;

The second is that she is afraid of being injured in her feelings, and her expectation is inconsistent with reality.

Everyone begged the man not to hurt her, and to her.

In everyone’s heart, she is still the sweet little princess, which is easily injured and naive.

But in GIGI’s opinion, seeing her as a "Jiao Jiao" really light her.

Under her sweet and laughing appearance, the background color is unique and gentle.

She said that she hated bravery, but those years that had to grit their teeth and condensed into a new medal on her.

She said "dare not love anymore", but than those who did not dare to take the footsteps when they were hurt, she still had no concession or compromise in love.

Instead, a little more thorough and sober.

After the divorce, she bluntly said that love is no longer the most important part of her.

And tell you, "The failed marriage does not mean the failure of life. Don’t look at us before, you can look forward to our future."

When she encounters a new fate, she value the two people, not a paper wedding book.

So she accepts proposal, but does not receive a certificate;

You can live with your boyfriend, but do not distinguish.

The same is true of pregnancy, becoming a mother, fulfilling her life.

You will find that there are many more changes on Selina.

In recent years, she has learned to hug herself.

She opened a new company, established her own brand, and released new album works.

There are more hobbies, flower arrangements, swimming, mountain climbing, marathon …

She boldly put on a bikini to show her scars, and she didn’t care about the a few wrinkles on her face.

She is afraid of high, and she will challenge five hours of mountain climbing journey to enjoy the beauty on the top of the mountain.

Every year in October, she will hold a "rebirth birthday party" and invite everyone who accompany her to spend the trough at the time to celebrate.

She accepts everything in life, no matter whether it is good or bad.

Someone distressed her and wanted to tell her: Actually you don’t have to be so strong and brave.

But she doesn’t need to worry about her, because she can reach by herself.

In life and career, she can be the big queen.

In love, she believes that she also trusts each other and return to that naive little girl.

The experience of these years made her understand that love and being loved are actually rare.

But there is nothing wrong with giving, and the failed love has not stopped her from moving forward.

At the age of 40, she was even more calm, because she finally understood: After the rebirth of the fire, she did not need to rely on others. The person who could support all her life was herself.

Destiny is twists and turns. This girl with a soft and iron bone in her heart finally gets back the initiative of her life.

At the end of the story, I suddenly remembered the song written by S.H.E for her.

"You have suffered a little injury, you are still my princess."

"Pink, come to describe her/Jiao Yan Rose, only for her fragrance."

It is said that there is a total of suffering in life.

Then, Selina’s future life must be full of roses, bright and fragrant.

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